BSJA Results 14-20 April ’03

  • DABBS EC Giffordtown, Fife, 16 April

    maiden stakes 1, Edenside Sparky (P Steven); 2, Edenside Rikita (K Burchell); 3, Ulsterman II (E Shaw). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Newparks Connoisseur (L Corsie); 2, Wilton Flight (J Aird); 3, I Scream (A Bissett). Equimax Discovery 1, Gaelic Grace (J Leckie); 2, Silly Van Het Vijverbos (J Raeside); 3, Ritmique (S Low-Mitchell). Great Leighs Newcomers/1.10m 1, It’s Another (V Winter); 2, Austin Q (L Johnston); 3, Tulamond (S Low-Mitchell). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Anique Jemelia (L Bonthrone); 2, Ngauroe (S Low-Mitchell).

    THORPE GRANGE EC Lincoln, Lincs, 16 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Selina (Z West); 2, Artful Imp (S Middleton); 3, Bright Wonder (L Gibson). 1m 1, Heyday Magna; 2, Maori; 3, Tullamore Dew (N Way). Equimax Discovery 1, Granite Roe (S Martin); 2, Hot Toddy IV (C Playne); 3, Sultan (D Smith). Great Leighs Newcomers/NDS Members Cup 1, Granite Rose; 2, Impy (K Johnston);3, Jessop Lovely Boy (L Parker).

    AREA 43A LITTLE KENNERLEY FARM, Godshill 17 April

    Seniors-Unaffiliated warm up 1, Bilbo Baggins (S Ashwell); 2, Nutkin Feather Duster (K Begley); 3, Tyas Little Star (L Vale). Charles Owen British Novice Championship – First Round 1, Galloway Bay (E Ashwell); 2, Text Message (A Blanch); 3, Mumbo Jumbo (D Norris). Equimax Equine Discovery Championship – First Round 1, Finnochio (R Booth); 2, Flints MirrorImage (L Vale); 3, Carnival Spell (R Penn). 1.0m Open Competition 1, Cool Cullen Colleen (S Begley); 2, Funny Girl (J Day); 3, Duncaring (A Henderson). 1.05m Open Competition 1, Duncaring (A Henderson); 2, Ramiro Star (K Begley); 3, Mirabella (R Booth). Senior Member’s Cup 1.10m/Great Leighs Senior Newcomers 1, Riverwood (R Booth); 2, Alika ( N Price); 3, Olympus Aprils Quest (S Begley). Scope – The Stable Express 1.15m Open Championship Qualifier 1, Alika (N Price); 2, Riverwood (R Booth); 3, Lucky Girl II (S Begley). Juniors – B.E.I.B. Junior British Novice Championship – First Round 1, Double Trouble Too (R Vaughan); 2, My Mr. Mercury (J Bircham); 3, Longstone Choirmaster (L Tate). Junior Progress Stakes 1, Oakdene Midnight Arrival ( J Bircham); 2, My Mr. Mercury (J Bircham); 3, Longstone Choirmaster (L Tate). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers First Round/1m Open Competition 1, Celtic Moondancer (L Wade); 2, Bowhaylands Painted Lady (H Webster); 3, Blue Diamond Star (L Tate).

    GOLDEN CROSS EC, E.Sx, 18 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Discovery (P Sangster); 2, Paularys Two Tone Tiger (C Collison); 3, Man on the Run (R Din). £50 1.05m Open 1, Concordidor (K Willard); 2 , Shine on Floyd (A Dunn); 3, Zorros Advocat (F Pierce). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Concordidor; 2, Fait Vour Jour (L Howes); 3, Pennisular Lad (L Rixson). EQuest Midway Open 1, Chasetta (H Coulstock); 2, Cavalac (K Willard); 3, Kashmira (S Elliott). Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Cavalac; 2, Ring The King (A Dunn); 3, Percussion Bird (A Winter).

    NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 18-19 April

    Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Lord Artisan (C Moyce); 2, Val D’Or De Muse (M Lamb); 3, Just Selected (M Lamb). 1.10m 1, Fleurione (J Renwick); 2, Pandora (J Mincher); 3, Temple More What (J Egmore). Milton 5-y-o 1, 6 tied. Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, ES Premium (B Maher); 2, Temple Wotsit (J Egmore); 3, Lord Artisan. 1.20m 1, Roxsy (L Fitch); 2, Velsk (G Barton); 3, Business As Usual (A Meredith). 1.30m 1, Panama Avoca (G Werth); 2, Hi Society Party (L Fitch); 3, Gramena (R Ockendon-Day). 1.40m 1 & 2, Coeur & Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Nulisina 54 (S Harvey). 19 Apr: Charles Owen British Novice 1 & 2, Worthy D’Ive & Poco Loco (J Bunton); 3, Pennyhill Park (C White). 1m 1, No Fear (C Gibbs); 2, Willowpark Fantasy (A Brannon); 3, The Director (S Lloyd). Equimax Discovery 1, Raffealla (J Mincher); 2, Lady Karlien (C Rumens); 3, Ballygarris Leon (P Browes). 1.05m A4 1 & 2, Mytice Minding Time & Temple More What (J Egmore); 3, Castlebin Boy (B Martin). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Val-Dor-De-Muze (J Mincher); 2, Paint The Town II (J Hall); 3, Keldawyth (K Hollick). NDS Members Cup 1, Watussi (J Biddle); 2, Watermans Marconi (J Hall); 3, Won’t Forget Me (L Parnham).

    SOUTH VIEW EC Winsford, Cheshire, 18-21 April

    Scope B&C 1, Ted’s Way (D Harland); 2, Miss Opal (D Morton); 3, Crossway’s Leonard (K Shore). IT Business Centre 1.25m 1, Decoded (M Watson); 2, It’s Mine (D Morton); 3, Gitan D’Inconville (M Watson). Scope 1.35m 1, Nebel (K Shore); 2, Saffier Van De Brandkreek (B Twomey). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Chatain (L Williams); 2, Leonardo Van De Helle (K Shore); 3, Brickfield Boy (M Watson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Regency Beau (N Shipp); 2, Hawthorn Lad (S Moss); 3, Orinda (T Davison). 1.15m 1, Fair Actress (J Billington); 2, Isaura (T Davison); 3, Casyopeya (G Billington). IT Business Centre 1.25m 1, Priamos (T Newman); 2, Celine (A Davies); 3, Cashiered (J Matthews). Scope 1.35m 1, Halifax (C Collins); 2, It’s Magic Max (K Shore); 3, Zerano Three (L Williams). Scope B&C 1, Crossways Leonard; 2, Andersons Free Spirit (K Shore); 3, Skerne Skytality (D Morton). IT Business Centre 1.25m 1, Pakko; 2, It’s Mine; 3, White Light (C Collins). Scope 1.35m 1, It’s Magic Max; 2, Flaretime (M Whitaker), 3, Anastasia (B Twomey). DMS Novice 1, Adare Gamble (J Whinnett); 2, It’s Galaxy (L Rose); 3, Mandella Square (S Lane). DMS Adventurer 1, Spartan Clover (C Bossons); 2, Tomopolitan (S Lane); 3, Verbena VZ (J Whinnett). 1.10m 1 & 2, Nethermuir Aztec & Simba’s Pride (C Collins); 3, Muscovite (A Done). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Hawthorn Lad & Landsbrook High Hopes (M Owen); 3, It’s Fresco (R Carter).

    SWSJC BICTON Exeter, Devon 18-20 April

    foxhunter 1, Possi Primo (A Valentine); 2, Just Teasing (A Trickett); 3, Orlando (M Edgar). Bicton Young Riders 1, Darcline (T Dunn); 2, Flash For Cash (K Bloomfield); 3, Osiris (G Paternoster). 1.25 Open 1, Ruxton Conundrum (E Slater); 2, Continue B (G Plumley); 3, Grannex (S Williams). jnr open 1, Quayside Caution (D Dunne); 2, Up & Coming (G Plumley); 3, Vikings Irish Taggy (J Dunn). 1.30 open 1, Animation II (J Rosewell); 2, Laughton James (C Baker); 3, Gotlib (J Webb). newcomers 1, Miss Harmony (A Bean); 2, Exford Horace (J Douglas); 3, Barney Rebel (L Dixon). jc/ja 1, Snorter (L Fishwick); 2, Maple Syrup (H Wells); 3, EMR Cateto (K Neath). jnr foxhunter 1, Coconut Creek (J Swambo); 2, Trinity Gold Rush (N Lockyer); 3, Cottage Celeste. jnr 1.10 open 1, Drumkilly Sparrow (M Goddard); 2, Drysgoed Dutch Dream (R Wrey); 3, Triple Echo (J Wingrove). 1.05 open 1, Follyfoot Lindisfarne Lad (S Jobson Scott). discovery 1, Captain Midnight (A Trickett); 2, Grey Foal(K Spiller); 3, Melody Moonshine (S Mousley). british novice 1, Kulali Sky (C McKain); 2, Carnival Jazz (C Phillips); 3, My American Dream (T Burchmore). 1.10 snr members cup 1, Manyahna (J Storrie); 2, Mistral Force Ten (J Tuff); 3, Mr Kookaburra (J Nunn). 1.15 open 1, Cherry Imp (L Daniels); 2, Luciano (M Edgar); 3, Negd (L Burchmore). Bicton U11 16 shared. 128/138 handicap 1, Forever Penny (R Gunn); 2, Kay Jay (C Williamson); 3, Stormy Affair II (J Swambo). 128/138 handicap 1, Kay Jay; 2, My Little Tinker (D Plumley); 3, Show Me Heaven (D Plumley). jnr newcomers 1, Clearwater Veaver (T Restorick); 2, Murphy’s Flight (J Wingrove). Amateur 1.20 qualifier 1, Wildmoor Gemini (E Oldham);2, Gianni (K Spiller); 3, Kestor (M Scarr). Bicton Young Riders 1, Oryssa (P George); 2, Hallo Mossy (A Edwards); 3, Gleneaskey Flight (R Ash). jnr open 1, Up & Coming (G Plumley); 2, Quayside Caution; 3, Vikings Irish Taggy. foxhunter 1, Orlando (M Edgar); 2, Generous (B Smith); 3, Diamonds Are (S Williams). 1.25 open 1, Hallo Mossy; 2, Continue B (G Plumley); 3, Luciano (M Edgar). 1.30 open Bath & West qualifier 1, Gotlib (J Webb); 2, Animation II; 3, Continue B. jc/ja handicap 1, My Toffee Crisp (C Mitchell); 2, Wave Rebel (M Goddard); 3, Sorecerers Apprentice III (S Oliver). Bicton Young Horse three shared. newcomers 1, Bold Colours (J Priest); 2, Cullan (J Storrie); 3, Swanky Lady(M Lilley). 1.10 snr members cup 1, Sir Michael III (D Wilson); 2, Snow Bunting (S Evans); 3, Nester B (T Hammond). snr 6 bar eq 1, Sir Michael III and Just Malone (N Cambridge). jnr 6 bar eq 1, Maple Syrup and Fleetwater Falcon (S Rundle). snr british novice 1, Capuccino Twist (V Clements); 2, Bubble Up (H Howse); 3, Jaloop (E Barker). jnr british novice 1, Purple Stars High Flyer (E Meadows); 2, Colorado VII (E Williamson); 3, Shafts Montego Bay (L Giddy).jnr newcomers 1, Fleetwater Falcon; 2, Bombay Mix (M Grose); 3, Ceytngar Ben (B Gardner). jnr foxhunter 1, Murphy’s Flight (J Wingrove); 2, Drumikilly Sparrow (M Goddard); 3, October (S Jarvis). Bicton under 11 11 shared. 128/138cms handicap 1, Forever Penny; 2, Got To Be Cash (L Wingrove); 3, Lilly The Pink (E Catterall). 128/138cms handicap 1, Oakhills Flashpoint (C Williamson); 2, Forever Penny; 3, Beejay Blackjack (L Berryman). discovery 1, CastleBlayney (L Leatham); 2, Bubble Up; 3, Dibberford Cognac (J Gregory). Bath & West Grade C qualifier 1, Diamonds Are; 2, Mistress Millie (A Valentine); 3, Osiris (G Paternoster). 1.25 open 1, What A Business (A Trickett); 2, Ruxton Conundrum (E Slater); 3, Morning Cloud II (S Williams). 1.30 open 1, True Grit III (G Paternoster); 2, Hallo Mossy; 3, Wryly (J Tuff). jnr open 1, Quayside Caution; 2, Wave Rebel (M Goddard); 3, Kerryon (H Nutall). Bicton Young Horse 4 shared. Amateur 1.20 qualifier 1, Gianni; 2, Rosemaber Lass (C Jones); 3, Flash For Cash. Bicton Young Riders 1, Orton Rigg (T Hammond); 2, Beechfield Triton (E McGlynn); 3, Nester B (T Hammond). jc/ja handicap 1, Wave Rebel;2, Ossie Bear (H Jenkins); 3, October (S Jarvis). newcomers 1, Normen IV (D Wilson); 2, Miss Nativio; 3, Swanky Lady (M Lilley). foxhunter 1, Arrowans Irish Cracker (C Jones); 2, Patries (T Dunn); 3, Generous. 1.10 snr members cup 1, Sir Michael III; 2, Vague Impression (K Spiller); 3, Well Bay (S Evans). snr british novice 1, Colourful Lad (S J Hunter); 2, Killupan Lassie (G Burchmore); 3, Endymion (V Brooks). jnr british novice 1, Purple Stars High Flyer (E Meadows); 2, Ranger Man (E Williamson); 3, Wyrehill Brandy Snap (S Oliver). jnr newcomers 1, Murphys Flight; 2, Its Logic (D Wingrove); 3, Summer Rowes (L Corney). jnr foxhunter 1, Teddy Rivers (L Mares); 2, Cappagh More (E Nuttall); 3, Murphys Flight. Bicton Under 11 10 shared. 128/138 handicap 1, Oakhills Flashpoint (C Wiliamson); 2, Forever Penny (R Gunn); 3, Got To Be Cash. 128/138 handicap 1, Kay Jay; 2, Forever Penny; 3, Pipit II (L Berryman). discovery 1, Princess Thumbelina (E Rowland); 2, Endymion (V Brooks); 3, Hemmick Maiden (R Aitken).

    SYKEHOUSE ARENA Doncaster, S Yorks, 18 April

    1.15m 1, Ballyferris Diamond (R Bennion); 2 & 3, Prinz Ashok& Rhubarb’s Fresher Than Ever (C Curtis) NDS Members Cup 1, Margaret Rose (J Womersley); 2, Ideal De Mazure (A Garner); 3, Ballyferris Diamond (R Bennion). 1.25m 1, Darius D (M Stubbs); 2 & 3, Mr George & Chedda Dee (C Curtis). 1.30m 1, 2 & 3, Sarah’s Pride, Machena & Mr George (C Curtis). Charles Owen British Novice 1, African Gold (E Cook); 2, B Special (L Redfearn); 3, Phill The Till II (A Noblet). Equimax Discovery 1, Latimore (C Thorpe); 2, Westpark Casamso (S Dobeck); 3, Astra’s Star (A Cole). 1m 1, Autumn Flaxen (A Foggo); 2, J’s Saluki (A Cole).


    0.75m Open 1, Pete Petite (R Haynes); 2, Chester Copperpot (R Haynes). Junior British Novice 1, Pete Petite (R Haynes); 2, Chesapeake Paddy (J Spy); 3, Lochridge Jack Flash (J Spy). Junior Newcomers/1m Open 1, Jazzy Lady (R Haynes); 2, Just Meg (A Johnstone); 3, Norton Van De Steegeind (J-S Mackay). Small Pony Open 1, Captain Flipper (A Cormack); 2, Cheeky Chester (J Smith); 3, Help Ma Bob (E Proudfoot). National 128cm Open 1, Lara Jane (R Haynes). National 138cm Open 1, Sharp Idea (E Proudfoot). 1.10m Open 1, Its Showtime (J Raeside); 2, Extra Bound (J Kirk). George Babes JC Highland Show Qualifier 1, Partnership (W Melville); 2, Extra Bound (J Kirk). 1.20m Open 1, She’s Elastic (J Kirk).

    FARAWAY RC Huntley, Aberdeenshire, 19 April

    early riser 1, Tzar (M Reid); 2, Robin (K Caddy); 3, Hillside O’Neill (J Walker). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Faraway Panache (L Craigie); 2, Craigmancie Gold (A Craigie); 3, Bluey Green (J Cameron). Equimax Discovery 1, Mega Mixed Up (M Bee); 2, Annson (C Hardie); 3, Timberlake (G Churlish). 1.05m 1, First Clover (R McRea); 2, Sonic Boom Bang (S Murray); 3, Annson. Great Leighs Newcomers/1.10m 1 & 2, Uber & Runaway (A Spalding); 3, Faraway Pizzazz (L Craigie). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, 2 & 3, Exion, Uber & Runaway (A Spalding). 1.25m 1, Lamall (N Slater).

    PONY OF THE YEAR SHOW Braintree, Essex, 19-22 April

    Saywell Jnr Introductory 1, Galicores Memphis Belle (J Payne); 2, Tick Tock Two Tone (J Newnham); 3, La Questionaire (S Frost). Jnr Novice 1 & 2, Dunwoody & Silver King (L Saywell); 3, Mini Madam (H Windsor). JC 1, Zander Klein (A Cole); 2, Desert Secret (L Whitehouse); 3, Riversdale St Emillion (J Ward). Jnr Talent Spotters 1, Weavers Legacey (J Ward); 2, Identity II (S Broome); 3, Quincy de la Ferme Rose (N Mady). 11 & under 1, 17 tied. 128cm 1 & 3, Skibbereen Girl & Flinor Songbird (E Stoker); 2, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker). 138cm 1, Colour Code (C Mowbray); 2, Grey Palace (J Whittaker); 3, Miss Congeniality (M Sampson). 148cm 1, Mister Amontilano (H Paul); 2, Walmore Diamond Quest (L Whitehouse); 3, Colton Maelstrom (N Sewell). Jnr Talent Spotters 1, PJ St Tropez (E J Moore); 2, Canteeny (H Webb); 3, Derwent Red Lion (S Frost). JC 1, Lucky Lady Jane (L Saywell); 2, Kingfishers Tarantella (F Fisher-Atack); 3, Riversdale St Emillion. 148cm 1, C.J’s Kemosabi (A Mizon); 2, Walmore Diamond Quest (L Whitehouse); 3, Colton Maelstrom. 11 & under 1, 19 tied. 128cm 1, Midnight Dynamite (P Allen); 2, Get Ready Freddie (O Liley); 3, My Little Pumpkin (E Scholes). 138cm 1, Spirit Of Bodecia (J Reveley); 2, Mars Kyfe Jake (E Snape); 3, Ashbrook Lad (Z Adams). Jnr Introductory 1, Desarbra Knight Fighter (J Mears); 2, Ashby Surprise (C Matthews); 3, Flaming Arrow (V Jones). Jnr Novice 1, Dunwoody; 2, Cassie Blue Lady (W Whitaker); 3, Kosmic Moon (C Bailey). 128cm 1, Skibbereen Girl; 2, My Little Pumpkin; 3, Echo Wold (Z Wilson). 138cm sml GP 1, Necta Peebles (J Davison); 2, Strawberry Fair III (M Sampson); 3, Guiness Special (D Neilson). 11 & under sml GP 1, 8 tied. Jnr Introductory GP 1, Penshaws Party Time (K Vayro); 2, Tick Tock Two Tone; 3, Papaguyou (R Holder). Jnr Novice GP 1, Baltic Prince (J Burley); 2, Willoway Dreamer (S Frost); 3, Gilberts Domain (H Patchitt). 148cm GP 1, Colton Maelstrom; 2, Mister Amontilano; 3, New York Skyline (N Pavitt). JC GP 1, Stambrooke Miss Golightley (M A Parkin); 2, Saving Grace (D Moseley); 3, Desert Secret (L Whitehouse). Jnr Talent Spotters sml GP 1, Weavers Legacey (J Ward); 2, Gems Pure Genius (P Dobby); 3, Highfields Sir Hugo (L Whitehouse). JC sml GP 1, Applejax Solitaire (D Smith); 2, Riversdale St Emillion; 3, Stambrook Miss Golightley. 148cm sml GP 1, Walmore DiamondQuest; 2, New York Skyline; 3, Gold Harvest (L Whitehouse). 11 & under GP 1, 13 tied. 128cm GP 1, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker); 2, Echo Wold; 3, Midnight Dynamite. 138cm GP 1, Mr Blue; 2, Again & Again (S Needham); 3, Grey Palace. Jnr Talent Spotters GP 1, Landown Three’s Are Wild (J Shackleton); 2, Blue Amber (H Penny); 3, Okehurst Crackerjack (G Spence). Jnr Introductory sml GP 1 & 2, Sandilands Milton Merlin & Ally Cante (J Nason); 3, La Questionaire. Jnr Novice sml GP 1, Cassie Blue Lady; 2, Mini Madam; 3, Gilberts Domain.

    WINDSOR PARK EQUESTRIAN CLUB, Smiths Lawn, Windsor, Berks 19-20 April

    1.05 Metre Open 1, Fred IV (R Pearson); 2, Timber King (L Hopwood); 3, Jumbo’s Diamond (C Parker). Great Leighs Senior Newcomers-First Round 1, Zigg’s Here (N Charles); 2, Snowdonia (K Evans); 3, Retreat’s Arena (J Robertson). The Horse & Hound Foxhunter-First Round 1, Pauldarys Magenta (J Kenny);2, GG Orpheus (K Doyle); 3, Chinnor Enigma (C Steel). National 1.25 Metre Open 1, Diamond Abbey (N Pirie); 2, Prince Darco (C Read). 3, Ooon II (D Mattock). One Metre Open 1, Dunamon (L Salisbury); 2, Blazing Comet (K Ruff); 3, Chiltern Heights (T East). Equimax Discovery1, High Flyer (G Sayers); 2, Snodonia (K Evans); 3, Market Blues (V Meyerding). 1.15 Metre Open 1, Matchers Magic Milly (S King); 2, Tattinger Bay (N Olliffe). Charles Owen British Novice 1,Empire Supreme (N Boulter); 2, James (B McMahon); 3, Diana (T Martin). The JGE Commercials Ltd Bucks Beginners Competition 1= Bollinger (S Franklin); 1= Business Image (S Hardy); 1= Citterswood Senator (L Salisbury); 1= Dunnamon (L Salisbury). Great Leighs Senior Newcomers 1, Flash Captain (R Moss); 2, Senten (R Moss); 3, Desert Wind (E Accroli). The Horse & Hound Foxhunter-First Round 1, Pauldary’s Magenta (J Kenny); 2, Genesis Z (S Crippen); 3, Delta Libra (A Hanson). B and C Handicap 1, Eddystone (E Bjorkman); 2, One Way II (J Loffet); 3, Super Girl (S Mercer). National 1.30 Metre Open 1, R H Imagine (L Fogerty); 2, Rebel Rex (P Colgate); 3, Extra Dream Time (S Crippen). Charles Owen British Novice-First Round 1, Ronan II (E Maybury); 2, Sherwin (P Walton); 3, Citerswood Senator (L Salisbury). Equimax Discovery 1, Jungle Drum (J Crippen); 2, Abdul Gafar (K Brooks); 3, Personality (A Nelson). 1.15 Metre Open 1, Ewersbys Rio II (S Bardell; 2, Magnum II (S Bardell); 3, Baronet (L Millard). BEIB Junior British Novice-First Round 1, Merlins Secret (T Baillie); 2, Wll Moore Maverick (G Broughton Pipkin); 3, Tree Partridge Goa Supreme (D Milton). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers-First Round 1, Mayfair (G Brouthon-Pipikin); 2, X Scream (F Bellm); 3, Tree Partridge Goa Supreme (D Milton). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter/ 1.10 Metre Open 1, Celtic Flame II (J Honey); 2, Mulberry Big Ben (R Prater); 3, Nyton Curtain Cascade (F Bellm). Junior 1.15 Metre Open 1, Mullberry Big Ben (R Prater).

    WARREN FARM Formby, Merseyside, 19 April

    Charles Own British Novice 1, Moorhey Premier (R Mason); 2,Charlie Dot Com (J Powell); 3, Daisy Do Little (T French). Equimax Discovery 1, Cool Impression (N Bampton); 2, Quick Du Domain (M Marsh); 3, Harvestina (J Lowe). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Ulana (P Lamb); 2, Umber De Carmel (D Quigley); 3, Lovely Rita (M Dawes). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1 & 2, It’s Santa Monica & Summer Breeze (N Coupe). 1.20m 1, Croft Latifa (J Garton-Pope); 2, Ashdale Quest (D Quigley); 3, Sandello (S Buckley).

    BRYN DERW Caernarfon, Gwynedd, 20 April

    BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Lara Croft (N Jude); 2, Pleasington Harry (Y Edwards); 3, Mr McSorley (S Leech). 90cm jnr 1, My Little Hero (N Jude); 2, Ellie Tavy (Y Edwards); 3, Magic Midnight (C Roberts). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/jnr open 1, Kilmullen Ffion (C Roberts); 2, Anjulie (C Morris); 3, Pleasington Harry. 1.05m 1 & 2, Bally Golden Girl & Pogo (K Chambers); 3, Anulie. Charles Owen British Novice 1, Activate (S McLean); 2, Miss M (T Jessop); 3, Treken M Cody (S Webster). Equimax Discovery 1, Morgans Palmero (S Harris); 2, Esprite (S Martin); 3, Greyswood Ambassador (R Roberts). Great Leighs Newcomers/1.10m jnr 1, Into The Fire (C Matthews); 2, Simpson Too (J Gough-Roberts); 3, Falconwood Liberty (S McLean). NDS Members Cup 1, Into The Fire ; 2, Chancers Choice (S Roberts); 3, Birthday Girl (J Gough-Roberts).


    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Its Dillon (C McGreger); 2, Bowmanhill Ask Tom (N Seely); M F Bikhardi Breezer ( M French). Equimax Discovery 1, Toyboy Town (L Cecchini); 2, Stella (M Larsson); 3, Rangitiki (S Low-Mitchell). Great Leighs Sen Newcomers 1, Ara (S Neads); 2, Tulamond (A D H Hamilton); 3, Toyboy Town (L Cecchini). 1.10m Open 1, Landioso 2 (N Gillespie); 2, Milnholm Creme De La Creme (J Fairgrieve); 3, Diamond Hills (R Gilchrist). Horse and Hound Foxhunter/1,20m Open 1, Austin Q (L Johnstone); 2, Hunters Level (J Brogan); 3, Sinbhsuil (A Black). B & C Championship Qualifier 1, Meadowhead (M King); 2, Fior (K Connor). 1.30m Open Champiobship Qualifier 1, Marika li (A Barr); 2, Gazette Merchandise (D Taylor); 3, Fior (K Connor).

    DUCKHURST FARM, Staplehurst, Kent 20 April

    85m Trailblazers 1, Kruja Roslyn (J Thomas); 2, East Lodge Red Maple (E Lloyd Andrews); 3, Grondals Laurendo (T New). British Novice 1, Carbon Heights (S Wlaker). 95m Open 1, Go With The Flow Shadow (N Harrison); 2, Reiga Malachite (S Walker); 3, Kruja Roslyn (J Thomas). Discovery 1, ZaZu (E Ross Browne); 2, Beau Bally (K Baker); 3, Apollo Storm (B Spain). 1.05m Open 1, Go With The Flow Shadow (N Harrison); 2, Mary Ves (S Walker); 3, Reiga Malachite (S Walker). 1.10m Open/Newcomers 1, Mary Ves (S Walker); 2, Foxhill Banjo (S Walker).

    HARGATE ARENA Hilton, Derbyshire, 20 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, McKingley II (T Morgan); 2, It’s Fergal (M Thompson); 3, Craign Menhlin Flyer (J Hassall). Equimax Discovery 1, Indiana (K Fox); 2, Croppers Top Notch (T Morgan); 3, Reinart ZF (S Cawkwell). Ken Beeston Intermediate 1, Croppers Top Notch; 2, Cruising Carmen (L Godber); 3, Gert (A Pacheco).


    BSJA Junior Starter Class not exceeding 138cms 1, To Top It Of (A Barker); 2, Bowes Springbok (J Flanagan); 3, Golden Bonito (M Robinson). Small Pony Open 1, Bowes Misty Grey (J Flanagan); 2, Cosmo (J Thompson); 3, Rolly (M Reed-Stephenson). National 128cm Qualifier 1, Bowes Springbok (J Flanagan); 2, Bowes Sleeping (J Flanagan); 3, Go Manding (F Moiser). National 138cm Qualifier 1, Rolly (M Reed-Stephenson); 2, Bowes Misty Grey (J Flanagan). British Novice 1, Bowes Syndicate (M Martin); 2, Go Bowes Mr Twister (M Martin); 3, Bowes Bombardillo (M Forster). Newcomers 1, Melissa’s Magical (M Heath); 2, Highling Rock Hopper (L Raw); 3, Bonnie Rocket (M Clarke). 1.0m Open 1, Baskin Ilex (S Adams); 2, Bowes Peter Pan (V Jones). Foxhunter/1.10m Open 1, Forge Freeway (J Pringle); 2, Arjay (R Walker); 3, Melissa’s Magical (M Heath). 1.15m Members Cup 1, Arjay (R Walker).

    OVERTON GRANGE FARM Smallwood, Cheshire, 20 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Mercurial Knight (G Joyce); 2, Terry’s Gold (M William); 3, Little Benjamin (S Mantle). Equimax Discovery 1, Bellona (G Goodwin); 2, Tomopaitan (S Lane); 3, Little Benjamin. Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Who’s The Lady (A Bratt); 2, CG Rhapsody (D Quigley); 3, Rolita (M Marsh). 1.10m 1, Gaylic Tricks (P Lamb); 2, Broadstone Destiny (I Wynne); 3, Rare Team (G Pollard). NDS Members Cup 1, Gambarda (G Pollard); 2, Diatal Diamond II (L Baxter). Scope B&C 1, Minnona (J Lee); 2, Sandetto (S Buckley); 3, Gaylic Tricks. 11 & under 1eq, Bowhaylands Mix & Match (N Moores) & My Girl’s Over The Moon (R Connor). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Mufasa (S Withington); 2, It’s BlackVelvet (A Dobson); 3, Southfield Sonny (S Lewis). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Tinker Two (S Duggan); 2, Iron Will (N Pedroza); 3, Mufasa. 1m jnr 1, Sharp Rebecca (K Parker); 2, Powtan (R Connor); 3, Willow Park Diplomat (S Owens). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1eq, Meretown Martini (A Baker) & Willow Park Diplomat; 3, Golden Jodine (K Parker). Scope 1.15m jnr 1, Golden Jodine; 2, Cool Carron Jazz (N Bream); 3, Overton Magic Lady (R Young).

    PONDEROSA EC 20 April

    Seniors-Equimax Discovery 1st round 1, Katie’s Son (G Smith); 2, Clonterm Clover (M Calder Matthews); 3, Cockney Music (J Price). 1m Open 1, Tresigin Trev (M Edwards); 2, Zarino (C Morris); 3, Bartonfield Duet (J Price). Mini Grade C 1, Mighty Murph (A Parry Jones); 2, Jupilot (C Morris); 3, Cockney Music (J Price). Great Leighs Senior Newcomers/inc 1.10m Open 1, First Edition (A John); 2, Tamarin II (N Coles); 3, Tarcity Pride (P Miles). Senior Foxhunter/inc 1.20m Open 1, Miss Ireland (A John); 2, First Edition (A John); 3, Ballinteskin Hallo (J Bailey). 1.25m Open 1, Rockburren (A Thomas); 2, Cloud Nine (A Thomas); 3, JSJ’s Lux Bay (S Arkell). SeniorBritish Novice 1st Round 1, Langarth Beau Brummer (K Anderson); 2, Tudor Supreme (V Tuffs); 3, BB (R Struel). Juniors-128cm 1, Bees Knees (A Thomson). 12 years and under =1, Cribben R Bright Eyes (L Edwards); =1, Butleigh Robin (N Thomas); =1, My Daughter (S Cornwall); =1, Wacko Jacko (B Evans); =1, Bees Knees (A Thomson); =1, Kitty Hank (J Dabies). 128/138cm Handicap 1, My Daughter (S Cornwell); 2, Cribben R Bright Eyes (L Edwards). Junior Training =1, QualityTime (M Browning); =1, J’s Chance (N Baker); =1, Just Monty (S Pugh); =1, Tara’s Frost (L Dowding); =1, Langarth Caroline (B Evans). Junior British Novice 1st Round 1, “G” Forse (R L Crees); 2, Quality Time (M Browning); 3, J’s Chance (N Baker). Junior Newcomers 1st Round 1, Langarth Caroline (B Evans); 2, Tollerhayes (N Baker). Junior Foxhunter/1.10m Open 1, Irish Paddy’s Star (S Cornwell); 2, Ausdan Klavy (M Edwards). 21 April, Seniors-Equimax Discovery 1st Round1, Koko Pelli (K Bevan); 2, Anastasia (T Anderton); 3, Kingsland Gold (R Faulkner). 1m Open 1, K E 1st Diamond (K Bevan); 2, Rodeo Star (J Peake); 3, Anastasia (T Anderton). Mini Grade C 1, Myrddin (M Edwards); 2, Bardino Gold (A Davies); 3, Solar Eclipse III (A John). Great Leighs Senior Newcomers 1st Round 1, Chakotay (E Eynon); 2, Rocco III (M Broome). 1.10m Open 1, Ballinteskin Timaho (E Eybob); 2, Quiz’s Son (J Peake); 3, Another Quest (M Edwards). Horse and Hound Foxhunter/inc 1.20m Open 1, First Edition (A John); 2, Ballinteskin Laughtons Flight (E Eynon); 3, Another Quest (M Edwards). 1.25m Open 1, Ravella (E Eynon); 2, Dawson (A John); 3, Knightsford Diamond (G Cranton). 1.30m Open =1, Dawson (A John); =1 Ballinteskin Tommo (E Eynon); 3, JSJ’s Forest Poire (S Arkell). Charles Owen British Novice 1st Round 1, Brenton Bezique (M Edwards); 2, Eastwood (E Eynon); 3, Clover Spirit (G Griffiths). Juniors-Small 128cm1, Forever Penny (R Gun); 2, Cribben R Bright Eyes (L Edwards). 12 years and under 1, Daylight Dancer (E Farr); 2, Little Munchkin (R Lee); 3, K E Flying Princess (S Jenkins). 128/138cm Handicap 1, Bwlfa Pie (E Farr). Junior British Novice 1st Round 1, Tara’s Frost (L Dowding). Blue Chip Junior Newcomers/inc Junior Members Cup 1, Ausdan Klavy (M Edwards).

    ROYAL LEISURE CENTRE Henfield, West Sussex, 20 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Hilton Nook (M Drea); 2, Rapkyns Oldcastle (L Humphries); 3, Over The Edge (S Garry). Equimax Discovery 1, Ani Alme (J Clee); 2, Mosaic (S Davidson); 3, Firecracker (J Martina). 1.05m 1, Walton Bombadier (L Long); 2, Seafin Rose (J Hughes); 3, Over The Odds (S Garry). Great Leighs Newcomers/1.10m 1, Easy Tiger (C Baker); 2, Sunkist (H Turrell); 3, Ozatown (L Long). NDS Members Cup 1, Walton Bombadier; 2, Jetaway (C Lewis); 3, No Problem (L Long). 1.15m 1, Mysteron (M Drea); 2, Cavalo (B Lear). 1.25m 1, Harmony Dawn (J Martina); 2, The Megabyte (C Baker).

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