BSJA results 22 – 28 December ’03


    British Novice 1, Penny’s Pride (P Grimster); 2, Back Chat (J Thompson); 3, The Scullery Maid (E Smith). Discovery 1, Grand Conan (R Zartarian); 2, Molly Ashe (M Hutt); 3, Cainby (N Ross Watt). Newcomers 1, Purple Mor (J Leckie); 2, Missander (J Gilchrest); 3, Westwood Red Fox (A Lamb). Foxhunter 1, Lynford (First Choice Stallions); 2, Highwell Raconteur (M Connolly); 3, Westwood Red Fox (A Lamb). 1.15m Open 1, Sandraph (N Lawrence); 2, Tender Moment (J Whinnett); 3, Meadowhead Athlete (M Irving). 1.30m Open 1, Milton Only You (L Morton); 2, Pall Mall H (S Cordiner); 3, Mississipi B (M Hutt). British Novice 1, Gianni Franco (J Higgins); 2, Edgeware Lass (M Morris); 3, Anique Spot On (A Forster). 1.05m Grand Prix 1, Ramiro II (S Low-Mitchell); 2, Belville Charley (J Monaghan); 3, Westwood Red Fox (A Lamb). 1.10m Open Pairs Speed 1, Emotions (N Lawrence); 2, Miniature Free Flow (L Morton); 3, Shawhill Jacko (C Mcdowall). Young Riders 1, Croft Golden Boy (M Marsh); 2, CB Rapide (M Hutt); 3, Mississipi B (M Hutt). 1.25m Open 1, Milton Only You (L Morton); 2, Ominous (J Low-Mitchell); 3, Stina (Gillespie Brothers). 1.30m Open 1, Big Red Too (T Carruthers); 2, Ludwig H (S Cordiner); 3, Ouzzo (M Connolly). British Novice 1, Pennys Pride (P Grimster); 2, Cloudy Grey (A Gordon); 3, The Nobleman (K Ritchie). 1.00m Open 1, Deinhard (L Scullion); 2, Retreats Walkabout (E Smallman); 3, Silvo (S Low-Mitchell). 1.15m Open 1, L’Etoile (L Bothwell); 2, Omega (A Barr); 3, Jazz V (J Ireland). Xmas Speed Stakes 1, Croft Golden Boy (M Marsh); 2, Silly Van Het Vijverbos (J Raeside); 3, Mississipi B (M Hutt). 1.30m Open 1, Ludwig H (S Cordiner); 2, Lendel (First Choice Stallions); 3, Ouzzo (M Connolly). Mini Major 1, Emotions (N Lawrence); 2, Purple Mor (J Leckie); 3, Silverado (J Higgins). .80m Junior Open 1, Tshakanni (P Melville Evans); 2, Silgo Chance (N ferguson); 3, Ginger Nut Jester (C Beattie).1.00m Junior open 1, Bronwyns Bright Idea (C Beattie); 2, Snittles Just Jim (P Melville evans); 3, Greenbarrow Gossamer (J Mcintosh). Junior Newcomers 1, Look Twice (P Melville Evans); 2, Cuffesgrange Trigger (M Haig); 3, Partnership (P Melville Evans). 1.15m Open Junior Open 1, Ceefax (M McNaughton); 2, Flying Chance (C Beattie); 3, Mulberry Big Ben (G Russell). Scottish JA Indoor Championship 1, Bishopston No Limit (A Geddie); 2, Honey Honey (G Babes); 3, Stainsby Top That (M Hutt). Dabbs Little Angels 80cm Open 1, Tshakanni (P Melville evans); 2, Hillcrest Nightingale (P Mormack); 3, Crailyn Celtic Dream (L Christie). British Novice 1, Robins Quest (J Summersgill); 2, Copper Fox (J Aird); 3, Could She Be Magic. 11 Years & Under 5 Tied. Small Pony Big Presents Pair Relay 1, Ink Spot & Tshakanni; 2, Nimbus & Hillcrest Nightingale; 3, Highland Star & Greenbarrow Gosamer. Junior Foxhunter/1.10m Open 1, Brackmount Billy (R Spence); 2, Weavers Legacy (P Melville Evans); 3, Mr Nice Guy (J Thomson). Junior Top Score 1, Flying Chance (C Beattie); 2, Mr Nice Guy (J Thomson); 3, Highly Flammable (P Myszor). 128/138cm Handicap 1, Golden Grove Sunshine (P Melville Evans); 2, Little Bobby (A Lithgow; 3, Silgo Chance (N Ferguson. Junior Open 1, Bishopston No Limit (A Geddie); 2, Wickenstones Classic Touch (M Haig); 3, Brackmont Billy (R Spence).

    DEVON LEISURE Clackmannanshire, 27-28 December

    jnr British Novice 1, D’S Rock DJ (D Susans); 2, Rosmuc Rebel (J Spence); 3, Ricky (D Thompson). jnr 90cm 1, Slipknot (V Murdoch); 2, Tshakanni (W Melville Smith); 3, Copper Fox (K Aird). 11 & under 1eq, Crystal Magic (B Brewster) & Pete Petite (A Walker). jnr newcomers 1, RB Spot On; 2, Millstown Gipsy (B Brewster); 3, Cuffesgrange Trigger (H Haig). jnr 1m 1, Bronwyns Bright Idea (H Haig); 2, Maxton Hijack (M Russell); 3, Gems Pure Genius (M Baillie). winter 128cm 1, Dickens (J Martin); 2, Bally Deep In Disguise (R Modlin). winter 138cm 1, Bronwyns Bright Idea; 2, Springleigh Switched On (M Russell); 3, Highly Flammable (F Tague). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Picadero (J Kirk); 2, Maxton Hijack; 3, Walsinghams Return (J Spence). jnr open 1, Brackmount Billy (J Spence); 2, Picadero (J Kirk); 3, Wickenstones Classic Touch (H Haig). 28 Dec: British novice 1, Secundus Scaramouche (E Foote); 2, Woodend Special Edition (L Pettigrew); 3, Lismore (M King). discovery 1, Edgeware Lass (K Fitzgerald); 2, Wing Commander (S Walker); 3, Woodend Special Edition. newcomers 1, Shawhill Jacko (A Carruthers); 2, Rumalia (A Lohoar); 3, Oldo (S Lohoar). 1.10m 1, Cavalier Angel (L Hutt); 2, McQue (D Duffin); 3, Little Rowan (C Lithgow). Foxhunter 1, Westwood Red Fox (L Johnstone); 2, Meadowhead Cavalier (J King); 3, Raymond II (D Duffin). 1.20m 1, Groetz (K Connor); 2, Hunter’s Level (J Brogan); 3, Riverstown Queen (K Fitzgerald). 1.30m 1, Tylers Vivien (K Connor); 2, She’s Our Mare (D Duffin); 3, Big Red Too (K Fitzgerald).

    FOREST OF DEAN EC Yorkley, Glos, 27 December

    British novice 1, Rulenska (L Yeomans); 2, Comely Lady (F Birch); 3, Primolga (S Brown). discovery 1, Primolga; 2, Charley’s Limited Edition (A Dawes); 3, Cockney Music (J Price). 1m A4 1, Maerdy Swoppit (K Davy); 2, Rye Guy (A Dawes); 3, Rulenska. newcomers/1m 1 & 2, Spring Showers & Bartonfield Duet (J Price); 3, Maerdy Swoppit. 3 Jan: jnr British Novice 1, Merioneth Meteor (L Pickering); 2, Kilkenny Rose (M Hurley); 3, Handsome Harry (C Meakin). JD/JC 1, Playmate Buzz (S Drinkwater); 2, Kilkenny Rose (M Hurley). 90cm jnr A4 1, Coolmore Vagabond (A Cuthbert); 2, Snorter (L Fishwick). jnr newcomers/1m jnr 1, Coolmore Vagabond; 2, Batman II (M Browning); 3, Playmate Buzz. jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Silver Sands (C Meachin).

    JM Equestrian Co Durham, 27 December

    sml pony 1, Mighty Flyer (A Valks); 2, Power Up Barollo (M Gair); 3, Bowes Springbok (J Flannigan). 128cm 1, Bowes Springbok. 138cm 1, Mighty Flyer; 2, Strawberry Fair (M Sampson); 3, Bowes Misty Grey (J Flannigan). relay 1, Rolo (M Gair) & Bowes Misty Grey. jnr British Novice 1, Kerrys Boy (S Farrell); 2, Corialanus (P Tuffy); 3, Murphys Irish Clover (N Stockhill). jnr newcomers 1, Rising Mist (H McCaie); 2, Back Before Dark (L Gee); 3, Flame Of Tara (J Reveley). jnr open 1, Oh La La (M Sampson); 2, Crystal Canyon (A McCullagh). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Ryans Way (S Jimmison); 2, Lets Go Rocky (D Neilson); 3, Stainsby Irish Mist (H Stephenson). winter JC 1, Cool Oss (S Jimmison); 2, Flame Of Tara. 28 Dec: British Novice 1, Dovecote Miss Scally (T Buckingham); 2, Milltime Rhapsody (A Hoare); 3, Solicette (V Tulloch). discovery 1, Dovecote Miss Scally; 2, Finbar II (J Hughes); 3, Westbourne Easy Option (A Cana). newcomers 1, Sledwich Church Mouse (E Wright); 2, Retzina II (J Hughes); 3, Eugano Star (S Brash). 1.10m members cup 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze (A Wall); 2, Wiz (M Cowan); 3, Legal Jaguar (S Nurse). puissance 1eq, Ngarahau (J Askew) & Quatro (R Shields).

    LIMES FARM EC Kent, 27-28 December

    sml pony 1, Polly Flanders (A Measor); 2, Spring (O King). jnr British Novice 1, Las Vegas Showgirl (J Conway); 2, Polly Flanders; 3, Tilly (J Askew). jnr sml open 1, Lisdeen Gold (C Grimster); 2, Tilly. jnr newcomers/1m jnr 1, Risky Business (C Grimster); 2, Miss Dynamite (G Browning); 3, Girl Talk (H Windsor). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Wayside It’s A Buzz (A Measor); 2, Lisdeen Gold. 28 Dec: British novice 1, Maddie Moonshine (J Hooker); 2, Diamond Sox (S Gadd); 3, Nocturne (O King). discovery 1, Maddie Moonshine; 2, Nocturne; 3, Private Joker (L Amiri). 1m 1, Diamond Sox; 2, River Dragon (A Fox-Pitt). newcomers/1.10m 1, River Dragon; 2, Lindisfarne Poppy (J Berry); 3, Liberty X (N Jones). 1.15m 1, Miss Saffy (C Moyce); 2, Caparetto (S Gosling); 3, Orka C (J Charlesworth). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Miss Saffy; 2, Pilatus 37 (C Moyce); 3, Orka C.

    WEST WALES SJC Dyfedd, 27-28 December

    jnr starter 1, 4 tied. jnr accumulator 1, Llewellyns Pride (S-J Llewellyn); 2, Regency Gold (L Evans); 3, Waterstone Star (A Davies). winter 128/138cm 1 & 2, Tremenyn Flyaway & Fortridge Napoleon (H Thomas); 3, Malt Street Special (S-J Llewellyn). 1m jnr 1, Louie II (E Farr); 2 & 3, Mountain Ghost & Mavericks Chance (H Thomas). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Chocks Away Ginger (H Thomas); 2, Louie II; 3, Quality Time (m Browning). winter JC 1, Byrgwm Rebecca (G Joynson).

    GOLDEN CROSS EC Golden Cross, E.Sx, 28 December

    British Novice 1, Cruiselier (C Lewis); 2 , Luck of the Irish
    (S Christie); 3, Arms Band (C Reddy). Equissage Discovery 1, Balfern Milly Molly Mandy (G Tattersall); 2, What A Spark (E Hinkley); 3, True Blue Vanilla Sky (G Tattersall). 1 Jump Ahead 1.05m Open 1, Balfern Milly Molly Mandy (G Tattersall) 2, European Echo (T Robus); 3, Hilton Nook (C Lewis). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Daytona Bay (R Gardiner); 2, Jetaway (C Lewis); 3, Mojo C (K Howell). EQuest Midway Open Qualifier 1, Daytona Bay (R Gardiner); 2, Filou De Luccui (L Fisher); 3, Anderida Anika (R Keevil).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 28-29 December

    British novice 1, Meridian Flame (C Gregory); 2, Rapps Clean Sweep (E-J Slater); 3, Legbourne Oliver (A Bettle). discovery 1 & 2, Monks Brook & RS Wishmaster (E-J Slater); 3, Magic Miss (E Hunter). 1.05m 1, Otti Jambo M (V Schaverian); 2, Royal Heir (A Bettle); 3, Dextrous (J Kochman). 1.15m 1, Kaurus (J Rothstein); 2, On The Rocks (S Worker); 3, Corodino K (S Reeve-Young). 1.25m 1, Corodino K; 2, Kaurus; 3, On The Rocks. 29 Dec: newcomers 1, Shimmer E (E Carroll); 2, Pira (L Renwick); 3, Osterknopf (R Beecroft). 1.10m 1, Chalice (S Reeve-Young); 2, Canaval Dancer (L Renwick); 3, Major Van Het Indihof (S Burchmore). Foxhunter 1, Warco (E Carroll); 2, Udo Van De Rinkerakker (P Miller); 3, Universal Toyboy (V Pepper). 1.25m 1, Otage (P Miller); 2, Marleen (G Luckett); 3, Charming Touch (P Cornish). 1.35m 1 & 2, Concordville & Rinaldo (A Lewis); 3, Taittinger (D Burnham). British novice 1, Highland Boy (P Stevens); 2, Sarafina De L’Eau (S Livsey); 3, Sonja (P Miller). discovery 1, Bally Bill (G Davies); 2, Cappelano (S Reeve-Young); 3, Waikiki (S Livsey). 1m 1 & 2, Lemar & Brightwood Charmer (S Reeve-Young); 3, Firedance II (S Livsey). 4 Jan: novice Derby 1, King Murphy (G Burchmore); 2, Lamaree (K Butchart); 3, Bunting (N Pirie). 1.25m Derby 1, Gold Horizon (A Lewis); 2, Roena (P Kelly); 3, Kouros Du Pachis (J Rothstein). 5 Jan: newcomers 1, Y Colocci (N Price); 2, Brookfield Fabio Diamond (M-L Thomas); 3, Catweazle (S Reeve-Young). 1.10m 1, Lonora & Verbena V2 (J Whinnett); 3, Chalice. Foxhunter 1, Udo Van De Rinkerakker (P Miller); 2, Caha Sting (J Crippen); 3, High Robins (M-L Robins). 1.25m 1, Pouchka’s Knight (J Crippen); 2, Phoenix Joy (A Lewis); 3, Chief Trooper (S Reeve-Young). 1.35m 1, Estranged (P Cornish); 2, Otage (P Miller); 3, Rinaldo. British novice 1, Kilrees Clover Dream (S Burleson); 2, Sonya (P Miller); 3, Market Trix (J Whinnett). discovery 1, Erinite (E Phillips); 2, Sonya; 3, Market Trix (J Whinnett). 1m 1, Firedance; 2, Crossways Sylvester (L-J Street).

    THORPE GRANGE LINCOLN, Lincs 28 December

    British Novice 1,Innish More Mine (M Smith); 2, Vista Grande (M Potter); 3, Templetreens Legend (C Kershaw). 1m 1, Irolette (A Cole); 2, On the Breadline (K Hardy); 3,Tie Breaker (A Staley). Equissage Discovery 1, Toblerona (R Needham); 2, Gralaska (L Pears); 3, Latest Heiress (L Pears). Newcomers 1, Mr Bogus (A Allen); 2, Silver Curtis (R Canter); 3, Curtis Orlando (P Curtis). 1.10 Members 1, Monarch’s Jewel (J Holland); 2, Mr Bogus; 3, Miciena D (C Curtis). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Matt a Dora (P Warmoth); 2, Monarch’s Jewel; 3, Panacee (C Curtis).

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