New BSJA stallion show

  • The BSJA has introduced a “ticket to ride” scheme for the assessment of ungraded stallions, which previously had to be registered with the association at an inflated fee before being allowed to compete at affiliated shows.

    As with the normal ticket to ride scheme, stallions are not eligible for prize-money, but the classes count as an assessment towards registration at the standard rate for 12 months before going on to a full breed/performance society grading.

    The first BSJA classes for registered and unregistered stallions take place at Towerlands on 15-16 October, and it is hoped they will become an annual fixture.

    The BSJA is also encouraging breed societies to assess jumping and can send an assessor such as Liz Edgar to breed shows.

    BSJA spokesman Jacky Knightley explains: “Some breeders felt that they didn’t want to grade four- and five-year-old stallions and if they didn’t grade them, they were subject to a £500 affiliation fee. They wanted a way of assessing these animals to find out if they had a talent for show jumping.”

    New rules were introduced in April 2004 regarding stallion registration. Ungraded four- and five-year-olds pay £500, but six- to nine-year-olds must be graded by a recognised studbook that includes jumping in the grading procedure in order to qualify for the standard fee. If they have not passed a grading, they pay £1,000. All stallions of 10 or older pay the standard rate.

  • For details of the stallion show, contact Towerlands
    (tel: 01376 326802).
  • This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (7 October 04)

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