Blewbury Centre, 18 March

  • BLEWBURY CENTRE Blewbury, Oxon, 18 March

    British novice 1, Bellisimo (C De Verteuil); 2, Ballymena G (N Barnhill); 3, Portland Way (A Svensson). 90cm amateur 1, Silover Lucky Lady (A Nobbs); 2, Ballymena G; 3, Tiger Tiger II (R Willoughby). 1m amateur 1 & 2, Raspoetin II & Roberto II (A Measor); 3, Kingswell Kitty Fisher (A Measor). 21 Mar: British novice 1, Charles Swift (N Browne); 2, Boswell Lily (A Sisk); 3, Sally Lightfoot (A Garland). discovery 1, Charles Swift; 2, Summer Fee (P Ashworth); 3, Boswell Lily. 1m 1, Higgley Town Hero (C Grimster); 2, Lanarro (N Browne); 3, Top To The Too (R Denton). newcomers/ 1.10m 1, Calendar Girl (J Halim); 2, Uhrani (A Measor); 3, Forest Stream (S Pope). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Money Maker (C Robins); 2, Sumas Oscar (H Tredwell); 3, Sailant D (V Ashworth). 25 Mar: jnr British novice 1, Maztons Moviestar (S Campion); 2, Montana Cheyane (E Pope); 3, Harlaws Goldmine (A Coates). jnr 90cm 1, Funky Blue (A Burchmore-Eames); 2, TJ’s Cosmic Gold (M Cornock); 3, Rush On (A Halstead). jnr newcomers 1, Charlies Dream (L Turner Stephenson); 2, T’s Risky Business (K Coombes); 3, Shamrock Bay (R Horn). jnr sml open 1, Knockbeg Aladdin (A Nobbs); 2, Salty’s Top Babe (B Mantel); 3, Irish Storm In A Teacup (R Horn). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Salty’s Top Babe; 2, Attyrory Silver Cloud (L Turner-Stephenson); 3, Showmasters Champagne Charlie (C Quinton).

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