Tim Stockdale gets back on board for a ‘sneaky’ ride

  • Tim Stockdale has had a few “sneaky rides” and feels confident his specialist will allow him back on board next week, he told H&H.

    “I have been having the odd quiet ride on particularly sensible horses,” said Tim.

    “Just walk and rising trot in the school and I have been getting off very carefully.”

    The showjumper broke his neck in three places in a fall from a young horse he was trying last October.

    Tim is due to see his specialist, Aheed Osman, at the Midlands Spinal Injuries Unit in Oswestry next Thursday (23 February).

    He is hoping he will be allowed to start doing a little higher impact exercise and get back to the gym.

    “All my physio has been non-impact up to now. I have not been allowed to run or jump around,” he said.

    “I have to be really careful – it’s not like a broken arm or leg, where it will just hurt if you go to far. If I re-fracture the bone I’m in deep trouble.

    “But I feel really well in myself.”

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