BSJA results 16 – 22 August ’04

  • PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts 14 – 15 August

    1.15m Open 1, Beechrow Coaster (J White); 2, Elmdale Extrovert (C Sadler); 3, Rastello M (E J Slater). 1.25m Open 1, Red Dawn (D McPherson); 2, Equi Neige Des Aus (B Maher); 3, Bullands Ladalco (R Prater). 1.35m Open 1, Red Dawn (D McPherson); 2, Bullands Ladalco (R Prater); 3, Royal Dane (D McPherson).

    PEMBROKE COUNTY Haverfordwest, 17-19 August

    Redhill Jnr Sml Open 1 & 2, Maverick’s Chance & Mountain Ghost (H Thomas); 3, Llanarth Caroline (B Evans). Gardenia Windows Jnr 1, She’s Elastic (J Kirk); 2, Mountain Ghost; 3, Tuscan Raider (S Nott). Fred Rees Garages A&B 1, Laura’s Choice (G Fletcher); 2, Oksana W (A Thompson); 3, Ashley (A Davies). Swan Hire Power & Speed 1, Hilton (E Eynon); 2, Black Prince (R Tillson); 3, Olivier (K Doyle). 18 Aug: Haven Communications 1.25m 1, Go (A Austin); 2, Laughton’s Dream (K Doyle); 3, Temple Trines Lady (L Renwick). BEIB HOYS Grade C 1, Temple Trines Lady; 2, Ballyknock Lad (J McGeogh); 3, Light Space (T Fletcher). Col JHV Higgon Memorial A4 1, Hilton; 2, Larichter (B Wilmer); 3, Just Josh (K Doyle). AL Phillips 1.30m 1, Ballin Teskin What A Girl (M Butcher); 2, Cynfig Showtime (E Eynon); 3, Kouros Du Pachis (J Kirk). 19 Aug: Western Telegraph 1.25m 1, Oakhills Supreme (J Renwick); 2, Knightsford Diamond (R Tillson); 3, Liber Ace (A Thompson). RK Lucas B&C 1, Angelique (K Doyle); 2, Overa (T Fletcher); 3, Del Boy (E Eynon). Ivor Rees IT 1, Larichter; 2, Opportunity B (H Tredwell); 3, Mon Line (L Bevan). Ashmole & Co Accumulator 1, Black Prince; 2, Carnaval Dance (L Renwick); 3, Medio R (A Davies).

    WESTON LAWNS EC Bulkington, Warks, 18-19 August

    newcomers/1.10m 1, Prospect Alice (A McPherson); 2, Kasino (D Wingrove); 3, Vista Grande (M Potter). 1.15m 1, Raffles (R Fernyhough); 2, Daria WBF (T Cockshutt); 3, Rabella (S Robertson). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Rabella; 2, Began Of Redhill Farm (H O’Rourke); 3, Murante (V Sadler). 1.25m 1, Dry Icicle (E White); 2, Silvano Van Texelbos (R Hill). 1.30m 1, Lexa (M Potter); 2, Milton Paladin (M Pyrah). BEIB Jnr Novice 1, Yorkie (H Stevens); 2, A Bit Of Blarney (J Atherton); 3, The Puzzle Master (B Adams). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr 1, Tatty Keel (S Charley); 2, Yorkie; 3, Wayside It’s A Buzz (L Wingrove). 19 Aug: 95cm 1, Cappucino (G Turnbull); 2, Danny Boy (S Pointon); 3, RSM Louis (S Mead).

    WALES AND THE WEST Crick, Monmouthshire, 19-23 August

    Equissage Discovery 1, Torlando (H Webb); 2, Woodfield Bobby (T Phillips); 3, Phoenix Dream (S Crespin). newcomers 1, Dire Strait (H Stennett); 2, Suir Knight (M Irving); 3, Tarko (S Crippen).Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Little Miss (M Watson); 2, Pentani Z (D Wanstall); 3, Quentin Tarantino (M Irving). Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, DMS Classic (P Knight); 2, Oakley’s Ace (G Dickens); 3, Polyphonic (L Birke). 1.10m members cup 1, Drayford Mithras (J Gregory); 2, Who’s Dilemma (J Wembridge); 3, Lord Artisan (C Moyce). Jump4Joy 1.15m 1, Orlof Wisbec Q (S Crespin); 2, Jaap (T Priest); 3, Kevin (P Curtis). 1.20m 1, Pipit (B Dunning); 2, Storming Ahead (S Crippen); 3, Napardie (H Stennett). Daniel Paul Under-21 1, Rosgan Irco Dora (J Crippen); 2 & 3, My Lego Man & Simpson (L Whitehouse). Jump4Joy 12 & under 1, 9 tied. Sue Martin Jnr 85cm 1, 2 & 3, Ginger’s Choice, Just Judy & Rapidash (M James). NAF Jnr 90cm 1, Saturn Doll (O Rix-Taylor); 2, Fair View Thomas (L Cox); 3, Pure Angel (S Bacon). Champion Hats 1m Jnr 1, Grey Guy (J Harland); 2, Top Of The Spots (C Frisby); 3, Carlton Lightfoot (C Hacker). Cushionride 1.05m Jnr 1, Butcher’s Boy (M Edwards); 2, Summer Rowes (L Leonard); 3, Toleman Five Star (S Harthill-Winkle). 1.10m jnr 1, Butcher’s Boy; 2, Drysgoed Dutch Dream (L-J Dale); 3, With All Due Respect (M James). Riverside Air Conditioning 4/5-y-o 1, 19 tied. 20 Aug: British novice 1, Lucky Eddy (L Sperring); 2, TH Jordan (R Williams); 3, Indie Rose (E King). newcomers 1, Mr Diablo (B Smith); 2, Gold Market (P Spivey); 3, Back On Track (T Cottrell). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Dutch Magic (L Daniels); 2, Little Miss; 3, Kannon (R Bevis). NAF 1.05m Challenge 1, Tender Moment (T Pearson); 2, Waterston Girl (A Prettyman); 3, FI Logus (L Bettinson). intro Derby 1, Rodeo Star (J Peake); 2, DMS Classic; 3, Irish Town Party (R Pearson). 1.10m members cup 1, Lord Artisan (C Moyce); 2, Starlight Royal Mission (A Wildish); 3, Polyphonic. Jump4Joy 1.15m 1, Amoray (B Ford); 2, Ballin Teskin Timahoe (E Eynon); 3, Mr Go (J Yate). Sportsman 1.25m 1, King Murphy (G Burchmore); 2, Nonstop Royale (G Williams); 3, My Boy (S Hooper). 1.35m 1, Mysteron (G Williams); 2, Pamone (L Whitaker); 3, Steps Helsinki (G Williams). newcomers 2nd round 1, Rebellious (H Penny); 2, Rockefella (L Newman); 3, Rialto (J Draper). Oakley Coachbuilders JC/JA 1, Hopala & Mister Amontilano (H Paul); 3, New York Spritzer (L Sims). Jump4Joy 12 & under 1, 13 tied. Sue Martin 85cm Jnr 1, Magic Choice (M James); 2, Ginger’s Choice; 3, La Questionnaire (S Pratt). NAF 90cm Jnr 1, Weggs Last Chianti (C Hunnable); 2, Go For Broke (K Foreman); 3, Ginger’s Choice. Champion Hats 1m Jnr 1, Moon Jumper (M James); 2, Rapidash; 3, Grey Guy. Cushionride 1.05m Jnr 1, Summer Rowes; 2, Bombay Mix (M Grose); 3, Fairview Overnight Sensation (L Cox). 1.10m jnr 1, Summer Rowes; 2, Toleman Five Star; 3, Greenvale Dreamweaver (V Best). Riverside Air Conditioning 4/5-y-o 1, 25 tied. 21 Aug: British novice 1, White Clover Squirrel (V Thompson); 2, Sunshine V (M Orzazewska); 3, Champagne Cocktail (M Edwards). newcomers 1, Mnemosyne (A Papadakis); 2, Ghareebo (J Andrews); 3, Suir Knight. Royston Products 7-y-o 1, 5 shared. Sue Martin 85cm Jnr 1, Wrottesley Dream Capture (S Harthill-Winkle); 2, Prince Aboo (K Foreman); 3, Just Judy. jnr 1m Derby 1, Drysgoed Dutch Dream; 2, Double Dash Dot (J Pearson); 3, Bombay Mix. Champion Hats 1m Jnr 1, Lord Llew (B Moorcroft); 2, Tomadachi II (E Wells); 3, Don’t Matter (V White). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Waylands La Marie (L Junar); 2, Ping Pong II (E Bjorkmann); 3, Patrick IV (R Maguire). Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, Tender Moment; 2, Sorcerer’s Apprentice (S Oliver); 3, DMS Classic. intro Derby 1, Irish Town Party; 2, Who’s Dilemma; 3, Bella Gioa (N Maxted-Massey). B&C 1, Isadora (D Morton); 2, Pokemon II (S Broome); 3, Caretino Glory. 1.35m 1, Pamone; 2, Steps Helsinki; 3, Bullands Sensation (M Beaumont). 1.10m jnr 1, Drysgoed Dutch Dream; 2, Butcher’s Boy; 3, Greenvale Dreamweaver. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Kelly De La Roche (J Whibley); 2, Beachcombe Edy (S Price); 3, Quel Monsieur (H Turrell). Jump4Joy 1.15m Open 1, Amoray; 2, Ballin Teskin (E Eynon); 3, Kartouch (B Ford). NAF 90cm Jnr 1, Go For Broke K Foreman); 2, Bellevue Good News (C Bastone); 3, Ginger’s Choice. Oakley Coachbuilders JC/JA 1eq, She’s Elastic (J Kirk) & Kahola Maestro (H Paul); 3, Heineken Hill (E Akers). Jump4Joy 12 & under 1, 15 tied. 22 Aug: Champion Hats 1m Jnr 1, Bowes Firework (S Harthill-Winkle); 2, Weggs Last Chianti; 3, Orlando King (N Baker). Cushionride 1.05m Jnr 1, Summer Rowes; 2, Toleman Five Star; 3, Greenvale Dreamweaver. 1.10m jnr 1, With All Due Respect; 2, Kerie (N Scholfield); 3, Heath Cuckoo (C Atkins). British novice 1, Sunshine V; 2, Ballymore Lad (K Grimes); 3, Nevada’s Gold (K Garrett). Toggi Grand Prix sec one 1, Unbelievable Darco (G Williams); 2, Nureev; 3, Orlando (M Edgar). do, sec 2 1, Anastasia (B Twomey); 2, Tedechin Sept (J Popely); 3, Ocean (L Pavitt). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Carnaval Path (M Whitaker); 2, Caha Sting (J Crippen); 3, Love Parade 6 (R Whitaker). members cup 1, Tender Moment; 2, Spring Showers (J Price); 3, Billy’s Gun Sling (M West). 1.20m 1, Flare Time (M Whitaker); 2, Pipit; 3, Mr Murdoch (P Holmes). NAF 90cm Jnr 1, Bellevue Bobby (C Bastone); 2, Go For Broke (K Foreman); 3, Candas (J Williams). Oakley Coachbuilders JC/JA 1, Hopala; 2, Mister Amontilano; 3, She’s Elastic. B&C 1, Rebellious; 2, Makita III (J Rothstein); 3, Temple What’s It (J Egmore). newcomers 1, Suir Knight; 2, Ghareebo (J Andrews); 3, Mr Diablo (B Smith). Jump4Joy 12 & under 1, 22 tied. Sue Martin 85cm Jnr 1, Nick Nack Paddy Wack (S Mousley); 2, Magic Choice (M James); 3, Lady Jane (S Pratt). Daniel Paul Under-21 1, Ocean; 2, Marco (J Billington); 3, Make Haste (L Pavitt). Equissage Discovery 1, Mickey Finn Again (D Austin); 2, Ginger Red (F Semon); 3, Meyer (S Crippen). Jump4Joy 1.15m ch 1, Amoray; 2, Ballin Teskin What A Girl; 3, JGE Nenagh (G Burchmore). NAF 1.05m Challenge 1, Tender Moment; 2, DMS Classic; 3, Tiffcrum Lady (V Douglas-Jones). Riverside Air Conditioning 4-y-o ch 1, 9 tied. Riverside Air Conditioning 5-y-o ch 1, Sebastian III (G Williams); 2, Sylvia (G Turner); 3, Sunny Face G (N Price). 23 Aug: British novice 1 & 2, Dexter’s Lot & Champagne Cocktail (M Edwards); 3, Sea Biscuit (M Thomas). Equissage Discovery 1, Rulenska (L Yeomans); 2, Sweet Flora (K Harding); 3, Sea Biscuit. Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, Goldbrook Quindy (A Brown); 2, FI Molly May (K Peates); 3, I’m Back (R Pearson). NAF 1.05m Challenge 1, Mr Go; 2, Tender Moment; 3, Cooking With Floyd (C Watts). Sportsman 1.25m 1, Ballin Teskin What A Girl (M Butcher); 2, Kelly De La Roche; 3, Cynfig Showtime (E Eynon). Jump4Joy 12 & under 1, 9 tied. Jump4Joy 1.15m 1 & 2, Myrddin, Montreux & Ballinean (M Edwards). B&C 1, 6 tied. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Ballin Teskin What A Girl; 2, Kelly De La Roche; 3, Cynfig Showtime. Champion Hats 1m Jnr 1, Ausdan Klavy (M Edwards); 2, Charnwood Clover Girl (J Williams); 3, Top Of The Spots. Cushionride 1.05m Jnr 1, Butcher’s Boy; 2, With All Due Respect; 3, Orlando King (N Baker). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 2nd round 1, Fresh Direct Corlato (T Stockdale); 2, Lowen Hertz (D McPherson); 3, Olanar (G Luckett). Horseware 1.40m Grand Prix 1, Flare Time (M Whitaker); 2, Opportunity B (H Tredwell); 3, Sandy (M Whitaker). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Pentani Z (D Wanstall); 2, Rockefella; 3, Kingsland Gold (R Faulkner). newcomers 1, Kingsland Gold; 2, Abby Lass (G Harries); 3, Landlord V (K Watts). Oakley Coachbuilders JC/JA 1 & 2, She’s Elastic & Ballybin (J Kirk); 3, Frankie’s Ace (A Cole). NAF 90cm Jnr 1, Polly’s Destiny (E Moorcroft); 2, Ginger’s Choice; 3, Miffy Boy (E Moorcroft). Sue Martin 85cm Jnr 1, Magic Choice; 2, Miffy Boy; 3, Lady Jane (S Pratt). 1.10m jnr 1, Little Yoyo (E Akers); 2, Butcher’s Boy.

    BRECHIN CASTLE Brechin, Ayrshire, 20-22 August

    Matt Millin 1.10m 1, Fair Actress (J McLelland); 2, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose (C Pearson); 3eq, Burngrove Silver Shadow (C Webster) & Just Impulz (J Gollnick). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Nistria B (L Babes); 2, Little Miss Bridget (A Craig); 3, Ramera B (V Christie). 1.20m 1, Hisopanie (L Craigie); 2, Marika II (A Barr); 3, Sea Lion (S Main). 1.30m 1, Roscoes Skip On (L Babes); 2, Waylands Playboy (M Arnott); 3, Cavalier Angel (L Hutt). 21 Aug: British novice 1, Ballykeeran Lad (V Gladwyn); 2, Whisper Van Het Vijerbos (A Spalding); 3, Parkhill Rialto (L Scott). Equissage Discovery 1, Princes (N Ferguson); 2, Waterside (A Barr); 3, Antonia (K Ritchie). newcomers 1, Burn Elite (N Warwick); 2, Aktive (L Johnstone); 3, Rado (D Susans). 1.15m 1, Sanbucca Baby (A Craig); 2, Kanderosa (N Warwick); 3, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose. 1.25m 1, Aston Charmer (A Barr); 2, Stainsby Carlos (L Frame); 3, Vesuvio (L Hutt). 1.40m grand prix 1, Ludwig H (A Hamilton); 2, True Braveheart (M Young); 3, Harlequin Sunset (A Craig). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Little Miss Bridget; 2, Record (M Arnott); 3, Cartino (A Barr). early riser 1, Miss Tangerine (M Reilly); 2, Cameron Lake (S Adamson); 3, LS Maximero (I McLeish). British novice 1, Sea Nymph (D Shaw); 2, Whisper Van Het Vijerbos; 3, Cameron Lake. Equissage Discovery 1, Sea Nymph; 2, Tonus (W Melville Smith); 3, Presto (A Field). newcomers 1, Burn Elite; 2, Keltic Knight (N Warwick); 3, Waterside. 1.10m 1, Hunter’s Level (J Brogan); 2, Sanbucca Baby; 3, Burn Elite. 22 Aug: 1.20m 1, Hi Regard (D Duffin); 2, Universal (M Young); 3, Nethertowns Kiss (D Duffin). Scottish North East Open ch 1, Waylands Playboy; 2, Pall Mall H( A Hamilton); 3, Ludwig H. newcomers 1, Sea Nymph; 2, Wilton Flight (J Aird); 3, Hawkes Bay (A Craig). early riser 1, LA Controversial (A McLeod); 2, Honey (K Towle); 3, Pow Wow (J McIntosh). British novice 1, Lets C (B Malcolm); 2, Verona (D Campbell); 3, Talizan (A Hamilton). Equissage Discovery 1, Sea Nymph; 2, Quick Time II (R Pottie); 3, Balhagan Mister Fox (C McKinnon). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Little Miss Bridget; 2, Caluna (J Cross); 3, Nistria B.

    HARGATE ARENA Hilton, Derbys, 20-22 August

    jnr A4 1, Bella Star (A Derbyshire); 2, Power Up Kristal (M Gair); 3, Applejax Solitaire (A Derbyshire). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 2nd round 1, Bella Star; 2, Tick Tock Two Tone (E Stoker); 3, Birchill Dessy (K Leach). jnr A4 1, Forever Penny (R Gunn); 2, Jasperoo (S Charley); 3, Peasdown Pickled Pepper (D Mullins). HOYS 128cm 1, Get Ready Freddie (R Gunn); 2, Stainsby Starburst (P Allen); 3, His Nibs (S Costello). jnr int 1, Totem Dancer (C Drain); 2, Westside Ros (S Charley); 3, Saving Grace (D Moseley). jnr sml open 1, Dovecote Delight (S Gunn); 2, Stambrook Miss Golightly (A McKain); 3, Playmate Whizz (R Gunn). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Just Called Harry (A Pownall); 2, Downsend Popit (M Mikosz); 3, Himalayan Blue Poppy (H Broad). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Quantum Light (J Drea); 2, King Louis II (J Whittaker); 3, Deepmill Bryony (R Evans). 1m jnr 1, Golden Piper (A Prime); 2, Jazztime Caprice (S Duggan). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Paddy’s Day (J Drea); 2, Ginger Fox II (T Burrows); 3, Miss Goody Two Shoes (J Spencer). jnr 1m 1 & 2, Ernie’s Keep & Tioren (A Derbyshire); 3, Stainsby So What (A Prime). jnr A4 1, Rockin Morris (E Davies); 2, Knockbeg Westbury (L Pheasant); 3, The Irish Builder (J Elliott). Kraiburg JA 1, Up And Coming (C Mowbray); 2, Clover Dash (M Sampson); 3, Expression III (P Dobby). jnr A4 1, It’s Otto (D Mullins); 2, Show Me Again (C Drain); 3, Double Dominic (J Clayton). jnr int 1, Micklow Madness (D Neilson); 2, Hedgefield Riverdance (J Swambo); 3, Seymore Dixon (C Mowbray). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Danygarn Rosina (M Kent); 2, Funfair (C Kemp); 3, Sir Morholt (C Fellows). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Miss Goody Two Shoes; 2, Irish Lethal Weapon (A Page); 3, Paddy Power (S Evans). 1m jnr 1, Cochief (C Kinsley). Paul Fabrications 128cm Debut 1, Sparkling Mount Royal (E Turkington); 2, Dovecote Dynamite (R Gunn); 3, Dovecote Delight (S Gunn). do, 138cm 1, Walmore Ricochet (J Whittaker); 2, More Than Milton (J Smith); 3, Alpental Crystal Canyon (A McCullagh). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Kerry’s Kate (M Sampson); 2, Solo Artist (C Kemp); 3, Bella Star. 1.10m jnr 1, Sky’s The Limit (A Derbyshire); 2, Summit Assault (M Thompson); 3, Peron III (F McCartney). 1m jnr 1, Ernie’s Keep; 2, Cavan Piper (R Tidd); 3, Jasperoo (S Charley). jnr warm-up 1, Murphy’s Flight (J Wingrove); 2 & 3, Applejax Solitaire & Bella Star. jnr A4 1, It’s Otto; 2 & 3, Kerry’s Kate & Baskin Ilex (M Sampson). 1.10m jnr 1, Custom Cruiser (L Mantel); 2, Prize Lady (E Mantel). jnr rest 1, Kerry’s Kate; 2, Westside Ros; 3, Woodside Entertainer (A Derbyshire). jnr int 1 & 2, Mr Swampy & Woodside Way (A Derbyshire); 3, For A Few Dollars More (H Berryman). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Springleigh Chit Chat (K Porter); 2, Play The Game (L Hirons); 3, Witham Way (M Sampson). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Play The Game; 2, Paddy Power; 3, Funfair. 1m jnr 1, Super Sonic. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Sky’s The Limit; 2, Baskin Sir Patrick; 3, Miss Goody Two Shoes. 1.10m jnr 1, Custom Cruiser; 2, Prize Lady. jnr members cup 1, Zero To Hero (P Blosse); 2, Custom Cruiser; 3, Ernie’s Keep. Hargate 1m jnr ch 1, Ernie’s Keep; 2, Jasperoo; 3, Tioren. HOYS 138cm 1, Royal Declan (A Pownall); 2, Kingsland Fergal (C Drain); 3, Another Spider (M Sampson). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter 2nd round 1, Woodside Way; 2, Mr Nice Guy (J Thomson); 3, Bella Star.

    ROWALLAN AC Fenwick, Ayrshire, 20-22 August

    jnr starter 1, Here Comes Hettie (L Stewart); 2, Bally Deep In Disguise (R Modlin); 3, Regulator Lad (H Millican). 128/138cm 1, Bally Deep In Disguise; 2, Mosstowns Misty (H Millican); 3, Superstars A Touch Above (J Rooney). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr 1, Forever Reunited (M McDonald); 2, The Idealist II (S Martin); 3, Llanndawny Royal Pageant (L Jewett). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Kale Cathay (T Cassells); 2, J’s Dream (Y Geddie); 3, Blue Icicle (J Stephen). 21 Aug: jnr welcome 1, Vanilla Ice II (H Rankine); 2, Superstars A Touch Above; 3, Vo Tran (L Templeton). tiny tots 1, Drummond King (J Rooney); 2, Cocky Rocky (J Wray); 3, Willow The Wisp II (L Smith). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, She’s Bewitched (H Donaldson); 2, Mosstown Misty; 3, Wizard IV (H Donaldson). 90cm jnr 1, Regulator Lad; 2, Doune (G Anderson); 3, Little Logic (S Babes). 128/138cm 1, Mosstown Misty; 2, Beechway Delight (A Johnstone); 3, Cocky Rocky. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, WLS Pilot Guide (L Jewett); 2, Sheridan II (L Jewett); 3, Robe Stepper (K Aird). 1m jnr 1, Regulator Lad; 2, Llanndawny Royal Pageant; 3, Ratina (C Timmins). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Forever Reunited; 2, Blue Icicle; 3, Bishopston No Limit (Y Geddie). jnr open 1, Colour Waves (L Beattie); 2, Bishopston No Limit; 3, Outrath Hero (L Beattie). 22 Aug: jnr starter 1, Shasa (S Davidson); 2, Funky Fudge (S Heenan); 3, Vanilla Ice II (H Rankine). jnr 90cm 1, Regulator Lad; 2, Mosstown Misty; 3, Little Logic. sml 128cm 1, Ardchvain Kate (L Stewart); 2, Doune; 3, Drummond King. 128/138cm 1, Doune; 2, Bally Deep In Disguise; 3, Muirsland Heather Belle (G Anderson). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr 1, She’s Bewitched; 2, Sheridan II; 3, Regulator Lad. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Maxton Hijack (M Russell); 2, Llandawny Royal Pageant; 3, Sheridan II. jnr members cup 1, Maxton Hijack; 2, Bishopston No Limit; 3, Ratina. Scottish Jnr Open ch 1, Highling Flash Of Fortune (C Craig); 2, Blue Icicle; 3, Llanndawny Royal Pageant.

    DONCASTER HOYS Northern Racing College, Yorks, 21-22 August

    British novice 1, Sapphire II (M Lanni); 2, Hawkesley Forest Lady (V Nixon); 3, Sammy (R Needham). Equissage Discovery 1, Jail Break II (S Needham); 2, American Pie (H Morris-Baumber); 3, Wixstone II (S Needham). newcomers 1, Achsahbas Obediah (A Esser); 2, Charleston Jan Devonne (A Bell); 3, Sapphire (S Watney). 1.10m 1, Bulgarian Man (C Busfield); 2, Hallo Sportsfield (G Parsonage); 3, Aughton Kerrygold (C Vaughan). 1.15m 1, Port Royal (A Bell); 2, Finbar II & Ivor II (J Hughes). 1m 1, Mayo Minor (P McKeever); 2, Roxette (A Botham); 3, Amber Bay (H Webb). British novice 2nd round 1eq, Lord Tennyson (S Roe) & Finbar II; 3, Freigraf (D Smith). 1.25m 1, Blaney Spice (C Healey); 2, Callao (T Davin); 3, Way Too Cool (N Brampton). 1.30m 1, Escape III (M Lanni); 2, City Slick (J Ward); 3, Oroness (M Korenika). 1.35m 1, Micky (E Whitaker); 2, City Slick; 3, Great Love II (E Whitaker). British novice 1, Super De Lux (S Cawkwell); 2, Vasco Van De Rostal (B Gahegan); 3, Porto H (J Lishman). Equissage Discovery 1, Miss Louisiana (L Porter); 2, Billy Budd (C Busfield); 3, Polite Polly (J Hurst). newcomers 1, Helms Tolu (J Helm); 2, Silvano (J Sizer); 3, Tico (R Murray). 1.10m 1, Major Impression (R Ward); 2, Gamble On (R Russell); 3, Daydream (T Radford). 1.20m 1, Lisnvaragh (T Whitaker); 2, Utah Girl (M Lanni); 3, Quite Dutch (E Whitaker).

    MINSTERLEY Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 21 August

    1.05m A4 1, Lucas Falco (C Biddle); 2, Prince Of Diamonds (C Chapman); 3, Subject To Status (C Membury). Equissage Discovery 2nd round 1, Ryador (G Goodwin); 2, Treasure’s Madam Josephine (I Wynne); 3, Director III (E Barratt). newcomers 1, Prince of Diamonds; 2, R Pilot (G Goodwin); 3, Tigger Too (I Wynne). members cup 1, Gunstone As If (P Harris); 2, Take Five (S Russell); 3, Broadstone Destiny (I Wynne). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Kildemock (P Harris); 2, Joker’s Diamond (C Spencer); 3, Y Bachgen Billy (M Rowles). 1.20m 1, Game On (C Passey); 2 & 3, Millett & Jasper V (P Crann).

    AREA 43A Little Kennerley Farm, Godshill 22 August

    Seniors – Open 0.85m 1, Galloway Bay (E Ashwell); 2, T Savannah (F Hinds); 3, Florence (A Matheson). British Novice Championship – First Round 1, Dubai Star (S Begley); 2, Okehurst Limited Edition (J Vaughan); 3, Nirvana Bay (J Vaughan). Equissage Discovery Championship – First Round 1, Aiden (T Hughes); 2, Mumbo Jumbo (D Norris); 3, Searock Bubbly Arthur (H Faulkner). 1.0m Open Competition 1, Galloway Bay (K Begley); 2, My Lady Louise (S Begley). 1.05m Open Competition 1, Manhatten (S Begley); 2, Master Nadel (N Price); 3, Funny Girl (J Day). Senior Newcomers First Round 1, Dutch Passion (K Begley); 2, Double Diamond (P Doorman). 1.10 Members Cup 1, Lucky Girl (S Begley); 2, Riverwood (R Booth); 3, Lamiro (H Webster). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/National 1.25m Open handicap 1, Riverwood (R Booth); 2, Master Nadel (N Price); 3, Lamiro (H Webster). Juniors – Warm-Up 1, Longstone Jazz Singer (P Green); 2, Oak Dene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham); 3, African Gnu (A Stokes). B.E.I.B Junior British Novice 1, Bowcombe Jack the Lad (J Bircham); 2, Longstone Jazz Singer (P Green); 3, Horsted Chocolate Buttons (K Read). Junior Progress Stakes 1, Irish Rose III (P Green); 2, Total Synergie (H Whiller); 3, Bowcombe Jack the Lad (J Bircham). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers First Round/1m Open 1, Havenstreet Sweet Sensation (H Webster); 2, Night & Day (L Tate); 3, My Mr Mercury (J Bircham). Squibb & Davies National Junior Foxhunter – First Round/1.10m Open Competition 1, Total Synergie (H Whiller); 2, Salty’s Top Cat (M Green); 3, My Mr Mercury (J Bircham).

    BOWES MANOR EC Northside, Birtley, Co Durham 22 August

    Starter Stakes 1, Bowes Misty Grey (J Flannigan); 2, Red Hot Little Mama (L Wood); 3, Hows Tricks (K Lucas). Small Pony Open 1, Bowes Charlie Brown (M Gair); 2, Go Tilie Go (H Moiser); 3, Mighty Flyer (E Douglas). Paul Fabrications 128cm Debutante 1, Mr Jack Frost (H Smallwood)l; 2, Go Tilit Go (H Moiser); 3, Red Hot Little Robinson (L Wood). Paul Fabrications 138cms Debutante 1, Bowes Charlie Brown (M Gair); 2, Hows Tricks (K Lucas); 3, Mr Gismoe (Z Wilson). BEIB Junior British Novice 1, Hassals Top Gun (C Walker); 2, Ocean Breeze (A Davison); 3, Kind of Magic (R Knowles). 90cms Open 1, Just Roana (E Douglas); 2, Spirit Walker (L Stephenson); 3, Hassals Top Gun (C Walker). Blue Chip Junior Newcomers – 1m Open 1, Tyreos Victoria (J Lamb); 2, Bowes Portland Lad (S McNicholas). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter – 1.10m Open 1, Debbies Dream (H Cooney).


    Newcomers 1, Watch This (K Doyle); 2, Midnight Mahout (A Austin); 3, Sandokan (S Davies). 1.10m Open 1, Spirit of Kilkee (C Nicholl); 2, Wild Fire (K Pullen); 3, Virtual Village Yobo (K Stock). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Olisina (K Doyle); 2, Watch This (K Doyle); 3, Korrano (R Beecroft). 1.20m Open 1, The White Sergeant (D Dick); 2, Bunting (N Pirie); 3, Spring Along (D Dick). B & C Handicap 1, Primeur (S Davies); 2, Kurasso de l’Heribus (N Collins); 3, Spring Along (D Dick). 1.30m Open 1, Primeur (S Davies); 2, Classico (A Foxley); 3, Kurasso de l’Heribus. SeniorBritish Novice 1, Spring Surprise (L Toms); 2, Eires Rock (S Harper); 3, Yorkshire Pride (M Barwell). WPEC Progressive Novice =1, Market Matter (C Jackman); =1, Ascoli (D Vernan). Equissage Discovery 1, Rock Tango (S Harper); 2, Oscar Pan (D Sumner); 3, Thank Your Lucky Stars (K Grimster). 1.15m Open 1, Killarney Hero (T Hedges); =2, Wayside Jariar Binks (K Stock); =2, Fritzwilliam (K Honey). BEIB Junior British Novice 1, Sequoia Field Flyer (S Smith); 2, Dear Prudence (C Surtees-Chapman); 3, Shooting Star Supreme (K Ewins). Blue Chip Junior Newcomers 1, Dunleary Jake (A Haynes); 2, Shooting Star Supreme (K Ewins); 3, On Falcon’s Wings (C Burleson). Junior 1.00m Open 1, Tre Partridge Goa Supreme (G Wheeler); 2, Little Comanchie (A Tagoe); 3, Mayfair (G Broughton-Pipkin). Squibb and Davies Junior Foxhunter 1, Tyson II (J Arnold-Jones); 2, Ryan’s Comet (J Honey); 3, Risky Business (C Grimster). Junior 1.10mOpen 1, Irish Hotshot (A Plowman); 2, Little Craft (D Stanbridge). Small Junior Open 1, Elwood (K Brummitt); 2, Irish Hotshot (A Plowman); 3, Tyson II (J Arnold-Jones).

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