Tiverton, 4 August

  • TIVERTON Bolham, Devon, 4 August

    95cm 1, Fading Grey (S Wakeham); 2, Real Deal (M Brake); 3, It’s Mary’s (L Elkins). British novice regional 1, Ultaire (T Guppy); 2, Archie II (H Williams); 3, It’s Mary’s. discovery 1, Vivando (A Brake); 2, Uieta (L-J Dale); 3, Fairways Lord Of The Ring (S Rowcliffe). newcomers 1, Ulieta; 2, Vivando; 3, Fifi Trixie Belle (E Wells). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Swynnerton (C Boumphrey); 2, De Beer’s Dominic (C Wilson); 34, Want That One (T Dunn). jnr British novice 1, Just Tobias II (K Vincent); 2, Lynhaze Kelso (N Perry); 3, Natina (E Smith). jnr discovery/90cm 1, Archie The Bold (J Withecombe); 2, Jambo Jack (B Ford); 3, Lynhaze Kelso. jnr newcomers/1m 1, Jesters Liberty (H Bayley); 2, Shafts Montego Bay (G Ticker); 3, Chinook Casava (H Bayley). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Manolito (F Thompson); 2, Johnny The Jig (F Bentley); 3, Tiger Lily (P Balfour).

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