New home for Royal Windsor

  • After 62 years in the Home Park Public, Royal Windsor is moving. With the support of the Queen, the doyen of Britain’s horse shows will now take place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle, just across the road from its current location.

    The move is small but significant. The castle’s private grounds are usually closed to the public, but the gates will now open for the four days of the show. And while the Home Park venue is shared with other sports, the new site will only host Royal Windsor.

    “Royal Windsor is already one of the most prestigious equestrian and social events in the spring and summer sporting calendar and the move will enhance its national and international reputation” says a spokeswoman for the show.

    To make the most of the new backdrop, organisers have applied to build a main arena with a 120m x 60m all weather surface. If planning consent is granted, they will try to have the surface in place for the 2005 event, which will take place from 12 to 15 May.

    Organisers hope that the new surface and the new setting will make Royal Windsor “the most sought after equestrian event in the country.”

    So far, their plans for the show remain shrouded in secrecy, but details of the move will be revealed at Windsor Castle on 22 November.

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