BSJA announce Performance Stallions

  • The BSJA has recently issued an updated list of stallions whose performance has accredited them as “elite” based on their Grade A performance winning and having represented their country on either an Olympic/World/European Championship team, nations Cup team and/or an individual Championship medal at senior level..

    These stallions are entitled to wear gold BSJA stallion disks on their bridles.

    Calvaro FCS, Conquest FCS, Handel II, Stable Express Hello Oscar, Steps Helsinki, Virtual Village Randi.

    The following have been accredited as “silver” stallions based on grade A or JA performances.


    Amber Glen, Audacity II, Boherdeal Clover, Broadstone Lady’s Man, Casimir, Chairman II, Cobretti, Corretto, Dauntless Prince, Dexter IV, Disco, Dutch Classic, Dutch Falco, Edenside Rikki, Exander, Fundus, Ganton Rufus, Hamilton III, Handley Barns Grandee, It’s The Business, Jance, JSJ Gallant Grey, JP Liberty, Kenzo, Lars Irco G, Leonardo, Livius II, Loheky Helios De Bornival, Ludwig H, Luidam, Malacoff, Maxmillion, Millbrook, Millbrook Esquire, No Complaints, Ontario, Pauldary’s Top Tiger, Priamos, QBE Insurance Beach Boy II, Secret Rumour, Senator Caloubet Du Rouet, Silber Bird, Stable Express Sunorra’s Son, Squire Tregarrion, The Aviator II, TL Favourite, Utopian Opposition, Vechta, Verdi, What A Business, Whatever You Want, Wurzel, Zarlequin, Zandor II.


    A Step In Time II, Georgeo II, Little Bobby, Ousbek, Special Appointment III, Tudor Twinkling Star.

    All other stallions will wear white BSJA disks.

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