Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: May Bank Holiday disappointment

  • Well it was a very long and busy bank holiday weekend and not one I want to repeat very quickly — I feel like I need a holiday to recover.

    Three shows in three days is not a good idea unless a: you don’t have a social life so can stay in and get an early night or b: you don’t have a job that you have to get up for the rest of the week. I have both.

    On Saturday we loaded up the team and headed to Newbury for PUK South for our first HOYS qualifier of the season. Unfortunately none of the ponies really pulled it out the bag with the dressage style shows requested, which were needed as the classes were exceptionally strong. With three classes and no places, it wasn’t a great day and unfortunately set the scene for the rest of the weekend.

    On Sunday I meet Claire to head off to Addington Manor after just three hours sleep and suffering from a massive hangover following my best friend’s birthday. We took Major (the Highland) out for the RIHS qualifier. It was great to be back on him, but it poured with rain from the moment I got on, accompanied by a biting wind. Even during the winter, I don’t think I was ever that cold! I ended up about 10th on Major, but I was so cold that I’m not entirely sure. I swapped on to Spud the Connemara for the next class. He was pulled in in second place and did a lovely show despite the awful weather to keep his position. Good, but sadly not quite good enough!

    We headed back to Newbury showground on Monday, which is not a good place to be in bad weather. My baby hack Toby made his debut at an outdoor show and behaved beautifully at what is a very lively showground. It’s lovely to have a horse who, so far, only needs 20min working-in. He was 3rd in the novice hack and 7th in the small open RIHS qualifier, which we did purely to give him some experience.

    Then I was straight on to Major for the RIHS qualifier, at which point the heavens opened! Major was giving a lovely show until my gallop, where I managed to find the biggest bump in the ring and ending up doing an unrequested flying change — luckily Major is so good he popped straight back onto the correct leg. We ended up 5th in a very big strong class so it was a great result. Then I jumped onto Spud, who decided he was not so keen to play ball today. I think his mind was focused on the nice lady connie in the line, rather than his ridden job and he lacked concentration in his show. Typical man!

    Until next week


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