Spanish Sunshine Tour — week two

  • Britain’s riders finished the second show of the Spanish Sunshine Tour with eight individual victories.

    Robert Bevis finished third in the grand prix on Connery behind the Spanish winners, Rutherford Latham and Jaina De Barnevil. Laura Renwick and Limelight De Breve were second in the small grand prix, behind Egyptian rider Karim El Zoghby on Raisa.

    The Britons had to be content with second places in many other big tour classes. Laura and Limelight were runners-up in a jump-off class, while Henry Turrell (Racy), Robert Maguire (Two Mills Showtime), Jemma Kirk (Perth) and Andrew Davies (Sir Graditz) also collected good second spots.

    Emily Smallman won a small tour speed on First Edition, while Tony Pearson picked up three class wins to Ireland’s Ivan Dalton’s one.

    The Brits won four out of six young horse classes, including two grands prix. Laura Renwick (Beluga/Kirsch) took the top two places in the six-year-old two-phase and the grand prix, while husband John finished third in the seven-year-old grand prix on Baloubet Nice & Easy.

    Tony Pearson was second with Fan Fair behind Ivan Dalton (Variant) in the five-year-old two-phase. The tables were turned in the grand prix, with Laura Renwick third on Oxford De Breve.

    Read this report in full with photos and comment, plus reports of other top show jumping competitions around Britain, in this week’s Horse & Hound (8 March, ’07)

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