Tony Andre Hansen result: Norway loses Olympic team bronze

  • Members of the Norwegian Olympic show jumping team have been stripped of their bronze medals by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) today.

    The FEI tribunal’s disciplinary committee returned their decision today, that Norwegian rider Tony Andre Hansen will be suspended from competition for 135 days and forfeit his Olympic medal.

    This means his team-mates also lose their medals won in Hong Kong.

    Mr Hansen’s horse Camiro tested positive for the prohibited substance capsaicin at the Olympics in August.

    He is one of six riders to break FEI medication rules at the Games.

    Mr Hansen has been suspended since 21 August, so his disqualification will run until 2 January 2009.

    He is also fined Swiss Francs 3,000 (£1,870) and must pay Swiss Francs 8,000 (£4,900) legal costs.

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