Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: the return of a ‘loaded weapon’

  • Well it seems like only yesterday I was taking Pop to his first show, but already we have been to the RIHS and NPS, and now only have Equifest to look forward to for the rest of the season.

    I’m sure all the shows must come at once, or at least it certainly feels that way, as the last few weeks have been a blur of shows one with my week’s holiday squeezed somewhere in between!

    Pop was in action in the ridden class at the Royal International where he was jinxed by some of his supporters. He did a lovely go round and I was very pleased with how relaxed he was, but in his show he quite randomly put in an uncharacteristic buck at the end of his second canter, before continuing with a lovely show.

    Obviously we weren’t placed, and when I came out I had a few people own up to being the kiss of death by saying they had been commenting on how well he was going! To be honest I was just pleased I managed to stay in the saddle after coming back from holiday and being very sick as it was looking a bit doubtful at one point!

    Pop has also been up to NPS where he redeemed himself in the Picton class by going very well to be third in his section. I also rode Jamie Sheeny’s Dartmoor stallion Foxleat Victory, who was third in a very strong picton final and managed to hold himself together to give probably his best show of the season.

    Back at home the babies (Francis and Sandy) seemed to enjoy having a week’s break and have come back into work well, although admittedly a little fatter! And we also had the exciting return of old face as Jacob (Popsters Loaded Weapon) has come back after his summer of covering.

    It is so good to have the little man back on the yard — I think I was starting to forget what a character he is, but it didn’t take him long to remind me! A little plump with the longest mane, it looks like he has been having lots of fun with his ladies and he didn’t look impressed when I got out his tack, but 5min later he was happily jogging down the road. He may make the odd appearance at some shows so watch this space!

    Until next time,


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