The fuel crisis took its toll at the annual Welsh Mountain Pony Fayre Oaks Sale which had been delayed by nearly one month.

Friday’s top prices:

Welsh Section As

WESTON HIGHLIGHT by Weston Wyseworth out of ParvadeanUnique (9yo brown mare) 950gns

PENDOCK PAVANE by Bengad Cola Nut out of Pendock Pastel (3yo chestnut filly) 1,050gns

DYFED CRACKERJACK by Revel Polish out of Dyfed Chiffon (10yo grey stallion) 620gns

SPRINGBOURNE GULLIVER by BreachwoodMarwyn out of Springbourne Glenys (6yo grey gelding) 720gns

Welsh Section Bs

CARAWAY ALLURE by Rotherwood Spycatcher out of Bemersyde Aloutette (bay yearling filly) 970gns

HARWEL MARIGOLD by Marston Monsoon out of Lawntywig Myfanwy (6yo dun mare) 1,000gns

BRYNVANE CADOG by Boston Ballet Wot Not out of Lisvane Teleri (6yo grey stallion) 750gns

SPRINGCROFT TORNEDO by Cusop Regal Heir out of Grey Cloud (five year old chestnut gelding) 960gns

Welsh Part-bred ROMANY RIVER MOONSTONE by Beckside Top Notch out of Rolston Little Gem (2yo gelding) 1,300gns

Saturday’s top prices :

Welsh Section A BARRACKS B’WITCHED by Llwyan Flash out of ForlanBelle (bay filly foal) 1,000gns

HOLLYTREE JEMMAby Nerwyn Cadno out of Hollytree Jasynth (7yo mare, in foal to Blackhill Piccalo) 2,100gns

SAETHYDD ANNABEL by Rookery Rupert out of Dyrin Anwyld (4yo palamino mare,)1,800gns

BALEDON MISS DIOR by Weston Wyseworth out of Baledon Diadem (5yo greymare in foal to Heniarth Quip) 2,000gns

WAITWITH COLORADO by Bendage Wild Indigo out of Waitwith Coral (10yo grey stallion) 1,000gns

PENBOETH GWEN by Llwynan Tip Top out of Ballan Georgette (2yo palamino mare) 2,250gns

SPRINGBOURNE EMMA by Springbourne Caraway out of Springbourne Eirian (6yo cream mare in foal to Sprinbourne Eclipse)

BLANCHE MITZI by Haverford Floyd out of Blanche Mimic (4yo chestnut mare in foal to Springobourne Caraway) 2,600gns

FRONBACH CARYS by Synod Captain out of Cennen Cadi (15yo bay mare in foal to Maestir Odyssey) 2,800gns

SYNOD MIRTH by Synod Little Dazzle out of Synod Magpie (grey filly foal) 2,000gns

Welsh Section B

RUDGEWAY GLORIOUS by Glenfield Chance out of Rudgeway Gorgeous (2yo black filly) 800gns

DOWNLAND SEAWITCH by Downland Arcady out of Downland Songthrush (8yo chestnut mare in foal to Thornwood Royalist) 1,200gns

RHOSON CARMEN by Downland Rembrandt out of Downland Carmen (5yo liver chestnut mare in foal toEyarth Harlequin) 4,000gns

TELYNAU MONARCH OF THE GLEN by Eyarth Rio out of Downland Mimic (Bay colt foal) 1,200gns

TELYNAU BRAVEHEART by Eyarth Rio out of Cusop Beswick (Bay colt foal) 860gns

SKELLORN CHARLIE GIRL by Skellorn Consort outof Gredinton Heddiw (7yo liver chestnut mare in foal to Skellorn Music Boy) 2,300gns

RHYDSPENCE SWEATPEA by Eyarth Rio out of Llanarth Welsh Poppy (3yo bay mare) 2,100gns

CENNEN SERAPHINE by Sianwood Arcade out of Cennen Sonata (2yo chestnut filly) £2,000gns

WAXWING PRINCESS ROYAL by Moelview Mohawk out of Llangeitho Princess (chestnut filly foal) 2,300gns