Isle of Wight BSJA, 7 July

  • ISLE OF WIGHT BSJA Godshill, 7 July

    warm-up 1, Beaulieu Bandaide (J Bircham); 2, Uptown Girl II (R Vaughan); 3, Janina Z (E Tharme). British novice/90cm amateur 1, Island Life (E Tharme); 2, Uptown Girl II (R Vaughan); 3, Vito (H Cockrell). discovery/1m novice/amateur 1, Four Seasons II (K Begley); 2, Vito; 3, Trevoulter Lady Utah (H Webster). 1.05m/adventurer 1, Jaffa Jam (R Foulk); 2, Southern Haylange Tiny Rocket (D Norris). newcomers/1.10m/amateur 1, Lucky Girl (S Waghorn); 2, Mondriaan III (K Begley); 3, Jaffa Jam. members cup 1, Pedro VIII (H Webster); 2, over The odds (S Garry); 3, Lucky Girl II (S Waghorn). jnr warm-up 1, Galloway Bay (Y Brown); 2, Yewtree Platoon (S Martin); 3, Patchwork Warrior (B Long). jnr British novice 1, Colour Fusion (L Gulliver); 2, Playboy Ace (G Rolle). jnr discovery/progress 1, Bomber (K Read); 2, Yewtree Platoon; 3, Tommie Boy II (L Johnson). jnr newcomers/1m/progressive 1, Tommie Boy II; 2, Galloway Bay; 3, Bomber.

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