Switzerland steals the show

  • Switzerland’s Marcus Fuchs produced a foot-perfect double clear to finish first in the Ivy Stakes at Olympia. Partnering Royal Charmer, the former World Cup champion cleared the challenging jump-off course a split second faster than Germany’s Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Paparazzi 10.

    The jumps ranged from 1m30-1m60 and provided plenty of problems for the 29 competitors. By the time Marcus Fuchs entered the arena as last to jump, only Pollmann-Schweckhorst had jumped clear.

    Pollmann-Schweckhorst, who yesterday won the Christmas Masters, was trailblazer in the jump-off and this proved to be his downfall. Having so recently jumped his first round, Fuchs was well warmed up and ready to risk tighter corners. Although Pollmann-Schweckhorst jumped a competitive clear, Fuchs galloped through the finish a split second faster.

    Germany’s Christian Ahlmann and Sinclaire 5 finished in third position. An unfortunate time fault in the first round excluded them from the jump off. Fourth place went to Gerco Schroder from the Netherlands with Denmark’s Linnea Ericsson finishing in fifth position.

    But Britain was not left out of the top ten. Tim Gredley and Fabriana 4 took sixth place and Robert Smith, who won this afternoon’s World Cup Qualifier finished seventh. Eighth place went to Ellen Whitaker and Guy Williams finished tenth.

    Further details to follow.

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