Nick Skelton cautioned by BSJA

  • The BSJA issues a warning to former Olympic show jumper, Nick Skelton, after he “used foul and abusive language” to two young British riders last year

    Former top internationalshow jumper, Nick Skelton, has been reprimanded and cautioned by the BSJA after an incident at last year’s Young Rider European Championships in Spain.

    The association issued the warning after it heard that Nick and friend, Tony Maguire, had berated James Davenport, 19, and his brother, Richard, 22, for their performances on the first day of the championships.

    According to the Davenports’ mother, Jean, he had criticised them for not going “quick enough” in theirrounds.

    She said they had been advised by their trainer to go for clear rounds. James went on to win the Young Rider’s Trophy at the championships.

    The Davenports said the abuse started in the evening at the bar where they said Nick Skelton had been drinking heavily. At 4am in the morning he got a porter to open the door to the two young riders’ room. The brothers said he then stood over their beds, hurling abuse at them.

    Jean Davenport who reported the incident to the BSJA said: “I have known Nick since he was 14 and if he had apologised, that would have been the end of the matter. It was all so unnecessary.

    “James really looked up to Nick and was very upset about the incident. I feel we should be pulling together as a sport. It is hard enough as it is and we certainly don’t want to put youngsters off.”

    She said she had no view on the ruling by the BSJA, which judged that Nick Skelton had “conducted himself ina manner detrimental to the character of the association and prejudicial to its interests”.

    The same judgement was made against Robert Maguire, who was the BSJA member deemed responsible for the actions of his father, Tony Maguire.

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