What you didn’t know about… Barneebus

  • Producer Kirstine Douglas tells H&H about the 2012 HOYS cob champion who loves his grub.

    Fact file

    Stable name: Barnee

    Age: 11

    Height: 152.4cm

    Discipline: showing

    Owners: Drs Lyn & Hollie Walker

    Producer: Kirstine Douglas

    Breeding: unknown

    Best results: champion cob at HOYS in 2012; three-times champion cob Scottish Horse Show — supreme 2012, reserve supreme 2010 and 2011; six county titles in 2012.

    Five things you didn’t know…

    1 He has to be fed first in the yard. He doesn’t give you any other option — there wouldn’t be any door left on his stable otherwise.

    2 He knows when holiday time begins — straight after HOYS. He digs his bed, kicks the door until his winter rugs are put on and he then takes you to the field. Don’t even bother trying to catch him!

    3 He only ever wears his double bridle in the ring and as soon as it goes on he knows where he is going.

    4 He has the most amazing jumping ability so maybe working cobs next year?

    5 He dislikes being trimmed and hates his tail being pulled.

    To read the full interview with Kirstine Douglas about Barneebus see 6 December 2012 issue of H&H

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