Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: Sandy finally makes his showing debut

  • As I write this blog, the things I’m telling you about seem a long time ago, as I have since managed to have a lovely week off enjoying the Spainish sunshine. Now it’s back to reality, with early mornings working ponies who, after their week off, have managed to get far too fat!

    Before I set off for Spain, there was time to squeeze in one more show at NPS Area 20. I rode Major, the highland, in the Olympia class and after a good go round we were pulled in second, which I was very pleased with. The top pony went well and then I came out on Major to do my show — he pulled off a lovely canter serpentine and really shifted in gallop, but then changed leg. I was disappointed, as he had been going so well and I knew we would be dropped down for it. We ended up fourth though, and the judge said what a lot of potential Major has.

    I then got straight on to Spud, who luckily for me was in a good mood. He went round well with the others and was fantastic when we were asked to gallop along the back. He does a lovely straight gallop — I think it’s all the hunting he does in the winter — and we were rewarded by being pulled in second again. This time my show went without a hitch and we kept our placing below Katie Bacon’s beautiful connemara stallion, Galloon Rollover.

    This meant we got into the Olympia championship and had the chance to enjoy another gallop! It was great to be in the championship to see Suzanne Light get the ticket on her fell — it was really well deserved and lovely to see someone so pleased to get their ticket.

    After baking in the heat in the Olympia classes, I gave Sandy (pictured) a ride around the show ground to see how he settled he was. He was a really good boy considering what a big show it is, so we decided to enter a class. Unfortunately I had missed the baby class, so we ended up in the PUK class in the big ring. He coped really well with the others and we even managed our own show fine, albeit with two wrong legs! However I was really thrilled with how he behaved and can’t wait to get him out again. The judge was really encouraging and thought he would be cracking once he was finished off and a bit less wobbly!

    All in all it was a great day, although a very hot one!

    Originally I had planned to go out again the next day with Sandy, but after he behaved so well we thought better off it and stayed in the garden for the day instead, giving him and us a well deserved rest.

    After a week off I am raring to go again, although I think my body is still in rest mode. It certainly is aching again after a week off, but hopefully by the weekend it will be ready to work hard again — I think I have four classes to do on Saturday so it certainly will be hectic. Back to it with a bang I guess!

    And finally, while I was away Jacob had to go off to be measured for his height certificate for HOYS. We always knew he was small, but now we know he is a very little 12.3hh and that was him on tiptoes. Never mind, as we always tell him all good things come in small packages, although I know he thinks he is a good 15hh in his head!

    Until next time,


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