Uvex Perfexxion Active CC riding hat: review

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  • Uvex Perfexxion Active CC riding hat


    • Value for money:
    • Fit:
    • Performance:


    • Redesigned more flattering peak
    • Simple to use, Easy to operate
    • Incredibly adjustable
    • Hard wearing
    • Excellent airflow


    • Some have not been completely sold on the overall shape

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer loved this hat and all of its features but says its shape might not suit every head shape

    The Perfexxion Active CC riding hat is marketed as an elegant yet sporty riding helmet. It boasts a redesigned and possibly slightly more flattering peak than its predecessor. The helmet is designed to be infinitely adjustable, and I must say it is. It allows for alteration of width and depth with a dial and incremental step system on the rear strap. It is very easy to set up and adjust, turning the dial to increase or decrease the circumference around the skull and then lowering/raising the rear strap to position it perfectly around the base of the head.


    The chinstrap is very well padded, the fastening clip has several positions to allow you to select the perfect fit and a button release system for ease of removal. The outer shell is very hard wearing and yet does not compromise the weight of the hat, it is incredibly light which makes it all the more comfortable to wear, with numerous ventilation points on the top and side of the helmet it is designed to encourage airflow through the helmet and out the rear whilst riding to keep the rider cooler and this is a definite help. The hat is also cut away over the ear, which allows for comfortable wearing of glasses or sunglasses for the rider. There are optional ear pads that can be added to improve comfort in colder weather.


    Overall it is a very comfortable hat to wear and gives a stylish appearance, though we have come across differing opinions as to whether the exterior shape suits everyone but that’s common, with all hats I think a lot comes down to personal preference. It does feel more than substantial enough to provide the necessary protection in a fall.



    Overall this is a very comfortable hat to wear and gives a stylish appearance

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