Hy Guardian fly rug: review

Hy Guardian fly rug


  • Fit:
  • Performance:


  • Good fit
  • Excellent coverage of the body


  • Tight last strap on neck

Price as reviewed:


Despite one slightly tight strap, this rug performed very well in its trial

This is a fly rug designed to comprehensively cover the horse’s body to protect it from flies.

The fit was very good on our 18hh horse who is very sensitive and susceptible to the flies all year round.

The only problem was that the last neck-strap nearest his head seemed a little

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tight in its position.

The rug incorporates a full-length neck cover that even covers the forehead by looping over the horse’s ears and has five Velcro fastening down the length of the neck.

The rug has a substantial belly panel with a traditional three-strap fastening and an extra long tail guard to extend the protection. The rug greatly reduced the horse’s discomfort both in and out of the stable/field in the hot weather and I would happily recommend the rug to anyone.

The material appears sturdy and has not encountered any problems or damage in the test so far. The rug also came with a matching fly mask. The rug has darts incorporated in the shoulders for ease of movement.


Overall a very good fly rug that I would recommend to anyone

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