THE COLLEGE EC Keysoe, Beds, 10 March

90cm amateur 1, No Fear (C Gibbs); 2, Sienna’s Renkum Shauna (A Clarkson); 3, Habask Aggersborg (S Mercer). do, 1m 1, Moonlight Sensation (L Thompson); 2, Siennas Renkum Shauna; 3, Athenry (H Craven). 1.05m 1, Witches Touch Of Bagheera (L Poole); 2, Applecroft Star (J Day); 3, Red Accolade (A Stringfellow). 1.10m amateur 1, Smartie Sometimes (H Francis); 2, Spirit Of Life II (M Flowerdew); 3, Solomon Did (R Thompson). 1.15m 1, White Bless (M Gatland). 1.20m amateur 1, White Bless (M Gatland); 2, Solomon Did; 3, Utina (E Walsh).