Introducing the Eriskay pony

  • Eriskay Pony Breed Standard

    HEAD – Good bold eyes set well apart. Wide forehead with well set ears in proportion. Head should be generous and pleasant with a deep jaw and tapering muzzle denoting intelligence and kind temperament.

    SHOULDERS, NECK AND FRONT – A good sloping shoulder with the neck set in high and carried proudly, showing a good length of rein. The chest shouldnot be too broad and beefy.

    BODY – A long rib cage and very short loin ensure strength to the back. Croup to buttocks gently sloping to tail. A naturally good carriage allowing the hindquarters to work efficiently.

    LIMBS AND FEET – The limbs strong but not thick, having plenty of clean flat bone and just a little find feather. Hooves should be hard and sound, well rounded and a natural extension of a well proportioned leg.

    ACTION – Smooth and free without exaggeration. Good rhythm and cadence. Walk and trot straight and true with good flexion of the hocks and freedom of the shoulders.

    MANE, TAIL AND COAT – Mane and tail not coarse and heavy. Fine low set dock and tail well carried. Finesilky coat in summer. Dense but not unduly heavy coat in winter.

    HEIGHT – 12.0hh to 13.2hh

    COLOUR – Foal colour bay or black normally turning to grey as adults although a few adults remain black or bay. Excessive white markings not permitted.

    TYPE AND CHARACTER – Active, honest and workmanlike with excellent temperament. Sensible and intelligent with a pronounced level of confidence and affinity with humans.

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