New rules for jumping stallions

  • The BSJA is planning to introduce new rules to improve the quality of British-bred show jumpers

    In an effort to upgrade the quality of British-bred stock, the BSJA is to introduce stringent new rules for stallions registered for show jumping classes.

    From 1 January 2004, no stallion will be accepted for registration without breeding papers, and all ungraded four- and five-year-old stallions will be charged an annual registration fee of £500.

    All stallions aged 6-13 years must have been graded by a studbook recognised by the World Breeding Federation and DEFRA, which includes jumping in its gradings.Any un-graded stallion in this group will be subject to a registration fee of £1,000 per year if it is still to compete as an entire.

    However, any stallion currently registered with the BSJA which is aged 14 years or over on 1 January 2004 can be re-registered at the standard rate.

    There are currently around 1,000 stallions on the BSJA’s books, with 50% of these registered.

    BSJA marketing officer Jackie Knightley, who has been working on the new rules for some time, said: “When the association was formed 69 years ago, one of the original articles was that it should try to promote and improve British breeding.

    “Within the next two years, we should have a full breeding database for stallions, accessible through the Internet. This will carry the breeding and grading history of the stallion, its full performance record and also a list of competing progeny. We are hoping to produce a similar system for mares.

    Another move will be a new performance status for stallions. Elite Gold stallions will be those which have competed at Nations Cup and championship level, while stallions which have lifetime winnings of £10,000 or more will now be classified as Elite Silver.

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