Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: baby ponies show up their elders

  • Well it seems a very long time ago since I last updated my blog, not because I have been out loads, but because I’m sitting here writing this in the sun!!! It feels like summer is on its way at last and the ponies are enjoying being free from their rugs.

    The RIHS qualifiers are now in full flow, although this year it seems a little quieter than normal as none of my boys are ‘open’ ponies yet. However, a lack of novice classes means we have had to start entering these qualifiers just to get them out for experience.

    Sandy had not been to a show since the Ponies (UK) winter champs, so I thought it would be a good idea to give him an outing so he didn’t forget what it was all about. So last week we headed off to Spring Ardingly to have a ride around in the RIHS qualifier. Pop also came along for more ring experience before he heads to the BSPS winter champs, so we decided to put him in the Olympia class — not too much of an ask! With no novice classes around, he had to do something as a practice.

    Ardingly was a midweek show, so the weekend before I set aside some time to get Sandy bathed, trimmed and looking beautiful ready for his outing. Sandy on the other hand had other ideas. After two-and-a-half hours of trying to catch him in the field, I gave up. No dinner for him and my plans to make the coming week easier for myself were scuppered. Luckily after a day-and-a-half of no feed, he decided being caught seemed a better option and returned to normal lovely Sandy. However his little adventure meant he was bathed and trimmed at 8:30pm the night before the show when I came home from work, not at my leisure on Sunday as I had hoped.

    At the show the baby ponies showed up the more experienced campaigners, with Sandy and Pop (pictured) saving the day. Vic the Dartmoor decided he was not keen to play the game in both of his classes, while Sandy moved up from 7th to 5th in his first RIHS qualifier and an impeccably behaved Pop was 5th in his Olympia class — I am still waiting for the moment he decides to lose the plot!

    I am still really thrilled with how Pop has come on — he is still progressing so well. Each time he seems to get better and better. We just need his body to match how he is going and we will be there! We are off to the BSPS Championships with him this Friday and I am hoping we can make it into the top 10 of his two classes, as I know he will still look immature compared to a lot of the ponies out there competing.

    Will let you know how we get on…


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