Positive dope test for British rider

  • Di Lampard is the latest rider to fall foul of a positive dope test, after her top ride Abbervail Dream tested positive for two banned substances at the Rome leg of the Sumsung Super League earlier this year, the BSJA revealed yesterday.

    Abbervail Dream was found to have the prohibited substances valerenic acid (valerian) and felbinac acid in his system, but Britain’s top female rider and trainer insists she has no idea how they got there.

    Di has subsequently traced the valerenic acid to a supplement she was feeding, which she had been wrongly assured by the manufacturers did not contain the prohibited substance. She is still unable to trace the source of the felbinac acid, which is found in a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel that is not used on her yard.

    Similar to the FEI’s findings in the recent high profile case involving Ulla Salzgeber, Di has only been disqualified from the competition concerned and has not received any suspension, as there was no evidence she was aware of the substances.

    As part of the British team competing in Rome, Di’s disqualification means the British team lose their third place, although Britain’s Super League ranking has not been affected.

  • Don’t miss Horse & Hound’s in depth report into the circumstances surrounding Ulla and Di’s cases in today’s magazine.

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