Ireland loses Corrada

  • Corrada, the horse ridden to victory in the past three Hickstead Derbys by Ireland’s Peter Charles, has been sold abroad.

    The sale was not unexpected because owner Paul Stamp had already put the German-bred mare on the market when she won in the classic class last year.

    “I’m obviously very sad that she’s gone but it was something that was always going to happen. When an owner wants to sell a horse, that’s what you have to do,” says Hampshire-based Peter, who has gained some consolation as the deal includes Corrada being returned to him after she is retired from the ring.

    Peter is currently building up a new team of horses and, although the Olympics are his number one priority, he is hoping to return to Hickstead to try for a fourth
    Derby win.

    “There are two drawbacks, though,” he says. “The new date for the Derby meeting [3-6 June] clashes with the Super League Nations Cup show in Lucerne and it takes time to train a horse to jump in the Derby.

    “I understand that the date had to change because of the Olympics, but I wish it had gone the other way. From now until June doesn’t give me a lot of time.”

  • This news story was originally published in today’s issue of Horse & Hound (29 January.

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