Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: late nights and early starts

  • Well the weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. I can’t believe we are halfway through June!! In showing terms we are nearly halfway through the season — a scary thought especially as my Dartmoor is still hanging on to some of his winter coat.

    I had planned to focus my efforts on Sandy, my young Welsh B, (pictured enjoying himself in the field) over the past couple of weeks in preparation for his first show this coming weekend, but he obviously had other ideas because he put his foot through the fence!

    So last Wednesday, after a long day at work, I was up the yard with dealing with the aftermath. After cleaning it up and trying to establish the damage in the dark, I decided it just needed bandaging. So I put in a call to my mum and she came up the yard to hold Sandy, while I tried to bandage the lower part of his foot. I eventually made it home at 10:30pm knowing that I had to get up really early for work the next day.

    Thankfully the cut has been healing up nicely so Sandy might get to go to the show on Sunday, although having not been ridden for a week and bit it might be a little optimistic to actually compete.

    Meanwhile we headed to one of my favourite shows of the season on Saturday, South of England. It was a very early start with Spud in the ring at 7:15am. It was a huge class but with many going badly in their shows, I was hoping we might get a place. Unfortunately, after doing a lovely show, Spud produced an uncharacteristic spook in his gallop at the lady stood painting the class — needless to say, no placing for us.

    Then it was on to Jacob for his HOYS class. Although he already has his ticket, I really wanted to do this show with him as it is my local and he loves the ring. The going was great on Saturday and he pinged around the ring – for once I didn’t need to kick at all. We came 3rd, which I was pretty pleased with as he has been in the top three at South of England for the last three years.

    After Jacob’s class we went back to watch my old Dartmoor Sidehills Single Malt competing in his HOYS qualifier with Claire’s niece Lauren Kingston. He did a fantastic show and deservedly won the class. We were all so thrilled that I cried — both he and Lauren really deserve it. I can’t wait for HOYS now, it will definitely be a party!!

    On Sunday we headed to the New Forest were I was 3rd in a large picton class on Britts DJ, moving right up the line, and 5th on Spud in the Olympia qualifier, which was a big class and a pleasing result. Finally I rode Sophie Branfield’s section B Cotteral Leonardo. It is only the 3rd class I have ridden Leo in and our first Olympia qualifier. We were placed 3rd and top section B, which was also a good result, although I am wondering if I may be heading back to my yellow ribbons again!

    Until next time


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