Farewell Royal Bronze

  • Royal Bronze, the 148cm show pony who was the first recipient of the Winston Churchill Supreme at the Royal International, has been put down at the age of 21.

    By Small-land Mambrino out of Rookery Grania, he was simply called Bronze until Princess Anne took a shine to him during the 1983 Pembroke County Show.

    He won at the BSPS Championships 15 times, as well as top honours at many county shows. He was champion at the Royal Show in 1993, the same year he took the Winston Churchill.

    He retired aged 14 and remained with his final jockey, Camilla Steward-Wood, until his death.

    “He’ll be remembered as a great performer,” says Stuart Hollings.

  • This story was first published in Horse & Hound (21 October 04)

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