Unaffiliated SJ Results May ’03


    Novice Rider 2’0″ 1, Vespasians Guard (P Harding); 2, Toby (D Bourne); 3, Victor (S Hitchcox). Novice 2’3″ sect A 1, Fleur (K Stone); 2, Little Star (R Blackburn) 3, Indi (E King). sect B 1, Fred Astaire (L King); 2, Chisholm (V Snook); 3, Super Ted (S Hitchcox). Intermediate 2’6″ 1, Last Chance (S Cook); 2, Zoe (H West); 3, Bobby (H Turnball). Pairs Relay 2’6″ 1, Vespasians Guard (P Harding) & Bobby (H Turnball); 2, Super Ted (S Hitchcox) & Victor (S Hitchcox); 3, Fred Astaire (L King) & Granby Aaron (V White). Chiltern & Thames Rider Novice Team Challenge 1, The Nutters (Granby Aaron (V White); Fred Astaire (L King); Honestly Mr P (S French); Annie (N Hodder)). 2, Buckhold Bunnies (Bobby (H Turnbull); Jar Jar Binkz (L Dobson); Whats the catch (S Allen); Burlington Bertie (M Allen)). 3, The Mad Cowes (Kelcot Blue Ginger (S Harter); Stan the Man (Z Daniels); Pepsi Max (L Parkinson); D’arcy (M Altmann)). Open Intermediate 2’9″ 1, Jar Jar Binkz (L Dobson); 2, Honestly Mr P (S French); 3, Private Benjamin (T Jackson). Chilten & Thames Senior Rider style and performance – Riders 18 and over, pony/horse under 15.2hh 1, Harlequins Dream II (L Garland); 2, Lady Swayze (R Vaughan); 3, Second Chance (T Harding). Riders 18 and over, horse 15.2hh and over 1, Original Copy (H Wilder); 2, Cruella (S Pearce); 3, Heathlands S (K Bentley). Riders 12 and under 1, Willoway Silver Streak (A Beavon); 2, Kelcot Blue Ginger (S Harter); 3, Samurai Warrior (H Turnball). Riders 13-17 years 1, Devon Masquerade (H Windmill); 2, Mountain Nugget (M Owen); 3, Bakeburn Starman (B Robertson).

    LIMES FARM EC Pay St, Hawkinge, Kent 5 May

    65cm Minimus/Woodford Junior Novice 1, Honey (J Conway); 2, Ali G (J Mahon); 3, The Diamond Smuggler (J Whitlock). 1, Mr McCauley (J Wonfor); 2, Lamber JPS (P Mace); 3, Marmaduke (D Newman). 85cm Trailblazers Qualifier/Junior Open/ Fengate Snr Intermediate 1, It’s Otis (M Avory); 2, Marmaduke (D Newman); 3, Dourough Pebble (P Goddard). 95cm Trailblazers Qualifier/ Senior open 1, Razzle Dazzle (P Maces); 2, Moonfleet Charisma (E Elliott); 3, Master Pip (M Wildish). 105cm Trailblazers Qualifier 1, Joey’s Boy (B Follett); 2, Southern’s Braveheart (V Highland); 3, Moonfleet Charisma (E Elliott).

    THE COLLEGE EC, Church Road, Keysoe, Beds 11 May

    Junior Starters 10 and under, 12 and under Handicap 1, tied. 75cm Junior Open 1, Ickerbod (K Brinkley); 2, Marilyn (H Jukes); 3, Holly (C Shwa). 85cm Junior 1, Ickerbod (K Brinkley); 2, Billy (H Grice); 3. Bertie (V Wearing). 95cm Junior 1, Billy (H Grice); 2, Lyncombe Delightful (L Burman); 3, Marilyn (H Jukes). 75cm Senior Open 1, Chas (L Craknell); 2, Oberon (K Bennett); 3, Spud (S Bonney). 85cm Senior Open 1, Arrow Matic (C Whitehead); 2, Chancellor (L Mullins); 3, Creole Aguila (L Ellis). 95cm Senior Open 1, Witches Touch of Class (L Poole); 2, Witches Touch of Bagheera (L Poole); 3, Ellie Gray (T Knapp).

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