BSJA results 9-11 May ’03

AYR Ayrshire, 9-10 May

1.25m 1, B Dynamic (R Brady); 2, Nethertowns Kiss (D Duffin); 3, WS Ryans Touch (V Forbes). Gillespie RHS B&C 1, Milton Paladin (A Bell);2, Silver Tip (A Craig); 3, City High (A Christie). SW open ch 1, Harlequin Sunset (A Craig); 2, B Dynamic; 3, Lendel (S Neads). Scottish Coal Stakes 1, San Benito (T Davin); 2, Silvano Van Texel Bos (A Hamilton); 3, Ashdale Spirit (D Quigley). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Blofeld (A Bell); 2, Tanaart Van De Elshoeve (P Argo); 3, Little Rowan (C Lithgow). grade C 1, Pall Mall H (A Hamilton); 2, Now Be Dazzled (J Cross); 3, Middlebank Inquisitive Rose (C Pearson). 10 May: novice ch 1, 2 & 3, Milton Paladin, Blofeld & Elysee Paolo (A Bell). 1.30m 1, Ashdale Quest (D Quigley); 2, Tornedo FC (S Neads); 3, Nethertowns Kiss. Scottish Gentlemen’s ch 1, Ashdale Spirit; 2, Here’s Jack (D Duffin); 3, Teddy Bear II (A Hamilton). Scottish Ladies’ ch 1, Candle Queen (S Quigley); 2, Harlequin Sunset; 3, Townhead Karibundi (J Andrews). 148cm ch 1, She’s Elastic (J Kirk); 2 & 3, C’s Surprise & Ceefax (C McNaughton). Scottish Jnr Scurry ch 1, C’s Surprise; 2, Wickenstones Classic Touch (J Kirk); 3, Little Bobby (S Lithgow). RHS 128cm 1, Silver Wonder (C Miller); 2, Lara Jane (R Haines); 3, Willow The Wisp III (J Smith). RHS 138cm 1, Loisdubh (H Haig); 2, Little Bobby; 3, Willbound (J Drummond).


Charles Owen British Novice 1, Temple Whatever (S Brash); 2, Meadowcroft (H Easby); 3, Sweet Cargo (L Dodds). Equimax Discovery 1, Hale Bop (S Russell); 2, Mayo Minor (E Boynton); 3, Ginger Connors (V Allen). 1.05m Open 1, Waterford Lad (S Brash); 2, Ferndale Cleo (A Wall); 3, Graviere de la Mer (R Shields); Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Temple Ginger (S Brash); 2, Babooshka (S Wright); 3, Lady Madhavi (J Watts). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Ferndale Summer (S Blakey); 2, Graviere de la Mer (R Shields); 3, Kepwick Julia (E Denton). Horse & Hound Foxhunter First Round/1.20m Combined 1, Temple Norma (S Brash); 2, Nixion (K Leak); 3, Crievestone (J Brannan).

WINDSOR PARK EC Smiths Lawn, Windsor, Berks 10-11 May

Great Leighs Senior Newcomers – First Round 1, Peter Pan (R Waygood); 2, Adare Gamble (J Whinnett); 3, Ballybrack (A Austin). The Horse & Hound Foxhunter – First Round 1, Paratus (D McPherson); 2, Angelique (K Doyle); 3, Pauldarys Majenta (J Kenny). Grades B/C Handicap 1, Magnum III (S Bardell); 2, Ewerby’S Rio II (S Bardell); 3, Royal Flush (S Mercer). National 1.25 Metre Open 1, Genette Kervec (J Crippen); 2, Red Dawn (D McPherson); 3, Laughtons Dream (K Doyle). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Cavalier Candy Girl (R Moss); 2, Claydon’s Say So (J Holliday); 3, Clover Jubilee (J Whinnett). 1.05 Metre Open 1, Lenora (J Whinnett); 2, Casiano Z (Y Burger); 3, Sky High Opposition (M Farmer). 1.15 Metre Open 1, Positively (D Mattock); 2, Sasso (R Hanson); 3, Forban Du Thot (J Marshall).Great Leighs Senior Newcomers 1, Oriental II (G Slater); 2, Jools Holland (J Harris); 3, Adare Gamble (J Whinnett). The Horse & Hound Foxhunter – First Round 1, Pauldary’s Magenta (J Kenny); 2, Storming Ahead (R Snaddon); 3, Overa (G Fletcher). Scope B & C Incorporating the Yound Riders B/C 1, Paratus (D McPherson); 2, Eddystone (E Bjorkman); 3, Olivier (D McPherson). National 1.30 Metre Open 1, Tinello Celine (D McPherson); 2, Classico II (A Foxley); 3, Southerns Major (M Dorgan). Charles Owen British Novice – First Round 1, Harrison (B McMann); 2, Newtown Prima Donna (K Grimster); 3, Don Giovani (M Smith). Equimax Discovery 1, Rambos Total Eclipse (R Moss); 2, Merry Cruise (N Piri); 3, Diamond Highlight (D Wicks). 1.05 Metre Open 1, Downtown James (K Grimster); 2, Little Miss Carnival (J Whinnett); 3, Dereen Rose (J Potter). 1.15 Metre Open 1, Downtown James (K Grimster); 2, Retreats Walkabout (E Smallman); 3, Sky High Opposition M Farmer. BEIB Junior British Novice – First Round 1, Dickens Red September (O Higgins); 2, Just Sidan (B Harper); 3, The Cobra (S Gray). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers – First Round 1, White Knights Tale (L Standbridge); 2, Diego Flow (E Palmer); 3, Mayfair (G Broughton-Pipkin). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter/ 1.10 Metre Open 1, Irish Angle Delight (A Measor); 2, Mayfair (G Broughton-Pipkin); 3, Wayside It’s a Buzz (A Measor).Junior 1.15 Metre Open 1, Wayside It’s a Buzz (A Measor); 2, Sheridans Archangel (S Pirie).

DONCASTER SPRING SHOW, Northern Racing College, Doncaster 10-11 May

BEIB Jnr British Novice 1,Rising Star (K Rhodes); 2, Roger Rabbit II (S Marshall); 3, Kirstens Touch of Spice(K Thorby). Scope Jnr Novice =1, Cecilia( I Roe); =1, High Hooley (G Burt); =1, Just Jet (J Spencer). Scope Jnr Progressive 1, Miss Millenium (L Hutchinson); 2, Hectors House (D Moseley); 3, Rosie Apple (A Soar). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Galileo (L Hutchinson); 2, Park Firefly (H Brook); 3, Regal Lad (A Soar). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxunter 1, Diamond Expression (S Jimmison); 2, Carmel (H Rose); 3, Ultimate Scenario (D Moseley). BSJA Jnr Members Cup 1, Miss Tiger Lily (D Moseley); 2, Tyke Tyler (A Soar). Charles Owen Br. Novice 1, Big Ben Original (D Skidmore); 2, Sober Lad (E Norman); 3, Insatiable (S McKie). Equimax Discovery 1, Miss Holland (R Barton); 2, Hatherall Legend (N Robinson); 3, Forest Towner (A Cole). DMS 1m Novice 1, Bow Street Runner (K Schofield); 2, Thornwick Ring of Kerry (L Redfern); 3, Sober Lad. DMS 1.05m Advernturer 1, Mr Maxi (D Harland); 2, Archers Leigh Queen (L Redfern); 3, Vic (M Stubbs). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Bandol (R Howell); 2, Mr Maxi; 3, Latimor (C Thorpe). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Little Doll (K Schultheiss); 2, Bulgarian Man (C Busfield); 3, Danaos Du Mesnil (S Ward). 1.15m Open 1, Lord Liberty W (K Schultheiss); 2, Seacroft Lad (D Harland); 3, Bulgarian Man.

THE COLLEGE EC Keysoe, Beds, 10 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Race Against Time (A Heads); 2, Mr Barista (J Crowston); 3, Miss Ballinguard (D Perry). Equimax Discovery 1, Poirots Quest (D Perry); 2, Applecroft Skyline (J Day); 3, Monkey Puzzle II (J Summers). 1.05m 1, Desert Queen (S Upton); 2, Lucky Man (M Rollins); 3, Market Option (C Taylor). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Barnys Rose Farm (S Edmunds); 2, Kantara VH (H Tredwell); 3, Temple Matelot (S Upton). NDS Members Cup 1, Java De Besneville (C Black); 2, Kapriool V (E Porcari); 3, Tango De Luna (E Paxton). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m members cup 1, Kiss And Tell (H Tredwell); 2, Master Ludo (A Francis-Jones); 3, Promise R (F Semon).

NEWARK & NOTTS CO Newark, 10-11 May

Royal & Sun Alliance Open 1, Witches Touch Of Fleur De Lys (D Lampard); 2, Brickfield Boy (M Watson); 3, Croft Golden Boy (A Pacheco). Up & coming stakes 1, Tibor (W Funnell); 2, Fresh Direct Marleen (T Stockdale); 3, Mr George (C Curtis). AF Budge B&C 1, Fresh Direct Brisante(T Stockdale); 2, Oakhill Supreme (R Smith)); 3, A Little Bit 5 (J Popely). Aggregates Industries Grade A 1, Lucky Sky (R Smith); 2, Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker). Olympic Starspotters 1, 10 shared. Mattie BrownStakes 1, Merrifields Touche (J Popely); 2, Qualite (R Whitaker); 3, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad (P Barker). 1.40m 1, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale); 2, Blue Chip Quinton; 3, Cortaflex Machiavelli (W Funnell).

BADGWORTH ARENA Axbridge, Somerset, 11 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Moomin Himself (T Fowler); 2, Cavalier Grey (J Bragg); 3, Dexy’s Irish Mist (S Dexter). 1m 1, Just Whispa (H Buffin); 2, Baribal (L Westbroom); 3,Diamond Lady II (L Atherton). Great Leighs Newcomers/NDS Members Cup 1, Van Demon (M Marino); 2, Carnival Fever (K Johnson); 3, Just Whispa . BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Acute Angle (J Chamberlain); 2, Timberhill Poppy (C Bacon); 3, Silver Sands (C Meachin). jnr 95cm 1, Acute Angle; 2, Shafts Montego Bay (L Giddy); 3, Glansevin Page Boy (C Meadows). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Old Mill Star (H Nuttall); 2, Bombay Mix (M Grose); 3, Cappagh More (E Nuttall). jnr 1m 1, Button Up (LJ Dale); 2, Cavendish (G Hann); 3, Timberhill Flame (C Bacon). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Old Mill Star; 2, Timberhill Flame; 3, Snorter (L Fishwick).

BARTON EC Bilsborrow, Lancs, 10-11 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Vasco Da Gama II (S Troup); 2, Furisto Bob (C Smith); 3, Jackson (R Smith). Equimax Discovery 1, Furisto Bob; 2, QT II (A Ashcroft); 3, Amanda Lear (J Greenwood). pro/am 1, Mister Macadamia (N Martin); 2, Stone Flight (G Smith); 3, Par Avion (M Lucas). Stable Express 1.15m 1, Mrs Magic (C Richardson); 2 & 3, It’s Santa Monica & Summer Breeze (N Coupe). DMS Blue Riband/Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Oldlands Calypso (L Creighton); 2, Moschino (S Lowther); 3, Diamond Candy (K Bowman). URL/Stable Express 1.25m 1, Rarissime De La Cour (N Martin); 2, Jubilant (J Andrews); 3, Little Lucy (J Mustoe). 11 May: Charles Owen British Owen 1, Midtown Milton (L Creighton); 2, Country Faith (H Willoughby); 3, George II (N Martin). 1m 1, Bally Flame (M Kendall); 2, Plassey Cavalier (L Creighton); 3, Flight View Million (R Kenyon). DMS Novice 1, Kerry Blue II (K McKenna); 2, Little BIg Man. DMS Adventurer 1, Amanda Lear; 2, Rainbow L (D Ryder); 3, Ardgaineen Lass (M Kendall). pro/am 1, Blackford Cavalier (L Creighton); 2, Foxglen Romeo (D Ryder); 3, Diamond Candy. Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Safir (C Kenyon); 2, Cassi Limelight (S Lowther); 3, Jovantin (L Alston). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Little Lucy; 2, Diamond Candy. 1.20m 1, Lucky 209 (M Lucas); 2, Capitalize (A Walker); 3, Blackford Cavalier.

FARAWAY RC Huntley, Aberdeenshire, 11 May

new recruits 1, 5 tied. 75cm jnr talent seekers 1, Chester Copperpot (R Haynes); 2, Hatchet Harry (S Mutch); 3, Garlore’s Total Eclipse (T Mutch). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Auchterflow Myfanwy(L Guild); 2, The Real Deal (R Boulton); 3, Dalgan Stardust (K Spalding). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr 1, Allegro Non Trotto (W Melville Smith); 2eq, J’s Dream (Y Geddie) & Ashes Cool Dude (H Haig). 128/138cm 1 & 2, Silver Wonder & Sligo Lucky (C Millar). SJSS RHS National 128cm 1, Silver Wonder; 2, Dalgan Express (K Spalding). SJSS RHS National 138cm 1, Lois Dubh (H Haig); 2, Arkinsfield (N Webster). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, J’s Dream; 2, Fair Chiffon (T Baird). G Babes RHS JC 1, Partnership (W Melville Smith).

JUMPS EC Carluke Lanarks, 11 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Ballyragget Boy (J Lamont); 2, Wing Commander (S Walker); 3, BachetIII (F Malcolm). Equimax Discovery 1, Special T (D Duffin); 2, Silverado (J Higgins); 3, Bonanza (I McGeoch). 1.10m 1, Shelley Beach (M Young); 2, Gracio Girl (D Duffin); 3, Linnhill (L Power). Jean Gillespie RHS B&C 1, Palmal H(A Hamilton); 2, Triggermatic (K Fitzgerald); 3, Castlehill Reiver (L Brash). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Gracio Girl; 2, Connelly (D Shaw); 3, Special T.

OVERTON GRANGE Smallwood, Cheshire, 11 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, 2 & 3, Ambassador, Phoenix & First Choice (C West). Equimax Discovery 1, Phoenix; 2, Hello Motto (C Shepherd); 3, First Choice. Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Spartan Sure (C Bossons); 2, Good Friday II (J Shaw); 3, Tannique (C Shepherd). 1.10m 1, HS Rebound (M Bryceland); 2, Dutch Classic (G Goodwin); 3, Broadmoor Jillen (S Mantle). NDS Members Cup 1, Lowhill Jester (A Horan); 2, Slinky (S Bolton); 3, Rare Team (G Pollard). Scope Blue Riband/Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Lord Saxon (W Long); 2, Lowhill Jester. Scope Jnr Novice 1, Brookhall Glimpse (A Dodson); 2, Seamus (R Pitcher); 3, His Nibs (S Costello). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr 1, Abbey Phin Polo (L Chadwick); 2, Pop Idol (O Evans); 3, Mufasa (S Withington). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1 & 2, Sharps Rebecca & Golden Jodine (K Parker); 3, Tioren (R Addison). national 138cm 1, Forever Katie (S Locker); 2, The Knight Hawk (O Evans). jnr members cup 1, Absolute Comanche (A Evans); 2, Splash Of Blue (S Magee).


Starter Class. Not exceeding 138cm 1, Bowes Sleeping (J Flannigan); 2, Crystal Canyon (A McCullagh); 3, Mr McGregor (M Robinson). Small Pony Open 1, Metric (H Smallwood); 2, Spirit of Bedecia (J Reveley); 3, Golden Fortune (A Valks). National 128cm Qualifier 1, Metric (H Smallwood); 2, Duncrynes Jungle (P Allen). National 138cm Qualifier 1, Diego III (S Needham); 2, Guiness Special (D Nielson); 3, Glencotes Trick or (J Reveley). Junior Britsih Novice First Round 1, Go Bowe Mr Twister (M Martin); 2, Highline Cola Light (V Roberts); 3, Fidelis Semper (C Jackson). 1.0m Open 1, Mr Shorty (H Stevenson); 2, RS Blue Sky (R Walker); 3, Blue Monday (J Newnham). Junior Newcomers First Round 1, Penshore Part Time (K Vayro); 2, Kjust Freddie (H Usher); 3, Simply Red (M Samson). Squibb & Davies Foxhunter 1, Western Andy (H Davies). 1.10m Open 1, Baskin Ilex (S Adams); 2, Red Hot Basil (M Samson); 3, Arjay (R Walker). Members 1.15m Cup 1, Arjay (R Walker); 2, Western Andy (H Davies); 3, Red Hot Basil (M Samson).


Junior British Novice 1, Wild Tarragon (A Gethin); 2, Cuffesgrange Original (R Morrish); 3, Okehurst Wild n’Wiling (H Clelland). Junior Newcomers 1, Moonlight Coral (H Clelland); 2, Summer Rowes (L Corney); 3, Teddy Rivers (L Mares). 1metre open 1, Hillside Drummer Boy (A Ottaway); 2, Sir Watkin (H Gadsdon). 1.15 Junior Open 1, October (S Jarvis); 2, Merrie Madelina (J Pascoe); 3, Just William (J Pascoe). Senior British Novice 1, Pirates Braveheart (C Jones); 2, Milchem Dream (O Gwennap); 3, Patricias’s Dance (J Armstrong). Senior Discovery 1, Miss Hazy (CVinnicombe); 2, Start A Fresh (C Tiffin); 3, Dalcotes Cotehele (R Moore). Scope 1.15 Open qualifier 1, Allercombe Molly (C Jones); 2, Pendarves Raffles (L Heywood); 3, Kernick (B Facey). 1.30 Open 1, Rise High (B Facey); 2, Matcho S (M Gadsdon); 3, Foxy Arnie (B Facey).

THE HAND EC Clevedon, Avon, 11 May

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Just Forever (J Peake); 2, Chester Pearce (T Hill); 3, Master Diamond (S Mason). DMS Novice 1, Springtime Bunny (M Hobbs); 2, As I Am (K Downes); 3, Kokoprilli (K Bevan). 1.05m 1, Chapter Twelve (D Whitelaw); 2, Irish Chance (V Keith); 3, Diamond Lady II (L Atherton). Great Leighs Newcomers 1 & 2,Major Impulse & Leon IV (A White); 3, Sandpiper II (A Edwards). 1.15m 1, Magoury Star (L Trendell).


Charles Owen British Novice 1, Glorious Technicolour (J Burrows); 2, Coombeway Jackson (T Canton); 3, Stryker (A Rodgerson). 1M Open 1, Mister Murphy (T Canton); 2, Tullamore Dew (N Way); 3, The Advocate II (T Canton). Equimax Discovery 1, Mister Murphy; 2, Selbstganger (T Harris); 3, All Round (A Rodgerson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, All Round; 2, Selbstganger. NDS Equine 1.10 1, MIG (A Nemeth); 2, Mid Raya (A Nemeth).

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