The Royal Show expands equine classes with extra ring

  • The Royal Show has added another equine ring this year as part of its commitment to expanding its equine section.

    The show runs from Wednesday, 2 July to Sunday, 6 July instead of the traditional Sunday to Wednesday format.

    New classes on the schedule include a Retraining of Racehorses qualifier, Appaloosa in-hand and ridden, and a Cherif championship for Arab horses.

    “The new ring has freed up more time, so the schedule is less jammed and we’ve been able to include new classes this year,” said Sarah Deeming, head of equine at the Royal.

    Organisers have also improved systems after last year’s entries fiasco, when a number were turned away following errors with computer systems and new staff (news, 21 June 2007).

    “We have improved computer systems this year to handle competitor information and inquiries, and are acknowledging all entries within two weeks of receipt,” said Royal Show spokesman Naomi Barry, who confirmed no entries have been turned away this year.

    The Royal also features a new heavy horse area showcasing shire horses, Suffolk Punches, Percherons and Clydesdales.

    For more information, or to book tickets, visit www.royalshow.org.uk or tel: 02476 696969.

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    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (22 May, ’08)

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