Our reviewer wouldn't hesitate to recommend this rug to anyone

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Overall rating:

Score 8

Horseware Rhino Medium 200g Stable rug

Value for money:8/10


  • Versatile
  • Hard wearing
  • Great fit


  • Boring colour
  • Front straps not adjustable


Horseware Rhino Medium 200g Stable rug: review


Price as reviewed:


I tried a 6’9″ blue/cream 200g Rhino stable rug. I found it to be a really versatile rug that I have used throughout the season, as a night rug, day rug and as an under layer.

It is really hard wearing and smart. The fit is fantastic, and it hasn’t rubbed at all, my horse is a stallion, and it isn’t always easy to find a rug to fit comfortably round his neck.

The hook and eye fastenings are easy to do up/undo, although the chest Unknownfastenings are not adjustable, and while they are a great fit for my boy, I would be interested to see how the rug fits on a narrower horse. We have another Rhino stable rug in use on the yard which is over five-years-old, and still in great condition, so I am confident of the longevity of the product, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

At £85 it is more expensive than the rugs of a similar weight that I would normally buy, but the versatility, quality and fit on my horse make it great value for money. There are also attachments for a neck rug, which I haven’t used, but having the option to add or remove this feature is great.

The colour options are not very exciting, but that wouldn’t put me off purchasing this rug again in the future.


A great, versatile rug that our reviewer would recommend to anyone