Louise Bell and Man on Fire are supreme champions at New Vision Horse Show

  • Louise Bell and Man on Fire were called forward to take the 2007 New Vision supreme ridden championship — pocketing more than £3,000 in the process.

    Bought from international show jumper John Whitaker, Man on Fire posted the supreme after heading the working hunter championship over Louise’s husband Robert Cruise Control.

    Producing an immaculate display from the 11 competitors who made the New Vision final, the bay gelding impressed championship judges Brian Higham, Marion Thomas, David Broome and Alfie Buller.

    “That’s the first time I have won a supreme championship in my life,” said a delighted Louise, who had earlier won the novice working hunter class with Man on Fire, before heading the open section on Cruise Control.

    “I love it when my wife wins it makes my life so much easier,” said Louise’s husband Robert. “It’s always great to see Louise do well because she produces her rides herself and it’s nice to see people appreciating what she does. You feel you have actually achieved something.”

    Organisers of the New Vision Horse Show, which took place at the David Broome Event Centre, said the aim of the event was to put the “fun” back into showing.

    Exhibitors in every class at the show received prize-money down to sixth place, with class winners either walking away with £250 or £400, while the winner of the open working hunter class scooped £750. Championship winners either took £500 or £1,000. Louise claimed a further £1,000 for the supreme championship.

    Competitors were marked on a points system by four judges in each class — two conformation and two riding judges — and when the top six went through to the championships in the evening, they were marked by four completely new judges.

    Read Horse & Hound full report from the New Vision Horse Show in 4 October issue of the magazine

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