Louise Bell faces fight to be fit for HOYS following injury

  • Working hunter specialist Louise Bell has broken two toes after being stamped on by a horse at home on Sunday (21 August).

    “I was in the washroom when the horse seemed to panic, it was as though he was taking off for a jump but my foot was under his hind hoof,” Louise told H&H.

    “The nail came off both my big toe and the one next to it — the bones were sticking out.

    Louise said she can put weight on her heel — but doesn’t “dare guess” how long she will be out for. She expects it to be a few weeks.

    “I’ve ridden at the Horse of the Year Show with a broken foot before, and have already brought a bigger pair of boots,” she added.

    “If there is any way of me being there this year (4-9 October), then I will be.”

    Her husband Robert will work her horses for the time being although Louise says “he is already complaining about it!”

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