BSJA results 25 February-2 March

  • SUMMERHOUSE Hardwicke, Glos, 25 February

    BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Bastin Oliver Twist (L Whitehouse); 2, Partons Prides Joy (K Campbell); 3, Welton FreeStyle (S May). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Irish Paddy Star (S Cornwell); 2, Freres Jaques (B Gardner); 3, Bastin Oliver Twist (L Whitehouse). Jnr Members Cup 1, Indian Sioux (H Tales). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Super Ted (ASomerville); 2, Classic Affair (T Blake); 3, Spirit of Gold (Jo Watts). Equimat Discovery 1, It’s Quiz Time (R Dimblelow); 2, Token Jester (K Miles); 3, L S Assay (J Bowman). NDS Equine 1.10m Members 1, Nuit St George (R Coupe); 2, Whisky Brannagan (M Moore); 3, Coccleford Mystery (R Moore). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Regent X (J Bowman); 2, Nuit St George (R Coupe); 3, Minstral Air (G Allan).

    THORPE GRANGE EC Lincoln, Lincs, 26 February

    0.85M Open 1, Sucre D’Orge (C Gibbs); 2, Heyday Magna (J Corney); 3, No Fear (C Gibbs). Charles Owen British Novice 1, B Special (L Redfern); 2, MrBudwiser (L Chilvers); 3, Maid Marion (L Clark). 1m Open 1, B Smart (LRedfern); 2, Hamilton Countess (J Mountain); 3, Primitive Light (J Holland). Equimax Discovery 1, Wensleydale Alexander (S Martin); 2, Ashley D (R Dent); 3, Granite Rose (S Martin). Great Leighs Newcomers/NDS Equine 1.10M 1, Wensleydale Alexander; 2,Paliene W (S Cawkwell); 3, Diplomatic Jack (A Postolowsky).

    FOREST EDGE Swaffam, Norfolk, 28 February

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Curvet (J Egmore); 2, Highland Spring (G Winchester); 3, Dutch Thunder (H Clarke). Equimax Discovery 1, Montezooma (G Manchester); 2, Curvet (J Egmore); 3, Dutch Tornado (H Clarke). 1.05m Open 1, Co-Pilot (G Winchester); 2, Boherdeel Champion (L Wells); 3, Simply Syrah (L Gray). 1.10m Members Cup/Newcomers 1, Mytice Mindig Time (J Egmore); 2, Temple Manatee (J Egmore); 3, Monsignor (S Feeke). Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, My Life (T Conyers).

    ARENA UK Grantham, Lincs, 28 February-2 March

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Insanitable (J Mason); 2, Millstream (K Grant); 3, Miss Holland (J Mason). Equimax Discovery 1, Sancerre (D Doyle); 2, Mini Me (N Sheard); 3, Regal Storm (D Doyle). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Kamee (G Elliott); 2, Retreats Simone (D Foster); 3, Una II (M Williams). NDS 1.10m Members Cup 1, Desert Queen (S Upton); 2, Fallowfields Mr Plodd (R Collins); 3, Kalcavella (A Duncan). August Silk Young Riders 1, Donna Bonita III (L Phillips); 2, Falkenhofs Amani (P Warmoth); 3, Red Wharf Roly (K Grant). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Haddon House Cool Flow (J Reed-Stephenson); 2, Bonfire (C Spanner); 3, Flaretime (M Whitaker). 1.20m open/1.20m Members Cup 1, Oriental Roulette (G Elliott); 2, Crown Alliance (P McKeever); 3, Zerro II (M Russell). National 1.25m Open 1, Zerro II (M Russell); 2, Dobels Frechdacks (M Whitaker); 3, Alicina (M Whitaker). 1 Mar: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Supervision (E Watson); 2, Crazy Diamond (L Boardman); 3, Hatherall On Impluse (A Duncan). Equimax Discovery 1, Hostess (I Hofschroer); 2, King Triton (H Scholl); 3, Retreats Flashman (D Foster). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, My Laurel (L Brennan); 2, Utah Van Het Westleven (M Lanni); 3, U Bet (M Potter). NDS 1.10m Members Cup 1, Matt A Dora (P Warmoth); 2, Desert Queen (S Upton); 3, Hopes For Guy (C Metcalfe). August Silk Nat. Under 21 Grade C Young Riders 1, Fountaindale (K Grant); 2,Falkenhofs Amani (P Warmoth); 3, Pomein II (J Richardson). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Chiwago (L Brennan); 2, Milton Only You (S Cawkwell); 3, Coney King (Ky Forsyth). BSJA Festival 1.20m Members Cup/Open 1, Arielka (A Saywell); 2, Redhill Manta (A Pacheco); 3, Magic Darco (A Saywell). National 1.25m Open 1, Tornedo (A Pacheco); 2, Cobretti (L Van Heyningen); 3, Coney King (K Forsyth). 2 Mar: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Hatherall On Impulse (A Duncan); 2, Quayside Crackon (J Dixon); 3, Crazy Diamond (L Broadman). Equimax Discovery 1, Golden Storm (J Smyth); 2, Hostess (I Hofschroer); 3, Hullander (M Boddy). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Utah Van Het Westleven (M Lanni); 2, Chiwago (L Brennan); 3, Temple Whatsit (J Egmore). NDS 1:10m Members Cup 1, Desert Queen (S Upton); 2, Nikita II (K Grant); 3, Tamlamotown (C Spanner). August Silk Nat. Under 21 Grade C Q 1, Quayside Castle Natique (A Duncan); 2, Stanhopes Little Man (S Upton); 3, Kalcavella (A Duncan). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Tarina N (M Bunting); 2, Falkenhofs Amani (P Warmoth); 3, President Utopia (M Lanni). 1.20m Members Cup/1.20m Open 1, Jamel (L Brennan); 2, It’s Dream Girl (L Brennan); 3, Retreats Go With The Flow (L Newman). National 1.25m Open 1, Roscoes Meadowview (M Bunting); 2, President Utopia (M Lanni); 3, Corrado II (L Phillips).

    PATCHETTS SENIOR PREMIER Aldenham, Herts, 28 Feb-2 March

    1.15m 1, Colorado (J Renwick); 2, Golden Pele (P Spivey); 3, King Murphy (G Burchmore). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/Blue Riband 1, Papachico (C Nicol); 2, Sir Graditz (S Gee); 3, Pauldary’s Tiger Two (C Platt). 1.25m 1, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 2, Mauritius V (J Popely); 3, Finns Flight (L Pavitt). Scope 1.35m 1, Alona (R Hook); 2, Naf Naf II (D Charles); 3, Medrano (S Harvey). 1 Mar: Blue Chip Performance 1, Power Boy (P Spivey); 2 & 3, Qudos & Charming Touch (P Cornish). Accurate Solutions 1.25m 1, Mercurius (B Maher); 2, Graceful (C Webley); 3, Concordeville (A Lewis). Blue Chip Dynamic B&C 1, Bog Diamond (P Crago); 2, Java; 3, Ayra (T Stockdale). Phoenix Enterprises 1.35m 1, Loro Piana Hamlet (G Williams); 2, Archies Dream (R Tillson); 3, Rainbow Girl 4 (S Pharo). 2 Mar: 1.25m 1, Brookend Fuehrer; 2, Decoded (M Watson); 3, Elesse (D McPherson). Osborne Refrigerators Winter Grade C 1, Oscar IX (P Howard); 2, Comme Ci Comme Ca II (S Harvey); 3, Chamonix (M Cartmell). grand prix 1, Halifax II (C Collins); 2, Jerome (C Hanley); 3, Dobels Freschdacs (M Whitaker).

    ROWALLAN AC Fenwick, Ayrshire, 28 February-2 March

    Equimax Discovery 1, Auriga Anastasia (L Howie); 2, Magheramore Gail Clover (A Craig); 3, Santa’s Ghost (L Thomson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Dilwys Northern Echo (K Murdoch); 2, Natural Spring (M Arnott); 3, Hillside Honey (K Miller). 1.15m 1, Elite III (M McCourt); 2, Lynford (S Neads); 3, Master Lovett (M Nairn). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1 & 2, Libra K & Kanderosa (M McCourt); 3, Harlequin Sunset (A Craig). 1 Mar: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Karaya (V Forrest); 2, Vif Van De Wolfsaker (J Johnson); 3, Rolex Santa Anita (M McLeish). Equimax Discovery 1, Show Me More (L Babes); 2, Du Val (E Carroll); 3, Conelly (D Shaw). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, B Different (A Craig); 2, Uptown Girl (T Nicholson); 3, Cavaliers Luck (C Simpson). 1.15m 1, Solo Flight (S Brash); 2, Burn Frenchie (N Warwick); 3, Corndale Millenium (A Craig). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Elite III; 2, It’s Hogmanay (I Warnock); 3, Golantus (G Gillespie). 1.20m 1, Tannaghill (R McCrea); 2, Le Monopoly (S Hamilton); 3, Roscoes Skip On (L Babes). 1.25m 1, Libra K; 2, Travis Roma (L Johnstone); 3, Le Monopoly. 2 Mar: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Ben Skeid (K Murdoch); 2, Lowther Glow Bug (M Young); 3, Sawadee (I McGeoch). Equimax Discovery 1, Lowther Glow Bug; 2, Toy Boy Town (L Cecchini); 3, Corndale Millenium (J Stirling). Scottish Open Indoor ch 1, True Braveheart (M Young); 2, Giacomo (J Scullion); 3, Roscoes Skip On. Scottish Amateur qual 1, Eevee (J Smith); 2, Hillside Honey (K Miller); 3, Sea Lion (S Main). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, B Different; 2, Dilwys Northern Echo; 3, The Eulogy (C Lindsay). 1.15m 1, The Auctioneer (C Lindsay); 2, Just A Tick (S Lennox); 3, Sanbucca Baby (A Craig). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Diamond Deal (S McKie); 2, Lakota Lady (J Cross); 3, Hi Regard (G Hutton).

    EXETER EC Poltimore, Devon, 1 March

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Naught (B Gawler); 2, Delta Drift (M Page). Equimax Discovery 1, Rosy Rumour (S Childs); 2, Pappatuu (B Wright); 3, Rapps Diamond Jack (K Johnson). 1.05m 1, Limestone Lass (G Fox); 2, O’Ryan Himself (J Blackburn); 3, Carnival Fever (K Johnson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Woodcote Chief Witness (N Wood); 2, Presco S (A James); 3, Kojak (V Done). 1.10m 1, Holly’s Folly (K Spiller); 2, Fading Grey (S Wakeham); 3, Issy Bell (K Pike). Bath & West Grade C 1, Keihtan (T Kneen); 2, Woodcote Chief Witness (N Wood); 3, Issy Bell. Bath & West Novice 1, Patriet (T Dunn); 2, Maximum Deal (H Marsh); 3, Double Dare II (H West).

    MEDSTEAD GRANGE EC Alton, Hants, 1 March

    85cm warm-up 1, Henry’s Free Spirit (A Winter); 2, Spike (N Farmer); 3, Drimcongriver (C Ryan). British Novice 1, Drimcongriver; 2, Simply Seamus (B Wood); 3, Madam Rose (N Diamond). Equimax Discovery 1, Molly Shambles (D Dick); 2, Lottie’s Dream (C Thompson); 3, Abraxas (M Hallion). Open 1.05m 1, Positivley Cavalier (N Charles); 2, Abraxas; 3, Red Man (H Bellm). Blue Chip Power Qualifier 1, Big Mystery (M Furzedonn); 2, Rules of Engagement (C Harris); 3, Ziggys Here (N Charles).

    SOLIHULL RC JNR PREMIER Solihull, Warks, 1-2 March

    national 128cm 1, Just Talk Atlanta (J Whittaker); 2, Flinor Songbird (E Stoker); 3, Get Ready Freddie (O Liley). winter 128cm 2nd round 1, Benjamin Bunny (Z Wilson); 2, Tommy Tee (A Tate); 3, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker). national 138cm 1, Midnight Man (G Horsley); 2, Guinness Special (D Neilson); 3, Campus (Z Adams). 148cm 1, Lynwood Gem (A Derbyshire); 2, Mr Swampy (D Smith); 3, CJ’s Kemosabi (A Mizon). August Silk Restricted Jnr Open 1, Okehurst Crackerjack (G Spence); 2, Orkney Prince (D Harland); 3, Floating Change (L Wade). JA 1, Loobeen Shamrock (A Mizon); 2, Midwest Star (H Penny); 3, Foxmill Montana (W Whitaker). 2 Mar: national 128cm 1 & 2, Proud Flyer & Tom The Bomb (J Whittaker); 3, Get Ready Freddie. national 138cm 1, Necta Peebles (J Davison); 2, Bugsy Malone (J Whittaker); 3, Golden Fortune (A Valks). winter 138cm 2nd round 1, Diego III (S Needham); 2, Captain Sam (A Kelly); 3, Bugsy Malone. 148cm 1, Ocean Colour Scene (D Smith); 2, Floating Change; 3, Lakeland Little Wonder (R Cottam). AK JA Winter Classic 1,Mister Amontilano (H Paul); 2, Tigerwood (P Dobby); 3, Belfly (G Plumley). winter JC 2nd round 1, TJ’s Cosmic Gold (G Plumley); 2, PJ St Tropez (E-J Moore); 3, Major Angel (C Graham).

    TALK OF THE NORTH Milnrow, Lancs, 1-2 March

    1m 1, Spellbound (L Broxup); 2, Lickle Ted (A Millin); 3, Blade (C Hamer). 1.25m 1, Croft Euphoria (P Morris); 2, Carola W (T Knox); 3, Fair Actress (J Billington). B&C 1 & 2, Pagena & Saffier (B Twomey); 3, Mr Cawley (R Maguire). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Millrowes Alfie (R Maguire); 2, Ranome Z (E Staveley). 1.20m 1, Thornbank Hannah (T Newman); 2, Man Of Means (D Clarkson); 3, Frederick (J Billington). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Jansky Blue (D Richards); 2, Uma Van Berkenbroek (J Garton-Pope); 3, Jeraboam (E Murphy). 1.10m 1, Panama Franco (A O’Neill); 2, Tom Collins (M Stubbs); 3, Revitalised (D Richards). 1.05m 1, Out In The Open (M Jagger); 2, Rare Team (G Pollard); 3, Gazette (T Knox). easibed Winter Novice 1, The Rock (C Healey); 2 & 3, The Grey Goose & Fast & Furious (J Shaw). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Rafinesse (L Henderson); 2, Lotti (C Healey); 3, Jansky Blue. 1.20m 1, Way Too Cool (N Bampton); 2, Mrs Magic (C Richardson); 3, It’s Cinderella (A Walker). 1.25m 1, Way Too Cool; 2, Landini (T Mallin); 3, JP Liberty (E Staveley).

    WEST WALES SJC Pembs, 1-2 March

    jnr starter 1, 5 tied. 128/138cm 1, Ballyclough Tess (H Thomas); 2, Just Chester (L Bettinson); 3, Flying Princess (S Jenkins). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr/Scope Jnr Progressive 1, Miss McCauley (L Roberts); 2, Mountain Ghost (H Thomas); 3, Byrgwm Rebecca (G Joynson). jnr members cup 1 & 2, Fortridge Napoleon & Mountain Ghost (H Thomas); 3, Strawberry Hill (R Thomas). Equimax Discovery 1, Nimble Norman (E Humfreys); 2, Astro Express (G Evans); 3, Pentyparc Jacques Kerouac (P Griffiths). DMS Adventurer 1, Nessie (R Jones); 2, Travelling Gold (A Smith); 3, Hi Colour Of Money (C Morgan). 1.15m 1, Ballinteskin Timahoe (E Eynon); 2, Hampton (G Evans); 3, Danger Mouse (E Eynon). 1.30m 1, Lominard L (A John); 2, Ravella (S John); 3, Ballinteskin Timahoe. 2 Mar: 128/138cm 1, I’m A Firestarter (C Rowarth); 2, Tremenyn Flyaway (H Thomas); 3, Waterstone Star (A Davies). Scope Jnr Novice 1eq, Trefilan Talisman (F McCartney) & Wishmaster (LRoberts); 3, Simply Samuel (R Thomas). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/jnr 1.10m 1, Strawberry Hill; 2, Silver Aspect (L Roberts); 3, Fortridge Napoleon. Charles Owen British Novice 1, The Hobbit (N Court); 2, Shiloh Bay (P Evans); 3, Woodland Brave (J Ridge). 1.05m 1, Kensi (H Evans); 2, Stro Japp Velvet Pearl (E Eynon); 3, Jupilot (C Morris). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Ballinteskin Laughton (E Eynon); 2, Nessie; 3, Angus Bay (P Evans). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Zacharias John (M Butcher); 2, Picton Primadonna (E Eynon); 3, Liberty Bell (A John). 2-fence challenge 1, Captain Wellington (S Heaven); 2 & 3, Miss Ireland & Lominard L (A John).

    LONGWOOD EC Basildon, Essex, 2 March

    British Novice 1, Sweet Ballyuff (C Savage-Roberts); 2, Mayfield Mistral (B Walker); 3, Nahajola (S Pollard). Scope DMS 1m Novice 1, AJ’s Think Pink; 2, Mayfield Mistral; 3, Master Royale. 1m Open 1, Temple Springer (K Watts); 2, Living Colour (B Dove); 3, Tennessee Silver Jazz (E Volk). Scope 1.05m Adventurer 1, Miss Altitude (M Harris); 2, Phoenix Verchuschka (D Scott Garrett); 3, Poetic Justice (R Parris). 1.10m Open 1, Semi-Sonic (LParnham); 2, Living Colour; 3, Premier Rendezvous (M Fursedonn). Scope 1.15m Select 1, Ridgewood Four Square (K Mason); 2, Temple Springer (K Watts); 3, Orthos (B Dove). Foxhunter/1.20 Open 1, Orthus; 2, Melson G (B Dove).

    ROCKHAMPTON EC Berkeley, Glos, 2 March

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, The Final Hit (M Cooper); 2, Colourful Lad (S Hunter); 3, Beeches Foxtrot Fantasia (R Harber). DMS Novice/1m 1, Maerdy Swoppitt (K Davey); 2, Lady Killer (T Sparks); 3, Holy Hit (S Bassett). 1.05m 1, Country Collection (J Price); 2, Norton Taboo (K Pearce); 3, Chapter 12 (D Whitelaw). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Golden Sapphire (J Bingham); 2 & 3, Cockleford Mystery & Catherstone Sorcinite (R Moor). 1.15m 1, Wisty Brannigan (M Moor); 2, Omar Du Pomme (N Heaney); 3, Tara Springs (A Biltcliffe).

    ROYAL LEISURE CENTRE Henfield, Sussex, 2 March

    British novice 1, Cilbran Caradog (A Wright); 2, Anabella Aimee (E Moss); 3, Pure Bliss (B Flynn). discovery 1, Lady Aimee (B Sexton); 2, Icicle Crisp (A Martin); 3, Barney McGrew (S Nolan). 1.05m 1, Ace Korrak (L Long); 2, Orlando II I (L Frankum); 3, Innismoor (LFisher). newcomers 1, Octopuss (J Phillips); 2, Oharmeta (J Annett); 3, Dutch Noblesse (V Gosling). Foxhunter 1, Croft Toy Boy (J Phillips); 2, BF Utopia (J Streeter); 3, Carnavals Choice II (F Coles). 1.20m 1, Lydmar (M Dorgan); 2 & 3, Sandalls Rockerfella & Crofts Lobelia (J Annett). Stevenson’s Grade C 1, Croft Toy Boy; 2 & 3, Sandalls Rockerfella & Crofts Lobelia. 1.30m 1, Southerns Major (M Dorgan); 2 & 3, Malacoff & Hawklands Jumbo Jet (V Gosling). 4 Mar: British novice 1, Whitesilver (L Long); 2, Tenneh (J Finnis); 3, The Catch (S Dinnis). 1m 1, Araldo (A Hoar); 2, Zorros Advocate (F Pierce); 3, See More Tricks (F Cardrick). 1.05m 1, Blacklands Romulus (C Marsh); 2, Aberaeran Prince (F Cardrick); 3, Lord Concorde (A Boyce). newcomers 1, Clover Miz (G Talbot). 1.15m 1 & 2, Lara P & Emmetts Animos (C Marsh).

    STAINSBY GRANGE EC Thornaby, Cleveland, 2 March

    Stable Express 1.15m 1, Animino (S Russell); 2, Stainsby Sponeck (J Tanfield); 3, DJA’s Soft Touch (D Mewse). Blue Chip Performance 1, Temple Polly (J Russell); 2, Go Again (K Fuller); 3, Clover Classic (J Russell). Blue Chip Dynamic B&C 1, DJA’s Soft Touch; 2, Temple Norma (P Barker); 3, Graviere De La Mare (R Shields). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Final Answer (R MacAuley); 2, Broughty Castle (K Richardson); 3, Ovation (L McCafferty). Equimax Discovery 1, Romulus (A Peacock); 2, October Knight (H Stevenson); 3, On High (A Clancey). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Hanson II (J Andrews); 2, Highling Masquerade (R Reay); 3, Cochise VII (E Armstrong). 1.10m 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze (S Blakey); 2, Wizz (A Cowan); 3, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills).

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