Tim Stockdale’s top horse injured

  • Fresh Direct Corlato (pictured right), Tim Stockdale’s popular grey mare, will be out of action for an indefinite period after a high suspensory ligament injury.

    The news comes as a blow to British team show jumping hopes just two months ahead of the European Championships in Mannheim (14-19 August).

    Tim told H&H: “I’m not very happy about it at all. In fact, I’m incredibly disappointed, but there’s not a lot that we can do apart from wait and see how she responds to treatment.

    “We don’t know what length of time she’ll be out for. Hopefully it won’t be too long, but we just don’t know at present.”

    Tim said he believed the injury had been building up for some time and that it probably explained why the mare jumped badly at the Nations Cup show in Switzerland earlier in the month.

    ** Update **

    23 June, ’07

    Corlato is expected to be back in action around three weeks time.


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