Meet Scope Festival champion Kerry Brennan

  • Kerry Brennan and Vermillion II were the first champions to be crowned in Bingley Hall at the 2012 Plevin British Showjumping Scope Festival. The pair produced a flying round to finish ahead of Derek Morton (Skerne Scipio) and Kerry’s mother Liane Smith (Arnoud) the Tri-Zone Air-Lite Discovery final.

    Tell us about your Discovery winner Vermillion:

    “Vermillion is a six-year-old by Verdi. Michael Wharmby bought her as a yearling, and I started riding her as a four-year-old. She was pretty unruly at first and it took six months to get her balanced and going nicely. She is a typical mare, and can get quite hormonal at times.”

    What was it like riding against your mother and then beating her?

    “I like to win, so I’m always trying my best. Both of the important turns in the jump off were on Vermillion’s bad rein, and towards the second fence, she first veered away, and then cut back in, and I thought yes — our luck is in — we could win this. “

    Are you superstitious when competing?

    “Yes, I like to wear something I consider to be lucky, and at the moment it is a new jacket I bought from the Blue Chip championships. It seems to be working!”


    August 26: Equibox pony newcomer/Foxhunter warm up 1 & 2, The Third Pearl & Destavelars Misty (C Dawson); 3, Prospect Eddie (E Ward). Equibox Discover warm up 1, Tantrum II (E Slater); 2, Hay Que Fabulosa (B Ward); 3, Guess What II (R Nichol). Animo UK children on horses prelim. 1, Conquistador II (J Saywell); 2, Black Cat (J Whitaker); 3, Valentinas Tilia (G Babes). Equibox snr newcomer/Foxhunter warm up. 1, Zeppeling (N Pavitt); 2, Top Rock (J Crippen); 3, Ashdale Senica (R Barton). Tri-Zone Air-Lite Discovery championship. 1, Vermillion II (K Brennan); 2, Skerne Scipio (D Morton); 3, Arnoud (L Smith). Thermohomes Europe National 1.30m prelim. 1, Zegreanne Z (K Shore); 2, Wellington M (K Brennan); 3, Wesselton M (G Whitaker). The Old School Bamburgh National 128cm prelim. 1, My Little Sweetheart; 2, Peppino Il Grande (D Deakin); 3, Spring Disney (J Hall-McAteer). Equiport National 5yo championship prelim. 1eq, 17 shared. George Babes young rider B&C prelim. 1 & 3, Mary T & Zeb (J Smith); 2, Wesselton M (G Whitaker). Smarter Training Group National 1.15m prelim. 1, Obelix Z (L Whiteway); 2 Tubbercurry Lass (G Slater); 3, Fools Business (E Sargeant). Geoffrey Robinson Jubilee open pony prelim. 1, Cinderella Girl (B Vernon); 2, Robe Duster (T Jones); 3, Frere Jacques (A Inglis). Whittaker Coachbuilders National senior riders prelim. 1, Keep Talking (D Morton); 2, Rutkilly (G Goodwin); 3, Townhead Rayani (M Mac). Netley Hall Equestrian Centre pony Discovery prelim. 1, Marshways Perfect Puzzle (E Sanderson); 2, Brambleborough Alan (D Watson); 3, Honey III (S Hillier). Pink Equine stepping stones prelim 1, Just Dandy (T Jordan-Jones); 2, Rahanane Lady (H Wood); 3, Tiger Tim (H Bishop).

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