Parrot makes surprise appearance at the Royal Show

  • Royal Show commentator Ian Scott was given some extra help from an unusual visitor on the Wednesday of the show — an escaped parrot.

    The African Grey was spotted chewing the loudspeaker cable on top of the commentary box at the Horsemart Arena and was encouraged down by a visitor.

    Placed for safe keeping inside the commentary box, the talkative parrot happily pottered about before deciding to fly onto Ian’s hat while he was calling in the Cleveland Bays.

    “He was very sweet — he was wandering around the shelf picking up pens and talking to himself, I’d forgotten he was there until he flew onto my head,” said Ian.

    Ian dutifully carried on his work until the parrot was carefully set back down.

    “He wasn’t too impressed with being taken off my head and put back on the shelf,” added Ian.

    But all ended happily, once the show organisers were convinced the call for help was not a wind up they sent vets and a cage.

    The parrot — whose name turned out to be Harry — was reunited with its local owner later in the day using its leg ring identity bracelet.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (23 July, ’09)

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