What to wear for M&M showing

  • Ridden classes

    • Tweed jacket
    • Beige or canary jodhpurs or breeches
    • Long boots if over 16, and short boots with jodhpur clips if under 16 or riding small breeds (regardless of age)
    • Hat:
      • depends on the show. Some shows specify current safety standards and chinstrap to be done up, others don’t.
      • Velvet hat or skull cap with velvet cover.
      • Most affiliated M&M classes do require specific hat standards, regardless of the individual show’s policy
    • Hairnets if hair is long or untidy
    • Shirt and tie:
      • discreet tie to match or compliment jacket.
      • no stocks
      • shirt – plain white, coloured or striped
    • Waistcoats – optional
    • Brown or black plain gloves
    • Show cane – correct but not compulsory. Brown or black to match outfit

    In-hand classes

    • Trousers are preferable to jodhpurs or breeches — dark or black if horse has light legs, and beige or light if horse has dark legs. This is so the horse’s and rider’s look separate
    • Shirt and tie like ridden classes
    • Waistcoat or tweed jacket
    • Hat – either ‘cowboy style’ hat or riding hat. Can wear velvet hat with no straps, but offers less protection than a crash hat, which if worn must be done up. NB: you would never get penalised for wearing a proper hat
    • Jodhpur boots or discreet trainers of a similar colour to the trousers should be worn
    • Gloves – same as ridden classes
    • Show cane – same as ridden classes
    • Highlands – (especially if in Scotland) – tartan trousers or kilt are preferable

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