HOYS 2002 SJ results

  • HOYS NEC, Birmingham, 9-13 October

    Great Leighs Newcomers ch 1, Alcina (M Whitaker); 2, Titus Van Euvebraeke (G Williams); 3, Flambeau (A Saywell). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter ch 1, Blue Amber (H Penny); 2, Floating Change (L Wade); 3, Spot The Lady (L Ferguson). Unex Corporation YR ch 1, Lord Liberty W (R Whitaker); 2, Abrisca (S Neads); 3, Lindsay 10 (G Plumley). Thomas Bates & Son 7-y-o ch 1, Mid Time (R Bevis); 2, Nicolette II (J Whitaker); 3, Pandur (N Skelton). 10 Oct: Horseware Ireland Rambo Cup 1, Shearwater Gambit (D McPherson), GB; 2, Arko (N Skelton), GB; 3, Quinten II (R Whitaker), GB; 4, Halifax (C Collins), GB; 5, Carlucci (D Lampard), GB; 8, Cortaflex Lucy May (A Saywell), GB; 10, Jalisco II (S Smith), GB. Fordyce Curry Trophy 1, Haddon House Carlson (M Whitaker), GB; 2, Cortaflex Machiavelli (W Funnell), GB; 3, Leo Z (D Lampard); 5, Pandur; 7, Hunter’s Level (C Collins); 9, Back In Business (M Watson), GB; 10,Landwind 19 (S Smith). Dick Turpin Stakes 1, Mr Springfield (R Smith), GB; 2, Izaura G (R Bril), HOL; 3, Captain Wellington (A Davies), GB; 4, Eldorado (V Whitaker), GB; 5, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick), GB; 6, Dody De Chalusse (A Newsham), GB; 8, Cortaflex Kristel (W Funnell); 10, Luidam (J Popely), GB. Horse & Hound Foxhunter ch 1, Unbelievable Darco (J Clee); 2, Rafiki II (C Curtis); 3, Castello (P Murphy). Daewoo ch 1, Lord Z (J Whitaker); 2, It’s Magic Max (K Shore); 3, Fresh Direct Parcival (T Stockdale). 11 Oct: Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers ch 1, Blue Amber; 2, T-Adh-Leis (L Pavitt); 3, Scarlet Adventure (C Saunders). finnForest Hunter Woodshavings Cup 1, Brookend Fuehrer; 2, Lady Carthago (A Hoorn), HOL; 3, Rex (M Armstrong), GB. Aon 6-y-o ch 1, Oakhill Supreme (R Smith); 2, Witches Touch Of Fleur De Lys (D Lampard); 3, Pagina (B Twomey). Jubilee Cup 1, Cabri D’Elle (S Smith); 2, Arko; 3, Karina (R Whitaker); 4, Captain Wellington ;7, Cosmic Lady (L Murphy), GB; 10, Leo Z (D Lampard). Leading Show Jumper of the Year 1, Handel II (M Whitaker); 2, Mr Springfield ; 3, Dody De Chalusse; 4, Fresh Direct Parcival; 5, Quinten II; 7, Luidam; 8, Landwind 19; 10, Cortaflex Mondriaan (W Funnell). 12 Oct: Squibb & Davies 128cm ch 1, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker); 2, Just Cyber Space (M Sampson); 3, Madam Sinn II (J Sizer). Squibb & Davies 138cm ch 1, Silverlea Rozencavalier (E-J Moore); 2 & 3, Strawberry Fair III &Miss Congeniality (M Sampson). Dengie Horse Feeds Cup 1, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker), GB; 2, Randi (J Whitaker), GB; 3, Stable Express Barry Bug (G Glazzard), GB; 4, Fresh Direct Marleen (T Stockdale); 5, True Hero (R Bevis), GB; 6, Graf Gold; 7, Leo Z; 8, Brookend Fuehrer; 10, Jalisco II; 11, Cortaflex Kristel; 12, Pandur. Xerox Business Services Cup 1, Anastasia III (B Twomey), IRE; 2, Piquette (M van Asten), HOL; 3, Steps Helsinki (J Whitaker); 5, Two Mills Showtime (R Maguire), GB; 6, Cabri D’Elle; 8, Landfurst FCS (M Whitaker); 12, Lord Liberty W. accumulator 1, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale); 2, Lactic 2 (J Whitaker); 3, Larthago (M van Asten); 4, Haddon House Carlson; 5, It’s Magic Max; 6, Landwind 19; 7, Cortaflex Mondriaan; 8, Rex; 9, Kalusha (R Smith). Aon Puissance 1eq, Steps Helsinki, Giacomo (R Maguire) & Vert De Gris (K Shore); 4eq, Bambuk (C Collins) & GG Barock (R Smith); 6eq, Anastasia III, Mr Whoppit (A Davies), Lord Liberty, Lactic 2 & Fresh Direct Wiston Bridget (T Stockdale). 13 Oct: BEIB HOYS Grade C ch 1, Saffier (B Twomey); 2, Taifun (J Reed-Stephenson); 3, Castello. Kraiburg Leading Jnr Show Jumper of the Year 1, CJ’s Kemosabi (A Mizon); 2, New York Skyline (L Pavitt); 3, Bowes Gunsmoke (G Evans). Grandstand Media Cup 1, Blue Chip Quinton; 2, Fresh Direct Marleen; 3, Cortaflex Mondriaan; 4, Landwind 19. Zinc Management Speed Horse of the Year 1, Ivoor (F Mathy), BEL; 2, IdameDu Mury Marais (P McEntee), BEL; 3, Captain Wellington; 4, Haddon House Carlson; 5, Lord Liberty W; 9, Hennessey (R Smith); 10, Randi. grand prix 1, Fresh Direct Parcival; 2, Anastasia III; 3, Arko; 4eq, Dody De Chalusse; 7, Two Mills Showtime; 9, Carlucci; 10, Eldorado (V Whitaker), GB.

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