A well designed rug that dries your horse ultra quickly

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  • Rambo Supreme Dry Rug


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    • Super absorbing
    • Fast drying
    • Adjustable front fit
    • Foldaway neck cover


    • Rug needs to be aired out well after each use



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    Our reviewer was very impressed by the speed with which this rug dried her horse and was completely sold on its innovative material

    The Rambo Supreme dry rug is an updated version of the popular dry rug. The main difference in this rug is the outer fabric of this rug is now a lightweight brushed polyester material. While the earlier version of the rug had favourable reviews for its fast drying microfibre towelling cloth material, if the horse rolled in the stable or the rug fell on the floor, any shavings or hay would attach to the rug and become extremely difficult to remove.

    The new material on the supreme rug stops this from being such a problem. It comes only in a very striking blue colour.

    I have been testing this rug on my horse during the season change from summer into autumn. It has proved invaluable for drying my horse quickly so I could leave him unrugged or wearing a thin sheet without worrying he would catch a chill from being damp.

    The rug comes in three sizes – small (5,3 – 5,9), medium (6,0 – 6,6) and large (6,9 – 7,3) – with a multi-fit adjustable front closure. My horse is normally a 6,6 in rugs; he sometimes has a 6,9 but never a 6,3. For that reason I decided to go for the large rug and I think it fits him well, although the neck is a little large.

    One of my favourite features of the rug is the hideaway hood. The hood quickly and easily folds away in a similar fashion to tucking a hood away on a blouson riding jacket.

    It is extremely easy to choose to use the neck or not, much easier than a Velcro or zip attachment neck, and I wish all lightweight detachable hoods were designed like this.

    While I am big fan of the hideaway hood, the real selling point of this rug is its fantastic wicking properties. The pictures show my horse wearing the rug on a chilly September day after a full hose down following a flat schooling session at a local centre.

    He had started to get his winter coat and hadn’t been clipped. I popped the rug on him to travel him home around 20 minutes and you can see from the after photo he was lovely and dry, with just a bit of damp hair still around his tummy. I could have done the surcingles up tighter to ensure the rug sat a bit closer to dry his tummy.

    The rug is like a sponge and absorbs the moisture from the horse into the rug. Therefore when you take the rug off you have to be mindful it will be damp and needs to be hung up somewhere to air to make sure it is fully dry ready for the next time you want to use it. Considering I have been using this rug in the chillier months, it has always dried out very quickly even on cold damp days.

    The material is the real selling point of this rug; it is lovely and soft, doesn’t attracted hay and shavings like the previous version and dries the horse really well. I have found this rug extremely useful for these autumn months to ensure the horse is dried quickly after working while he is sporting a slightly fluffier winter coat. The rug has never remained damp even though it has only been hung up in a cold tack room and all these features have lead me to score the rug so highly.

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    Its fantastic wicking properties, the well-designed fold-away hood and its practical material has lead me to score this rug so highly

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