Chloe Chubb’s new showing diary: meet the team

  • Hello, I’m Chloe Chubb. Welcome to my new showing diary. I’m 27 years old, live in Kent and have been riding since I was a child.

    I got bitten by the showing bug when I accidentally qualified my friend’s section A for the NPS Championships in Malvern at the age of eight. Since then I’ve been fortunate to ride for some great producers and showing families at the highest level. I’m also a judge for the British Show Pony Society and the British Show Horse Association.

    When I was first asked to write this diary I was a bit unsure because I’m not a professional rider and don’t work full time with horses. My day job is working in PR in London (9:30am to 6:30pm) and, like so many other people, I have to fit my passion around my daily life. But by writing this blog, I hope it will give you an insight into the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with showing around the country and holding down a full time job to pay for it all!

    Since getting too old for BSPS classes (I still hate to say that) I’ve concentrated on Mountain and Moorland ponies and I’ve been riding for Claire Grisdale for the past nine years. Claire produces my Section C stallion Popsters Loaded Weapon (aka Jacob pictured), who thinks he is top dog on the yard. Jacob is ‘Mr Personality Plus’ and there is never a dull moment with him around! To me he is a true stamp of Welsh C, but, as we all know in showing, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    We have two new additions to the team this year, which I am lucky enough to be riding: Hillymead Cabaret (Spud), a Connemara stallion owned by Carol Dutton, and Claire’s own section B stallion Saltre Dancing Brave (Danny). Spud is already up and running and has started the season well. He was second in his first RIHS qualifier and won the amateur M&M ridden class at PUK South Winter Champs. Danny will be starting the season in novice classes. Both Claire and I have been waiting a while to find a welsh B like Danny and we can’t wait to get him out and about.

    Claire also produces a Highland stallion (yes the yard is all men and there is a lot of testosterone flying around) for Sophie Cumbers called Major General of Whitefield, who is on loan from Kelly Capstick. This will be his second season with us and hopefully I will still get the chance to pick up the odd ride on him.

    This year I am also returning to horse classes with my own Glentons Adonis (Toby), who will be competing in hack classes. He is kept not far from my home in Kent with Keyley Harrison and will be starting the season as a novice. I am very excited about getting back into the hack ring after spending a few years out of the class concentrating on M&Ms and my judging commitments.

    Last but not least, I also have two youngsters, a Dartmoor called Shilstone Rocks Drakes Leat (Francis) and a Welsh B, Celton Sandstorm (Sandy). These are both kept on my friend’s farm down the road from my house. These two are very much work in progress and I am hoping to get them out to some novice classes at the beginning of summer, depending on how they are looking and going. Now the weather is improving, I am working both of them every day before heading into London, but I cannot wait until the clocks go forward so I can give myself a bit of a lie in at some point!

    Well that is a little about me, the team I ride for and the ponies we have for the upcoming season. I think it will be a busy one! I hope you’ll enjoy following our highs and lows as the season progresses. Good luck everyone, and I hope you all enjoy your showing this year.

    Until next time.


    Photo by Alex Kelly

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