Rodrigo Pessoa joins list of Olympic dope test show jumpers

  • Brazilian rider Roderigo Pessoa‘s horse Rufus has tested positive for a banned substances at the Olympic Games.

    Rodrigo is the 5th show jumper and 6th rider competing at the Games to return a positive test.

    The substance is a capsaicinoid, this time nonivamide. Nonivamide is prohibited because of its hypersensitising properties.

    The sample was taken after the individual final on 23 August, in which the pairing finished fifth.

    A second sample is due to be tested tomorrow (Tuesday, 2 August).

    The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has confirmed that this is the final sample to be tested from the Olympic Games.

    Four Olympic show jumpers and one dressage rider are already scheduled to face the FEI disciplinary panel this week after second samples from all five horses proved positive for a prohibited substance.

    The second samples of four show jumpers — Bernardo Alves of Brazil and Chupa Chup, German rider Christian Ahlmann and Cöster, Denis Lynch of Ireland and Lantinus and Norway’s Tony Andre Hansen and Camiro — all tested positive for the prohibited chilli derivative, capsaicin.

    And they are joined by American dressage rider Courtney King whose horse Mythilus tested positive for felbinac, a banned anti-inflamatory drug.

    Hearings in the other cases will be held on 5, 6 and 7 September in Lausanne.

    If the second test on Rufus’ sample is also positive, Mr Pessoa will also be invited to attend a hearing.

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