Prescott Arena, 7 October

  • PRESCOTT ARENA Baschurch, Shropshire, 7 October

    Future star 1, Swansfield Morning Star (M Curzon); 2, Green Gem Corky (H Grandfield); 3, Strider III (C Jones). jnr British novice 1, Green Gem Corky; 2, Bradmore Mystique (J Merrick); 3, Rockingham Shadow (H Bersham). jnr discovery 1, Trenley Bramble (J Pickford); 2 & 3, Llanigon Storm & Caecolly River Dancer (A Lewis). 90cm jnr 1, Marthas Darling (B Adams); 2, Willoway Apple Jack (F Berry); 3, Ranger Man (A Dobson). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m 1, Droopies Babe (A Bradstock); 2, Touch Of Class II (H Gorski); 3, Take A Chance On Me II (L Goodall). 128cm debut 1, Little Poppet (F Adams); 2 & 3, Brooklands Bobalong & Covecopse Forest Antic (G Griffin). 138cm debut 1, Murphy Pie (C Beeson); 2, Jumping Arrow (L Mitchell); 3, Rocky The Donn (V Benson-Roberts). 148cm debut 1, Readymix (E Forrester); 2, Craghouse Griff (A Griffin); 3, Chief Chelang (H Smith).

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