BSJA results 29 September – 5 October ’03

  • NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 30 September

    British novice 1, Bally Dunkel (K Fitzgerald); 2, Sanna (S Atkins); 3, Honestly (S Bloomfield). Equisage Discovery 1, Erinite (E Phillips); 2, Wilfred Wynn (E Devereux); 3, Mayfields Live The Life (M Gibbs). 1.05m 1 & 2, Secret Surprise & Orions Choice (K Swabey); 3, Khakan Fox (R Everett). newcomers 1, Gavina (K Stoker); 2, Landlord V (K Watts). 1.15m A4 1, Llertta’s Cher Delight (J Attrell); 2 & 3, Tomboy & Platinum (K Brown). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Riley (A Clutterbuck). 1.25m 1, Tomboy; 2, Watussi (J Biddle). 4 Oct: British novice 1, Cooley (J Hatfield); 2, Rusty (M Lockhart); 3, Pennyhill Park (A Clutterbuck). Equisage Discovery 1, Narc (M Gilmour); 2, Billy Gin Sling (M West); 3, Among Stars (L Jackson). 1.05m 1, Occupation (V Cooper); 2, Eisenhower (S Gardner); 3, Let’s Dance Nureyev (N Tinworth). newcomers 1, Kasper III (J Freeman); 2, Calypso Cover Girl (A Coker); 3, Miss Altitude (M Harris). 1.15m table C 1, Ula Uba (A Clutterbuck); 2, Renkum Valentino (H Minderman); 3, Riley. Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Findon Innocence (L Phillips); 2, Rebellious II (H Penny); 3, Riley. 5 Oct: British novice 1, Tell Me No Secrets (S Bantock); 2, Florida (B Martin); 3, Amber Rose II (S Hunter). Equisage Discovery 1, Zalfonics Last Impression (C Miller); 2, Empire Supreme (C Cole); 3, Billy Gin Sling. 1.05m amateur 1, Blakeney Lad (C Instrall); 2, SS Hollywood Star (H Joslin); 3, Sam’s Boy (C Instrall). 1.15m amateur 1, Temple Slipway (L Newson); 2, Sasso (A Hanson); 3, Lucky (H Paul). 1.20m amateur 1, Lucky; 2, Landmine (D Garner); 3, Phoenix Joy (M Lewis). 7 Oct: British novice 1, Bally Dunkel; 2 & 3, Palito & Skippy VD Diefhork (D Mattock). Equisage Discovery 1, Pilus (S Clutterbuck); 2, Florida; 3, Pennyhill Park (A Clutterbuck). 1.05m 1, Carnaval Belle (J Mincher); 2, Pilus; 3, First Date (D Scott Garrett). newcomers/1.10m 1, Llertta’s Cher Delight; 2, Orions Choice; 3, Zimbo (S Mitchell). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Watussi; 2, Ukinda (J Burgess).

    SYKEHOUSE ARENA Doncaster 1 October

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Ally McBeal (L Doyle); 2, Insatiable (S McKie); 3, Poco A Poco (A Thompson). Discovery Competition 1, Thornwick Ring of Kerry L Redfearn; 2, Castello II (T Barratt); 3, OCelano (A Thompson). 1.0m Open 1, Nepos Van Limbo (M Stubbs); 2, Skerne March Sky (A Dunn); 3, D Devito (R Wottge). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Tsu-Nami (L Redfearn); 2, Kal Kavella (A Duncan); 3, Royd Flash (L Redfearn). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Tsu-Nami (L Redfearn); 2, Stan Brown (L Redfearn); 3, Royd Flash (L Redfearn).

    ROWALLAN Fenwick, Perthshire 3-5 October

    jnr 1m open 1, Another Pep Talk (L Tague); 2, Green Darrow Gossamer (E McIntosh); 3, Stone Park Heather (F Tague). jnr 1.10m open 1, Picadero (J Kirk); 2, Another Pep Talk; 3, Slip Knot (V Murdoch). 128cm/138cm handicap 1, Willbound (J Drummond); 2, Here comes Hettie (L Stewart); 3, Springleigh Switched On (M Russell). jnr open 1, Mulberry Big Ben (J Kirk); 2, Highline Flash of Fortune (C Craig). 4 Oct: BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Kutuzov (V Murdoch); 2, Mosstowns Action Man (H Millican); 3, Shimmering South Pacific (R Imrie). jnr 90cm open 1, Cinnamon Firecracker (A Ganick); 2, The Man from Clare (E Bell); 3, Springleigh Switched On. jnr 1m open 1, Lakeland Little Cracker (C Mowbray); 2, Help Ma Bob (E Proudfoot); 3, Kale Cathay (S Babes). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Golden Grove Sunshine (H Haig); 2, Silver Thunder (J McCallum); 3, Another Pep Talk (L Tague). jnr 1.10m open 1, Sparkling Special Edition (L Hutt); 2, Stainsby Top That (L Hutt); 3, Silver Thunder (J McCallum). winter JC 1, Langcroft Cream Cracker (C Craig); 2, Picadero; 3, Ceefax (C McNaughton). winter 128cm 1, Cheeky Chester (J Smith); 2, Here Comes Hettie; 3, Sligo Lucky (J Smith). winter 138cm 1, Little Bobby (S Lithgow); 2, Lakeland Little Cracker; 3, Lois Dubh (H Haig). jnr open 1, Stainsby Top That; 2, Mulberry Big Ben; 3, Ceefax. 5 Oct: rest sml pony open 1, Jazzy Tazzy (G Mitchell); 2, Fourmerk Jeremy Fisher (L Tague); 3, Mosstowns Action Man. jnr 90cm open 1, Jazzy Tazzy; 2, Vital Spark (D Gilmour); 3, Roundknowe Pop Diva (L McCrae). jnr 1m open 1, Lakeland Little Cracker; 2, The Man from Clare; 3, Lakeland Little Star (C Lithgow). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/ 1.10m open 1, Brackmount Billy (J Spence); 2, Highly Flammable (F Tague); 3, Silver Thunder. winter 128cm 1, Sligo Lucky (J Smith); 2, Cheeky Chester; 3, Fantasia. jnr 1.15m open 1, Sparkling Special Edition; 2, Ceefax; 3, Silver Thunder. winter 138cm 1, Lakeland Little Cracker; 2, Little Bobby; 3, Beechway Delight (A Johnstone). jnr open 1, Weavers Legacy (W Melville Smith); 2, Sparkling Special Edition.

    BADGWORTH ARENA Nr Axbridge, Somerset , 4 October

    Snr British Novice 1, Alpheus (J Hobbs); 2, Hush Money (N Parker); 3, Penzance Pirate (P Baber). Snr Discovery 1, Alpheus (J Hobbs); 2, Regina Lyng (J Humphrey); 3, Libretta (M Orzazewska). Snr 1.05m Open 1, Marble Quest (H Ladd); 2, Regina Lyng (J Humphrey); 3, Cuesta (B Watt). Snr Newcomers/ 1.10m Members 1, Dutch Whisper (P Baber); 2, Picasso (P Dunning); 3, Who’s Dilemma (J Wembridge). Snr 1.15m Open 1, Amoray (B Ford); 2, Magoury Star (L Trendell); 3, Kartouch (B Ford). Snr Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Amoray (B Ford); 2, Wickhams Fancy (P George); 3, Ka Ching II (P George).

    FOREST OF DEAN EC Yorkley, Glos, 4 October

    jnr British novice 1, Coolmore Vagabond (A Cuthbert); 2, Just Monty (S Pugh); 3, Princess Jamariqui (C Byard). JD/JC 1, Tigger (V Johnson); 2, Merioneth Meteor (L Pickering); 3, Tomadachi (E Wells). jnr A4 1, My Daughter (J Goulding); 2, Willowpark Skywalker (M Brierley-Barton); 3, Dallaglio. jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Princetown Lad (J Pahne); 2, Tomadachi II (E Wells); 3, Maple Syrup (H Wells). 26 Oct: British novice 1, Greenways Tiger Lily (E Gwinnit); 2, My Teacher’s Pet (C Richards); 3, Impact Remy Martin (E Wilton). discovery 1, Impact Remy Martin; 2, Telstar III; 3, Greenway Tiger Lily. 1m A4 1, Bartonfield Duet (j Price); 2, Intime Oscar (H Davies); 3, The Warlord (J Hinton). 1.10m 1, Bartonfield Duet; 2, Spring Showers (J Price); 3, Hanney Dancer (B Talbot). Foxhunter 1, Just Irma (H Spencer); 2, Bleue De Boiar (B Talbot). 1.20m 1, Spring Showers; 2, River Chase (J Loffet); 3, Hanney Dancer.

    GOLDEN CROSS EC Hailsham, East Sussex 4-5 October

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Diamond Dodger (L Betts); 2, Roelie (K Steele); 3, Bugsy (B Paul). Equimac Discovery 1, Shimmer E (E Sender); 2, Pauldarys Two Tone Tiger (C Collison); 3 Beech Bop (M Hylands). 1.05m 1 & 2, Riaan & Concordedor (K Willard); 3, European Echo (T Robus). 1.10m 1, Omiro (B Paul); 2, Riaan; 3, Sandalls Rockerfella (E Hinkley). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Balfern Milly Molly Mandy (G Tattersall); 2, O Harmeta (R Keevil); 3, Anderida Cosmo (R Keevil). EQuest Midway 1, Omiro; 2, Jeraboam (G Tattersall); 3, Wild Buck (L Long). 4 Oct: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Beechdown (K Evans); 2, Houdini (F Patty); 3, Dan The Pie Man (J Chandler). 1m grade C 1, Just A Rose (C Riley); 2, Latifah (D Curely); 3, Kerplunk (L Burchell). Balanced Horse Feeds 1.05m Amateur 1, Tipperary King (J Price); 2, Odessa M (B Penny); 3, Charlies Gaelic Gamble (L Stevenson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Lillacs Classic (A Stevenson); 2, Carnavella (F Patty); 3, Mojo C (K Howell). 1.10m 1, Nabucco (E Harrison); 2, Battle Cruiser (F Patty); 3, Paddington Brown (C Baker). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Springfield Neoliet (J Streeter); 2, Anderida Anika (R Keevil); 3, Southern Maestro (N Miller).

    ROYAL LEISURE Henfield, E Sussex 4 – 7 October

    4 Oct: small open 1, Banana Daquiri (B Blake); 2, Pippit II (L Berryman); 3, Just Cyber Space (J Emblem). British novice 1, Midnight Princess (R Parkes); 2, Cherokee (A Pierce); 3, Clevedon Indie Check (C Rummey). newcomers 1, Carol Twilight (K Wood); 2, Merrie Magdelena (E Toomey); 3, The Cobra (S Gray). 1m open 1, Perrymans Impeccable (CA Chapman); 2, Lady Millenium (H Webster). Foxhunter 1, For A Few Dollars More (H Berryman); 2, Townend Oliver (N Mady); 3, Irish Squibbs Dream (C Graham). winter JC 1, Townend Oliver; 2, Merlins Secret (T Bailie). members cup 1, Major Angel (C Graham); 2, Patchwork Warrior (H Webster). 7 Oct: British novice 1, Secret Molly (S Magis); 2, Ashfield Rondo (S Garry); 3, Black Silk (R Osborne). 1m open 1, Lets Take It Easy (S Tiley); 2, PUK Balia; 3, Lostock Ladiesman (R Osborne). 1.05m open 1, For Pleasure (J Langmaid); 2, Derry Golans Hero (A Boyce); 3, Lucky Step (J Whibley). newcomers 1 & 2, Pan Taul & Pico Bello II (G Strutton); 3, Original Way (J Popely). 1.25m open 1, Franklyns Aqua; 2, Padijah R (J Popely).

    THE HAND EC Clevedon, Avon 4 October

    80cm jnr 1, Timberhill Poppy (C Bacon); 2, Diamond Ace (H Anderson); 3, Bee’s Knees (A Thomson). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, My Lady Grey (N Williams); 2, Truestepper (S Holroyd); 3, Tweedledumb (K Hall). 90cm jnr 1, Polly Flinders (B Mantel); 2, Okehurst Crackerjack (G Spence); 3, Fairlands Star (C Mills). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Going Places (L Mantel); 2, It’s Crystal Clear (A Woodham); 3, Woodhouse Captain (A Sharp). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Fairlands Star (C Mills); 3, Darracks Tonto (G Spence). 1.15m jnr 1, Okehurst Crackerjack; 2, Darracks Tonto.

    WEST WALES SJC Llandysul, Dyfed, 4-5 October

    single fence 1, 8 tied. 128/138cm 1, Waterstone Star (E Davies); 2, Bwllfa Pie (E Farr); 3, Tremenyn Flyaway (H Thomas). 128/138cm 1, Bwllfa Pie; 2, Fortridge Napoleon (H Thomas); 3, Just Red (H Watts). single fence 1, Louie II (E Farr); 2, Maverick’s Chance (H Thomas); 3, I’m A Firestarter (C Rowarth). BEIB Jnr British Nov 1, Shipping Forecast (A Viles); 2, Trixie’s Black Velvet (N Philips); 3, Roscoe’s Delight (R Howell). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m 1, Louie II; 2, Pentyparc Sir Galahad (K Bushen); 3, Langarth Caroline (B Evans). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Pentyparc Sir Galahad; 2, Fortridge Napoleon; 3, Louie II. 1.15m jnr 1 & 2, Mountain Ghost & Fortridge Napoleon (H Thomas); 3, Pentyparc Sir Galahad. British nov 1, Lyndell Flying Colours (L Head); 2, Laughing Daniella (H Tegg); 3, Awesome Spark (G Evans). Equisage Discovery 1, Killahurler Lad (G Evans); 2, Dukes Spiderman (H Tegg); 3, Laughing Daniella. 1.05m 1 & 2, Drovers Way & Oneida Bally Pride (B Moore); 3, Astral Express (G Evans). newcomers/1.10m 1, Hampton (G Evans); 2, Waterstone Star (A Prettyman); 3, Nessie (R Jones). 5 Oct: British nov 1, Talhearn Orig (L Yeo); 2, Balinfenella (A Panter); 3, Larina (D Woodward). Equisage Discovery 1, Abercriban Tomboy (L Yeo); 2, Canit (E Eynon); 3, Just My Kind (L Iain). 1.05m 1, Caladorra (D Clapp); 2, Oneida Bally Pride (B Moore); 3, Waterstone Girl (A Prettyman). newcomers/1.10m 1, Lord Gilabee (D Clapp); 2, Canimo D (H Rees); 3, Caladorra. Foxhunter/ 1.20m 1, Mexico Bay (T Hawker); 2, Canimo D; 3, Ravella (S John). 1.25m 1, Ballinteskin What A Girl (M Butcher); 2, JSJ Joniki (S Arkell); 3, Zacharias John (M Butcher).

    WEST WILTS EC Wilts, 4 October

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Icon II (C Keevil); 2, Boothill (S Stone); 3, Rocky the Rock Star (J Acheson). Equimax Discovery1, Sambucus Nigra (G Young); 2, Mulgrave Josh (C Keevil); 3, Ardenteggle Beauty (S Jobbins). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Paddy the Dandy (T Davis); 2, Major Impulse (A M White); 3, Sizehill Star (C Baker). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Toscogo (Z Trim); 2, Highpoint (S Smith); 3, Lord of Maykey (K Keen). b>Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Jamboree Dufresne (I Brooke); 2, Bravo Two Zero (L Langlands).

    BADGWORTH ARENA Nr Axbridge, Somerset 5 October

    Jnr British Novice 1, Sparkling Opposition (N Scofield); 2, Conquistador (T Alexander); 3, Portmead Amethyst (C Chard). Jnr 0.95m Open 1,Sparkling Opposition (N Scofield); 2, Sky Bourne II (M Grose); 3,Willow Park Skywalker (M Brierley-Barton). Jnr Newcomers/1.00m Open 1, League of His Own (A Karagianis); 2, Chiddick Bim Bow (N Scofield); 3, Mr Gussy Finknottle (O Shave-Smythies). Jnr Foxhunter 1,Timber Hill Flame (C Bacon); 2, League of His Own (A Karagianis); 3, Merry Marketeer (S Goodhind). Jnr 1.10m Open 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Highfields Sir Hugo (G Horsley); 3, Fairlands Star (C Mills). Jnr 1.15m Open 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Little Yoyo (E Akers); 3, Dryscoed Dutch Dream (S Oaten).

    BLEWBURY CENTRE Blewbury, Oxon, 5 October

    British novice 1, Blue Lagoon (C Bennett); 2, Robin The Thunderball (K Pink); 3, Just Fergal (J Whinnett). grass roots 1, Classy Roo (E J Slater); 2, Ionic (D Philipps); 3, Snowleaf (A De Verteuil). Equisage Discovery 1, November Hope (H Lewis); 2, Robin The Thunderball; 3, Classy Roo. 1.10m members cup 1, Mr Quigley (S Evans); 2, Fondue De Beaulieu (D Moore); 3, Atmosphere (A De Verteuil). 1.20m/Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Montreal VL (G Bray); 2, Brevity (A De Verteuil); 3, Spirit Of Kilkee (C Nichol).

    DABBS 5 October

    British Novice 1, Borrowed Gold (C Dewar); 2, Pot Luck ( L Keith); 3, Keltique Silver Star (V Wright). Discovery 1, Borrowed Gold (C Dewar); 2, Carneils Topaz (C Wivell); 3, Miss Samona (J Andrews). Newcomers 1, Cahpelwells Murphys Law (G Hood); 2, Big Red Too (K Fitzgerald); 3, Chapelwells Forever Hopefull (L Hood). 1.10m Open 1, Minature Free Flow (L Morton); 2, Its Another (V Winter); 3, Flagmount Valentine (J Davidson). Foxhunter 1, Big Red Too (K Fitzgerald); 2, Jamaka Tip Top (H Bilsland); 3, Inschalisco (M Bisset). 1.20m Open 1, Corrado II (L Morton); 2, Dynasty G N (A Laird); 3, Statesman (L Swain). B & C Handicap 1, Light ‘n’ Sassy (K Fitzgerald); 2, Knockbeg Breffni (S Lennox); 3, Jamaka Tip Top (H Bilsland). National 1.25m Open 1, Corrado II (L Morton); 2, Mr Bizzy (A Bonelli Baird); 3, Tiptronic (C Lithgow. British Novice 1, Pot Luck (L Keith); 2, Ls Maximero (I Mcleish); 3, Bee Boy (G Ulke). 1.05m Open 1, Just the One II (J Brogan); 2, Stella (M Larsson); 3, Megamillie (C Patterson). Foxhunter 1, Big Red Too (K Fitzgerald); 2, Cassabachus (G Hutton); 3, Disan Crocodile (A Laird). 1.20m open 1, Light ‘n’ Sassy (K Fitzgerald); 2, Dynasty G N (A Laird); 3, Quinine (A Bonelli Baird). 1.30m Open 1, Silvano Van Texelbos (A Hamilton); 2, Marco III (G Hutton); 3, Light ‘n; Sassy (K Fitzgerald). Newcomers 1, Big Red Too (K Fitzgerald); 2, Universal (M Young); 3, Nilmac (A Bonelli Baird). B & C Handicap 1, Milton Only You (Selina Cawkwell); 2, Jamaka Tip Top (H Bilsland); 3, Highland Paganini (K Fitzgerald).

    OSBALDESTON Blackburn, Lancs 5 October

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Penny Crayon II (M Holwood); 2, Cherokee (S McQueen); 3, Golden Retreat (J Kaye). Equimax Discovery 1&2, Penova Dream & Mystic Maxine (K Shore); 3, Westways (C Green). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Rush On M (S Ryan); 2, Private Please (T Davin); 3, Rolita (S Davenport). 1m open 1, Stone Flight (J Fletcher); 2, April Affair (J Powell); 3, Revitalize (D Richards). NDS 1.10m members 1, Digital Diamond (L Baxter); 2, Cheeky Half (L Stephenson); 3, Gambarda (G Pollard). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Its Cruising (C Richardson); 2, Mister Penfold (N Bampton); 3, Intuition (L Stephenson). 1.20m open 1, Kilkenny Diamond (A Pilling); 2, Ramone Z (E Staveley); 3, Almar (C Birch).

    PRESCOTT EC, Baschurch 5 October

    Senior Newcomers First Round 1, Eastabizinis (D Morton); 2, Kildemock (S Cadwallader); 3, Pardoes (P Harris). Members Cup First Round 1, Secret Rumour (N Proffitt); 2, Andersons Song of Norway (G Jones); 3, Tenderesse (T Coppola). BHF Amateur 1.15m Championship 1, Tenderesse (T Coppola); 2, Millette II (P Crann); 3, Country Princess (V Thornley). Grades AB & C Handicap 1, Intercell (D Morton); 2, Its Mine (D Morton); 3, Port Royal (D Morton). British Novice 1, Merllyn Tommgun (D Carpenter); 2, Island Spirit (K Morrisey); 3, Polymore (R Arbel). Discovery 1, Kalahari Sunrise (I Wynne); 2, Magic Word (A Bywater); 3, Island Spirit (K Morrisey).

    STAINSBY GRANGE Thornaby, Cleveland 5 October

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Stainsby Multivision (E Denton); 2, Markant (V Allen); 3, Wanessa (C Watson). Equimax Discovery 1, Romeo II (A Strawson); 2, BM Spring Fever (N Pow); 3, Westbourne Easy Option (A Cana). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Peter Pan (R Shields); 2, Ginellie II (A Bedford); 3, Kosmic Colours (S Russell). 1.10m open 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze (A Wall); 2, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills); 3, Westbourne Easy Does It (R Cana). U21 yr 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze; 2, Westbourne Everytime (E Wright); 3, Dutch Melody (V Tulloch). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Cardosa (P McKeever); 2, Scout Bush (G McPherson); 3, C Pablo V (J Andrews). 1.20m open 1, Alcina (A Bedford); 2, Mistrato (S Russell); 3, Quayside Castle Nautique (J Dixon). 1.25m open 1, Stainsby Don Edwardo (J Dixon); 2, Ferndale Summer Breeze; 3, DJA’s Soft Touch (D Mewse)

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