Germany dominates Dublin super league

  • The German squad were in flying form for the seventh round of the FEI Samsung Super League in Dublin.

    America finished second, ahead of Switzerland and Ireland, who as a non-super league host nation was allowed to compete but did not earn any points, in joint-third. Belgium and The Netherlands shared fifth spot.

    The British team produced some mixed performances to finish seventh. They picked up two points to stand third on the leader board heading into the final leg in Barcelona, where there are double points up for grabs.

    In the first round Nick Skelton lowered just one fence on Russel, William Funnell and Cortaflex Mondriaan finished with eight faults and Robert Smith riding Ronaldo VI picked up four faults. Unfortunately Robert Whitaker and Lacroix 9 were eliminated to leave the team on 16 faults.

    In the second round three fences fell for Nick and Russel, William and Cortaflex Mondriaan had one fence down, as did Robert and Ronaldo VI. Robert and Lacroix 9 were eliminated again to leave the team on a total of 36 faults.

    France finished narrowly behind Britain in eighth, while the Swedish team, who are currently languishing at the bottom of the league table, finished last with 51 faults.

    Dublin Samsung Super League results

    1. Germany 9 faults
    2. USA 13 faults
    =3. Switzerland 17 faults
    =3. Ireland 17 faults
    =5. Belgium 24 faults
    =5. The Netherlands 24 faults
    7. Great Britain 36 faults
    8. France 37 faults
    9. Sweden 51 faults

    Leader board after Dublin

    1. Germany – 47.75
    2. Switzerland – 32.75
    3. Great Britain – 30.5
    4. Belgium – 27.75
    5. USA – 26.5
    6. The Netherlands – 25.5
    7. France – 20.25
    8. Sweden – 16.5


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