Area 43 results 14 December ’05

AREA 43 Southampton, Hants, 14 December

Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice 1, La Petite Carnivelle (A Valentine); 2, Suzie II (K Davies); 3, Woodfidley (T Bick). Equissage Discovery 1, Good Golly Miss Molly (A Foxley); 2, The Bandit King (C Ross-Taylor); 3, Carnival Extra Time (B Davies). 1.05 1, Boston (A Foxley); 2, Mrs Springer (S Evans); 3, Thinking The Mission (H Kirkby). newcomers 1, You To (S Mercer); 2, Starlight III (D Thomas). 1.10m 1, Hennessy (C Harris); 2, Coco Beach (S Evans); 3, Jakarta De L’Oir (A Austin). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Romance II (T Hammond); 2, For A Smile (A Austin). 1.20m 1, Ewerby Rio III (S Bardell); 2, Classico II (A Foxley); 3, Pauldary’s Majenta (J Kenny).

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