Hickstead’s showing director challenged to quit smoking

  • After shedding 2st for charity last year, William Funnell has made another bet.

    The showjumper has challenged Hickstead’s showing director Roger Stack to give up smoking for a year.

    “Last year I was told to lose weight — and raised £3,000. Now it’s his turn,” said William. “He’s been smoking too much, probably around 30 a day, and it’s a worry, so hopefully he can give up.”

    Roger, who is 74, is two weeks into the challenge and is yet to succumb to the evil weed.

    He has already raised £10,000 for the Grace cancer charity, a cause close to the heart of Roger’s late wife Bridget.

    “Anything that’s worth doing is hard — but I’m through the worst,” Roger told H&H.

    “I won’t smoke for a year — it’s nice to know I have so many friends that want to keep me alive. And I’ll save £3,000 a year by not buying cigarettes — so I’ll donate that too.”

    To donate visit: www.grace-charity.org.uk or tel: 01306 621351.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (6 December 2012)

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