Big names resign from showing society

  • The British Show Hack, Cob and Riding Horse Association (BSHC&RHA) lost three long-standing board members last week.

    Ros Hargreaves and Jeffrey Osborne, who have each served for more than 15 years, have resigned, while Robert Oliver, who has served more than 25, has announced his retirement. Ros will continue to run the Northern Spring Show.

    A further two board members, Richard Ramsay and Jennifer Williams, have subsequently stepped down from the Association following last week’s resignations. A third of the 15-strong board has now resigned.

    The five (including Jeff Osborne, Ros Hargreaves and Robert Oliver) issued the following statement to Horse & Hound: “After fulfilling significant and pivotal roles in the running of the BSHC&RA, and having contributed a great deal to the furtherance of the association, our knowledge and hard work appeared latterly to be unappreciated and no longer required.

    “Decisions were being taken without full consultation of all board members; the situation became untenable. As a result we felt resignation or retirement was the only option left open to us.”

    The association’s chairman, Brian Williams, denies that any problem has arisen. He says: “It is with sadness that I have accepted the resignations. They have all made an immense contribution to the development of the association over many years, and will be sorely missed. I have noted the comments that have been attributed to them. I find them distressing and I do not accept them.

    “I am pleased to say that all the retiring members have told me they will be happy to help the association and further its aims. This year, a number of new members are likely to be elected to the board, and combined with the enthusiasm and dedication of continuing members, will ensure the development and success of the association.”

    The Association’s AGM will be held in Peterborough on 21 November, and the nominations for election to the board close on 31 July.

  • This article first appeared in Horse & Hound (29 July)

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